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Final Fantasy XIV: “Players Only Allowed 1 Hour a Day”


Square Enix is introducing a “fatigue” system to upcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV which will apparently see players hit with crippling penalties if they play more than an hour a day, with those daring to play more than 4 hours having their XP reduced to 0.

Square Enix acknowledge the existence of the system in an interview and in previous comments, but are strangely reticent about providing specifics:

Tell us about the “fatigue” and “dormancy” systems please.

We wanted to introduce a system to reward players who don’t have a lot of time to play. Maybe it looks as though we are placing long playing users at a disadvantage, but the idea is really to let play for short periods be viable.

Won’t that cause some concern amongst players who play for longer?

We want these players to try different classes. If you change class the fatigue doesn’t affect you, so you could try non-combat classes as well. You actually have more play choices now as you can make more characters.

“Some concern” may be a colossal understatement if early reports of just how draconian the limits are turn out to be correct:

Fatigue goes up to about 50% in 2 hours, and it takes 2 days to go down! So, if you play 4 hours you have to stop playing completely for 2 days!


Only 1 hour a day!

What’s really amazing is that you have to pay a monthly subscription for this…

They can’t get away with this on a subscription game. They’ll be sued!

So you get bonuses for staying logged out – the servers are going to be nice and quiet, aren’t they!

More on the “dormancy” system:

Recovery takes time.

2 hours of combat or 1 hour of craft will induce “dormancy.”

The dormancy is actually shared over different characters.

It will decrease gains to 0% in the end.

It seems to be proportional to the amount of XP you earn.

Both light and heavy player are going to weep...

Such systems are not unique, but Square Enix appears to have taken the system to an extreme likely to either completely eliminate its “hardcore” player strata – to say nothing of its high-handedness in dictating to players that they can only play an hour day.

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  • Anonymous… are you retarded? It is 1 hour a day.

    Hiromichi Tanaka said,

    “The basic idea of the system is that if a player levels a certain discipline for too long (around 8 hours), they need to switch to another class to level. If they don‚Äôt, the experience points they earn from defeating monsters will decrease. After waiting a period of one week, players will be able to receive the normal amount of experience again. By implementing this system, casual players will be more evenly matched with hardcore gamers who are now forced to spend their extra time leveling multiple disciplines instead of devoting a majority of their play time to one.” ( This sounds like 1 hour a day to me…)

  • I wish I could find information about the racial differences in the stats. ūüôĀ Is it like FF 11 or is it different? I have decided to be a Lalafell or a Miqo’te because all the other races are to damn big and block the veiw of your enemy… I find that annoying.

  • Stop shit, noobs:

    Surplus points: a new feature in the Final Fantasy XIV beta was introduced recently and has testers and fans on the outside quite confused. Most people consider it akin to “fatigue,” where a character is beset with limitations after a certain amount of play. With no official announcement or explanation on how these points work, fan sites and forums have been struggling to figure them out — often leading to some harsh criticism of the game. Now, Producer Hiromichi Tanaka seems to have built up some “fatigue” of his own, and lashed out at foreign sites on Twitter today, calling them full of rumors and fabrications.
    Hiromichi.Tanaka said:
    “Foreign sites have lots of false rumors. They throw together words and fabricate remarks. Then Japanese sites take this and further [falsify it through] mistranslation. The fatigue point criticism has absolutely nothing to do with the actual [system] and is just full of wild ideas.”
    In other words, the “fatigue point” system as people discuss it in forums is supposedly nothing like the system as it is in the actual game. Furthermore, the last line states that he believes too many people are just coming up with what they think fatigue might be and making the discussion even worse.

    Sure, wild speculation is not hard to find while wading through any popular forum, but the assertion that this is the fault of foreign sites is a little harsh. A quick glance at the a thread called ÁĖ≤ŚäīŚļ¶„ā∑„āĻ„É܄Ɇ (fatigue point system) in the JP Beta forums reveals pages of baffled testers, trying to figure out what the system does exactly. Many early replies to Tanaka’s post on Twitter also pointed out the lack of any explanation before putting the system into the game.

    At least we know the producer of the game has been apprised of the issue. As mentioned many times, the entire testing process was based on building the game in accordance to player feedback. Will it be received and implemented into the design process, or continue to be dismissed as wild delusions? Hopefully, we will see a more measured response in the coming days.


