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Square Enix: FF14 Fatigue System “Fabrication”


Reports that Final Fantasy XIV includes a “fatigue” system which involves limits on how long players can effectively play have been dismissed by Square Enix as “fabrication,” despite the fact Square Enix already admitted adding such a system.

Hiromichi Tanaka, Final Fantasy XIV’s producer, dismissed claims about the hugely controversial fatigue system as mere “fabrication” on Twitter:

Overseas sites are full of falsehoods. They just put words together and fabricate statements. Japanese sites then mistranslate these. That fatigue system isn’t in and was just something they made up.

However, he was recently interviewed by no less than Famitsu, along with production director Nobuaki Komoto, who freely admitted the existence of the “fatigue” system for penalising heavy players – the only matter in question is what form the system takes, which Square Enix has refused to reveal, causing endless speculation by beta testers as to how the system works.

The supposed “1 hour per day” limit, based on comments originating from 2ch, was in fact first covered by several of the most popular Japanese gaming blogs and a number of other hugely popular Japanese sites – hardly a “fabrication by overseas sites,” and as it originated in Japanese it can hardly be called a mistranslation either.

Meanwhile Japanese players continue to insist the fatigue system does reduce XP gains to 0 after heavy play, some dismissing Tanaka’s comments as “desperation.”

Square Enix could easily dispel consternation about the system by revealing how it works in detail – assuming of course it is not as draconian as some beta testers have already complained.

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