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I will think, the most expensive thing???? Well it may be a payed scort, but maybe there’s more cheap pay to have a funny night than eat a pizza in Japan?
Well, here a Familiar Pizza delivered in my house is around 250 Mexican Pesos so its like 1660 to 1680 Yens.
And a Call Girl its arround 2,500 to 3,000 Mexican Pesos, and that’s a cheap and clean one.
So i will say the costs are not related.
Here in Mexico, the Entry Fee to an University its around 2,500 in a Public One, and the sky the limit in a Private One.
One Semester its like 300 Mexican Pesos in a Public University, and by working in a Private University i can say in promedium of 70,000 Mexican Pesos the semester in a “Good” Private University.
So how much its the Entry Fee in Todai? And the Semester? In Yens?
Dunno, the buying of housing here varies, from 50,000 mexican pesos for a empty lot in the middle of nowhere near a city, to 1,000,000 Mexican Pesos for a departament in the luxury area. So comment.
The movies here cost of rental for 24 hrs 1 DVD like 25 Mexican Pesos, the movie theater extreme quality like 150 Mexican Pesos, and buy a DVD movie like 250 Mexican Pesos. 1 Blue Ray Movie Rental it’s like 50-75 Mexican Pesos, a cheap Movie theather like 35 Mexican Pesos, and buy a Blue Ray Movie like 450 Mexican Pesos. The most expensive thing here are the Taxes, like 80% of the tax money goes PUFF!!! Bribes, Private Partys, Land Owners, etc.
Plus the average salary of an employee its like 3500 Mexican Pesos to 5000 Mexican Pesos in a Month, so do the math.

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