  • If you read this and actually believe it, you’re a fucking moron.

    It’s an MMO. There’s no way that they’ll LIMIT YOUR PROGRESSION to ONE HOUR.

    If you people are seriously going to be the ones -I- have to play with on FFXIV, don’t bother buying the game. Stay away from it.

  • I will be playing FF 14 when it comes out…

    I have spent hours watching gameplay videos on Youtube and reading comments everywhere about FF 14’s pros and cons and I have found no reason to not play FF 14 yet. The play time restriction to a class is to help group forming easier. Makes the hardcore players more versitile in groups because they have put more time in other classes so, they can fill in the group needed slots and will be leveling at the same pace as casual players so there will be MANY players you can group up with! This leveling restriction I know will be removed or altered sometime after the release. FF 14 needs the hardcore players to help the casual players to keep playing at the release. You also need many other class skills to make your primary class the best so, spending additional time in other classes isn’t bad. FF 14 isn’t going to be like Diablo or WoW when all you focus on is 1 class. It is different.

    Your stats in FF 14 are going to be the biggest factor in what you will become in the game. I don’t understand yet how you can change your stats other than start a new character but if they allowed you to easily change your stats, EVERYONE would be the same other than racial difference’s! They needed to make the stats hard to change so you can be different than other players.

    I don’t think stamina gauges are a good idea. Cool downs on skills are all that is needed. Stamina gauge is your HP in my opinion, you restore up your HP before you next fight, stamina is just more downtime… I see no need for a stamina gauge unless they are doing some kind of accuracy formula that allows you to hit more often when you use a skill with more stamina or even more damage but if that is the case then it would always be best to use a skill when your stamina is full… yup, stamina needs to be deleted IMO.

    Anyways, I love FF and can’t wait for it to come out!

    • You will like it, if you are used to FFXI it is a lot the same with a shit load of improvements. Pretty much if there was a windower plugin for it then it is in 14. The new battle system is nice and target switching is not the pain in the ass it was in 11.

  • i was going to get this game for my ps3 but not know sqaure i dont need a babysitter to tell me how long i should decide to play this game and you are going to charge people a monthly fee for this. while you just dropped your attach rate by half for this game brillant.

  • The could make it an optional way of playing the game instead of forcing it that way specific people can go with their daily lives while the other gamers progress harder. It is supposed to be an entertainment game.

  • I have a theory. The ps3 version wont be out for awhile after the PC version. Most Japanese gamers aren’t PC players but console players. So maybe they are doing this so us “westerners” wont out run their “core” base?

  • I saw one person here say its false.
    I saw another person on another site post this:

    “Wow some idiots up in here
    Ive been in this game since alpha …This is completely untrue. After a period of 8-10 hr of leveling the same class you will receive something called Surplus points, which lower the exp you are receiving. Making it harder to level that particular job. This system is in place to encourage you to try out other classes. Once you switch weapons/tools,it in turn changes your class. This new class does dont have the surplus your previous one did. You can continue to lvl that class for another 8-10 hr until the same thing happens. Basically there is a cool down on individual classes….that is all.

    Man get facts straight for once…Cant believe i had to login to this stupid ass site to comment. ”

    Username: SubZero
    Site: N4G.

    So maybe this article is also untrue….
    Both posters stated they participated in early testings.

    Hopefully they will AT LEAST….Up the time limit.
    I’m just hoping they remove it completely.

  • Dare I say it, perhaps this is a good idea, or that the kernel of a good idea lurks within.

    Race through any MMORPG and you will eventually hit an end, be this in the form of a boss which requires many months of grinding equipment – the raid instance that can be cleared only once per week – or simply a lack of new content or possibilities for progression. Once here the player is then forced to wait for the next update or expansion which will add new content, and racing through this they will again reach an end.

    Obtaining the maximum level and most sublime equipment is not possible in an MMORPG, as inevitably a new expansion will bring new powers, levels and equipment. If this is the case, why have players stall toward the end of the available content, why not slow the progression of all players in their progress toward the elusive maximum level? Why not tie progression to the real world calendar and ensure that players will not reach the end of the content before you can have the next expansion ready for them, and ensure the transition goes unnoticed? In effect, why not release an expansion every month, and make the competition about the best powers, equipment and greatest challenges available right now – make the game about the journey, not the end. After all, when we reach the end of a book, movie or game we normally put it away and look to the next one to entertain us, not repeat the last scenes.

    • Yeah but a book isn’t charging basically 15 a month so I can read 1 chapter every 2 days. I pay a one time fee for the book and of course know that books have endings..

      I can’t stand the “super casuals” the ones who play 1 hour a month then whine about people who play more then them. I love how playing a game a few hours a day is “wrong” but droning out in front of a TV for hours and hours is ok..

      • I think the comparable event would be buying a book in chapters as it was written, a series of books one at a time, or watching a television show one episode at a time.

        I’d suggest you’re not being ‘charged 15 a month’ so much as you are ‘choosing to purchase something this month for 15’. There’s no requirement for you to continue paying, as with buying the series of books, you can stop any time (though perhaps it is better to consider it as rental as you do not keep the books afterwards, just the time for which you were entertained).

        I’m not going to address your latter paragraph, save to point out that your first sentence is unrelated, I’m not talking about how much people play a game nor judging them for doing so, and that I reject the premise of your second sentence – I believe either could be unhealthy if it were excessive, and relatively harmless in moderation.

  • The Fatigue & Surplus systems are annoying, but whoever wrote this article pulled all of those numbers out of his ass.

    You can play 4 hours a night easily without either system causing much of an issue. Time spent leveling other jobs seems to help it go away faster than time spent offline, if that helps at all.

    The 90% XP > Surplus results come from people who’ve put all of their beta time into maxing one job as fast as possible.

    And like the actual SE quote says, fatigue/surplus do not carry over to other jobs.

  • This type of limitation has already been implemented my counties around the world. A lot of countries including South Korea and China. USA is just soon to follow. Video game addiction is real, this is a proper and responsible action.

  • I actually liked this system back when Blizzard initially announced that the “Rested” system could eventually impose experience penalties after long play times, but this variation on the system seems far too extreme.

    I guess I’m lucky FFXIV hasn’t really interested me in the least, I’ll stick with FFXI

  • Great. As if FFXI’s time wasting bullshit wasn’t enough, FFXIV’s also gonna limit your time on top of it. They really want to make sure they’re milking their core fanbase dry for as long as possible, don’t they?

    Oh well, not like I was ever planning on getting this game anyway…

  • I have to say I highly doubt this would come to be on the end result/ even if it was a part of the betas, thats what they’re for. It could come and go within a quick patch. The first one was grind heavy and if they’re going that route a short fatigue time wont cut it

  • Square Enix will screw themselves over with this.
    No body will want to play this is they have to PAY FOR, AND are PENALIZED for “Playing the Game For a Long Time.”
    Aren’t game companies SUPPOST to make it so you WANT to play their games as much as possible?

    I think SquareEnix missed the message on this one.

    If they really do this, i can bet that most of the people will forget Final Fantasy 14 and go over to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    I at least plan to try it out.

  • I played for 8 hours and got zero fatigue on one character. On my other character I played for 2 hours and got 50% fatigue. Both were ranger and both started at level 1.

    Either the system is broken or it is absolutely random. Read the beta boards and you’ll see people are having similar experiences. Some people get it fast, some don’t get it at all.

  • Well this site should definitely get the facs corret before posting something like this, embarrassing.

    1h game play per day? Sorry but hahahahaha.
    Do your research next time, or you’ll will not be taken seriously next time.

  • LOL!

    And now they’ve completely lost it. Oh, how far have you fallen, Squenix.

    Meh, whatever. All of the seriously creative, competent staff memebers of former Square have already left the company ages ago and now they are only Square by name. If only there weren’t so many good memories attached to that name. Such a shame.

  • It cost 80 dollars to get the special edition, if this dormancy thing holds out I’m gonna get 80 dollars of store credit.

    Also, that is a fantastic picture Artefact. It caught my eye with a force that I don’t believe I’ve seen before.

  • WOW, Square enix has been having a bunch of bad ideas of late… I like to play rpgs of any kind in at least 4 hour blocks at a time. You have to to get through these 100+ hour games. Could you imagine only playing white Knight Chronicles for only one hour per day? It’d take three years to get to guild rank 7!!!

  • odd, how they say SE wont post specifics yet, they’re showing specifics.I’ve been playing the beta I’ve for hours and have not encountered these systems because fatigue only affects you after several levels gained in one job which seems to be about 10 in one sitting. the dormancy system doesn’t exist, I wish people would actually do research before trying to defame an upcoming game. The solution change jobs nothing hard. It is funny seeing you people nerd rage over something your being lied to about though.

    • Yeah man I’m totally gonna trust the guy who’s posting anonymously on Sankaku Complex about the system that obviously isn’t going to be in the beta version rather than Famitsu.

      You’re fucking stupid, guy.

  • This is completely false. I played for 8 hours my first night in beta and never got fatigue. Even now I have Pugilist at 12, Lancer at 6, Conjurer at 4, Botanist at 3 and I have never suffered any fatigue from this system. Check the facts before posting stuff like this next time.

    • Sankaku Complex: “Vendetta against Square Enix”

      In a recent discussion from IGN many gamers react to an article from Sankaku Complex:

      “Mentioned this in general gaming too, where’s the actual proof of this? Apparently Sankaku Complex is the only website which has reported on this. Anyone who knows who Sankaku Complex is will know why that’s so suspicious.”

      “I Was Gonna Post A Link But Then Again I Might Get Banned.

      Sankaku Complex Not A Credible Site ?”

      “Remember all those negative articles that sprang up around the internet in the month or so before FFXIII released? They ALL came from Sankaku Complex. The website has a vendetta against Square Enix.

      Some of the articles contained content which funnily enough didn’t appear anywhere else, and the website’s sources tend to be itself.”

      “You know, my theory is that it’s actually true, Sankaku Complex are just (typically) trying to put a negative spin on it.

      You’re not ‘only allowed to play 1 hour a day’, you’re restricted to using one hour per class once a day. It’s an effort to have you switch classes and level multiple things, which is a large part of FFXIV’s system.”

      “This sounds utterly ridiculous to me, I hope that it’s majorly over exageratted.”

      “Sankaku Complex Not A Credible Site ?
      No, no they’re not.

      I’d lol if this were true, but it’s obviously not.”

      A mini article if you will, posted in the “Typical Sankaku” format.

      • I like this critique, although I don’t agree with the content.

        It doesn’t appear anywhere else only if you happen to unaware of the existence of the large body of Japanese sites we routinely source (and in some cases are unable to source directly due to the transience and non-English nature of sites like 2ch).

        We’re not in the pay of gaming companies so we can publish whatever proves popular – unfortunately for those companies this inevitably tends to be controversial news rather than their press releases, and it naturally tends to involve popular things people care about, like Final Fantasy.

        If you are looking for evidence of bias, can you identify any uniformly positive coverage of anything here? You could probably sustain the argument that we are uniformly negative about most topics, but is that not the nature of most “news,” and a reflection of the audience demand for negative coverage rather than constant praise?

        • Artefact you should know these trolls are too lazy too look things up themselves. Honestly SE has no clue how they are going to do it, each update changes so much shit some aspects of the game change overnight. I still can’t see this being truly ready for 9/22 release, more like the PC release candidate 1.

        • What part of reporting what people claim without endorsing that claim do you not understand?

          There are at least half a dozen different and contradictory accounts of how the system works from supposed beta testers in the comments to this article alone (many of whom are clearly frothing at the mouth at anything less than worshipful said of Square Enix). Then there are the comments from Japanese players (who may be on a different version for all we know) translated in the article itself, and the vague statements by Square.

          Unless Square Enix clarifies exactly how it does work I don’t think the confusion will abate any time soon.

        • Except that I just finished playing for hours on my pugilist and never got hit with this surplus issue. You’re either misinformed or flat out lying.

          It does restrict you a bit after a while, but nowhere close to the degree implicated here.

  • I think they may have found a way to keep FFXI alive, make XIV unplayable by all but the most casual of players.

    I think I’ll just keep paying my $12.95/month for FFXI, thank you very much.

  • square-enix square-enix please do understand the disappointments in FFXI was simply put it takes just as long (1-hour) to form a formidable party that at most would only last 30 mins-1hour of grinding how will that simply let players enjoy a game that requires constant amount of partying and TIME <_< plus people are paying you… this is just sad

  • Whoever wrote this dreck should be punished. You need to cite your info using the full Japanese quote where they discussed a 1 hour limit, or openly apologize and correct your error.

    I don’t suppose any of the staff at SankakuComplex are actually in the Beta? If they were and had a clue they might see that there’s no such 1 hour penalty. It is true that there is a fatigue system and players aren’t happy with it. But it doesn’t apply at the hour mark and it doesn’t reduce your exp to 0. Most players encounter it only after 10 or more levels and several hours. So it is at least more subtle than that.

  • the most funny part i think is that SquareEnix does not give a flying FUCK about how long the players will play or if they have lives and shit.

    they just want to get the load of their server so SquareEnix would simply pay less in Server fees.

    and thats the sad truth.

  • Are people really this easily fooled?

    I mean if there was an actual link to this interview I could understand but… the only link provided to support this argument is entirely in Japanese and only mentions the idea of a fatigue system in passing apparantly.

    This has about as much validity as a homeless man on the street warning that SE is going to send signals to your fillings to get you to pay more and play less.

  • This explanation is very confusing, but since I am in Beta I will try to explain what it means by it isn’t “across classes.”

    In XIV you can take skills from multiple classes and use them while leveling different classes. Like in XI, you can level every class on a single character. If I were to switch to one job and play for two hours then switch back to another for two hours and rotate, I would experience virtually no fatigue. It is also still beta, and many complaints are coming through, so I’m confident SE will do away with this sooner than later.

    Hope that helps to understand the situation a bit better

  • I posted a few min ago about it, the fatigue system kicked in for me after about 2.5 hours and got to 30% after another hour. Switched to blacksmith and logged off. Went to sleep and work and finally logged in about 18 hours, no fatigue, completely reset and went 5 hours before I hit 50% so I stop, switched to gs and then miner for an hour. Stopped, went back to gladiator and killed one thing to test, my fatigue was at 20%

    It’s hard to type on a phone with only one thumb lol

  • I am assuming the system is just a method for compacting several hours worth of grinding into that 1 hour period. Lets say in four hours in a normal mmorpg you could gain maybe 1 level but in ffxiv you could gain that 1 level in one hour. A compacted xp system with a cooldown on xp just allows hardcore gamers and casual gamers to enjoy the game. It allows casual gamers to keep up with the hardcore gamers and lets hardcore gamers spend their time enjoying every other aspect of the game.


  • It’s not a rummor when it’s taken from an interview; And guess what, it was taken from an interview with the SquareEnix people.

    What I want to hear from are the beta testers that are playing with this ridiculous restriction in place. They would know if its really this “draconian”.

  • Well, it all depends on how the game will work in the end. I can imagine that even this system could work. For me something like this is more appealing than WoW because all the servers wont be flooded by nonstop grinding and farming high level characters. It can greatly push up all RPG elements of game and stuff. But, its fucking japanese MMORPG, gameplay will suck just as all other MMOs. Also this system isnt for casual or hardcore gamers – in other worlds, not for the players who would spent most money on it. So its probably fail even that the idea isnt as bad as most people around think.

  • Heh not only are sankakutard editors completely misleading but people believe them. I have a 17 gladiator 20 physical lvl and I hit the fatigue system after 2.5 hour of grinding. I reached 30% and switched to blacksmith for an hour. Logged off and came back 18 hours later (after work) and guess what, no fatigue! Maybe the writers in this site need to play beta befor3 they believe the internet

  • If this is true then I think this will probably deter me from buying the game. I’m not a big MMO player but I was really going to try and get into it with FFXIV, and I was liking what I had seen so far. But even offline, my gaming sessions are rarely less than 3 or 4 hours, I refuse to pay a subscription when my play time is limited.

  • what the fuck?? if you cancel ur sub ur gonna get sued? what the fuck dude what kinda of game is this 1 hour a day? WHY WOULD U PAY AND PLAY IT ANYWAY YOU MIGHT ASWELL JUST PLAY GAMES ON A SITE OR SOMETHING

  • They did something like that with The World Ends with You too. Your pins level up accordingly to the hours you HAVEN’T played.

    It’s kind of ridiculous, you get rewarded for not playing the game? My hunch is that it’ll make the game longer to finish by doing that.

  • Having read all of the comments, I notice that SquareEnix has thier own people here, DEFENDING THIS NON-SENSE!

    I’m an adult. If I pay for a service, I expect access to it, whenever I want, without penalty.

    Screw it, I’ll play something else.

    not sure who is a mmo gamer here but I for sure laugh at this
    1h and having 0xp on 4h? >__> usually when playing mmos I end up with 4h as minimal and over 10h as max (doesn’t mean I play all days) but srsly…1h a day waaay too much

    thankfully I don’t have to bother with FFmmo because guild wars 2 is coming out…in a while..

  • This is completely fake. This “fatigue” system isn’t a timed thing, you lose experience if the class you’re playing is too high in relation to your other classes. For example: If the class you’re playing is rank 16, but all your other classes are rank 0 you will begin to lose 10% exp per kill. If you continue ranking it up without ranking up another class the amount lost will gradually increase. If you rank up another class to an equal rank or even a little lower than that you will no longer lose experience for the main class you were playing. It’s really shameful that someone would write an article like this without knowing anything about the subject at hand.

  • You know this is possibly worse than all those daily-things in wow. Now every player has to PLAN how they play, what they do and so on. As if I played (and paid) to have my schedule even more cluttered!

    Isn’t gaming all about kicking back and enjoying your virtual slice-of-life at your own pace in your own way?

  • Bakamoichigei says:

    Wow, good job assholes. The FFXIV design team must have NEVER PLAYED FFXI WITH REAL PEOPLE.

    I remember doing my job quest… You spend an hour trying to get a group together to go after quest items, only to have someone with a critical combat role leave after two encounters, then you start all over again!!!

    And that was when the game was actually POPULAR, and people were actually PLAYING IT.

    • What’s worrying is that on the beta boards a lot of the old ffxi players actually want them to bring BACK the aimless grinding and over-reliance on groups for xiv. They don’t seem to be listening to the beta testers anyway, but still.

  • I’ve been giving SE a chance to show off ffxiv. I don’t get the complaints about battle speed (it’s quite fast in the third beta, if anything it’s too fast for their servers to handle properly), but this system in combination with the lack of auction houses and the 48 hour cooldown on a failed quest (which, mind you, you can fail for reasons entirely not your fault like the currently unstable client crashing or disconnecting you) have made me cancel my preorder. I’m waiting to see if they improve things by the PS3 version now.

    Incidentally, since I can’t access the forums here and the forum threads I find on google on other sites keep getting closed, is anyone else having an issue seeing images on this site?

  • Are they serious?
    I mean, I have nothing against playing 1 hour per day, BUT they expect people to pay per month. That means, I can’t really play like 1 month for money I paid, I can play just 30 hours per month.
    Riddicolous, good luck SE ūüėÄ

  • Wow.. way to destroy your fanbase SquareEnix. All the hype and hope just to jade your players entirely. I mean already I had read all this displeasure and decisions to boycott FFXIV.

    Know what your players want you stupid industry!


    Like my words can reach the ears of idiot bigwig chair-warming money-grubbing fun-killing executives.

  • Can that anon grp stop reposting that? It’s too late. I’m sure some people have already cancelled their orders.

    And I don’t think it’s a “may be”. S-E already confirms that they have the system in the game.

    • It’s just one person.

      Square certainly have confirmed the system (but without revealing the controversial details of how it operates), but as I understand it the beta testers will all be under NDAs and so effectively restricted to anonymous reporting.

      Thus the actual details are only anecdotally confirmed, and Square can turn around and change the limits with a high degree of deniability, or simply deny it outright with the usual “beta gameplay is not representative of the final product” rubric and then keep it for the final release.

      Quite clever really.

      • “Square certainly have confirmed the system (but without revealing the controversial details of how it operates)”
        Then don’t report this as if Square has confirmed the details!
        The title says:
        Final Fantasy XIV: ‚ÄúPlayers Only Allowed 1 Hour a Day‚ÄĚ.
        This is the same as saying an official source has confirmed this.

        “but as I understand it the beta testers will all be under NDAs and so effectively restricted to anonymous reporting.”

        The NDA was lifted quite a while ago, they are free to discuss this. There are topics on this subject on every fansite. And NOONE knows how it exactly works.

        You are reporting this as if it’s all confirmed and correct, but in reality, the only thing we know is that it’s a system to benefit the casual player and punishes the hardcore player. That’s ALL we know.

        • Yea right, it’s a sensationalist and misleading title and you know it. Put up an newspost titled:
          Final Fantasy XIV: ‚ÄúTurning into a singleplayer game‚ÄĚ and then quote some “anonymous users” saying they want FFXIV to be a singleplayer game. People will obviously not believe this when they read the title and when they read the newspost, they’ll see why it’s bullshit.

          But in this newspost, you quote some rumours with no source at all and use the same misleading title so it looks like it’s all true.

          95% of the comments here are people who actually think all these things are confirmed by SE.

        • The title says nothing of the kind – it’s an unattributed quote which is clarified in the body of the text as being from a player explanation.

          We’re reporting what players are saying the system consists of, and that Square confirms there is a system. The rest is just what you are reading into things.

          As to the NDA – I assume that was the alpha then. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that they refuse to say how the system works in any case.

      • Final Fantasy isn’t like WoW, you don’t need to make thirty damn characters to play every job.

        You make one character, and it has access to every job in the game, unless you must obtain it through some asinine quest. Ultimately though, the large, freakish Galka’s with their shitty magic rating can still become a Black Mage, and the little midget Tarutaru’s with pathetic defense can still become Paladins.

        You can have one character level capped with every single job, if you so choose to. The only reason to make new characters is if you want to play a new race, or if you need a pack mule for your spare items.

      • Well that sucks!
        I like to work on one character.
        If I decide to move to another character, then that means I’d like to try something different.
        Well I really do hope this is just a silly rumor.

  • Not going to play an MMO or any game that holds me by the hand and tells me how and when I can or cannot play. If this takes effect consider my interest in this game dead in the water.

    Playing the game and getting no where is a waste of my time. This makes me rage to no end but heres to hoping it is not true.

  • The the fuck? It is an mmo so especially on days with nothing else to do I like to stay in the game world and enjoy it for hours. Only an hour before penalties, seems more like an excuse to force people to pay more for less gameplay.

    • 1hour per day is enough? hmm ok i play WoW and hell i know that there are really guys that cant stop playing but 1 hour per day is crazy. Have you ever played a game more than 1 hour? OK you can make more Jobs but you cant focus on one char and where the hell is the point in having so many characters?

      And what if you dont have the time one day to play this fucking hour? Can you save it for the next day or will it be the same?

      just a crazy system that only a few people will like and play.

      I played a free game where you could only lvl 40 hours to prevent botting or hardcore gaming and if you have 20 hours left the exp gained is set to 50%.
      That is a much better choice if you wanna ask me

    • really mmmmh
      then i guess i`m addicted to a dozen other games i dont even play anymore cause when i still played them and can go up to 10-12 hours a day
      but after a short time i somehow lost interest in it (3-4 weeks)
      so to play the same amount (hourwise) might have to play a year FFIV

  • Where’s the SOURCE on this? You’re just giving us a quote with NO source and people here are all nerdraging over it.

    This is the ONLY site reporting this thing about fatigue. A lot of people are discussing this topic, fansites would immediatly post this news if anything about fatigue was confirmed. But I see NOTHING on ANY fansite about FFXIV.

    • Killing Ifrit had this news days before this article, so it seems pretty legit.

      But it’s a moot point, because anyone with more than a couple neurons firing off inside of their skull knows that this is just a preventative measure to keep people playing long enough to scratch together some actual endgame content, since it is virtually nonexistent at the moment with their rushed product.

      It won’t last long, this is just their pathetic way to bide time while avoiding the Square Enix fad of delaying games forever.

  • what the fuck sqaure? at least make it as an “option” not force it to all people. well seriously? 1 hour a day? what about the next summer? i doubt raids and pvp would only take an hour.

    im thinking of it alot lately but i might stop the series at XIII. here’s to hoping Versus XIII would kick ass. anything beyond XIII will be a hit or miss. i would love a Final Fantasy VII,VIII Remake and Dirge of Cerberus Sequel(Story wise, it’s not yet finished.)

    • “may” be a colossal¬†understatement “if” early reports¬†of just how¬†draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.¬†

    • may” be a colossal¬†understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian¬†the limits are “turn out”¬†to be¬†correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines.

    • “may” be a colossal¬†understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users¬†here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

  • I understand that they are trying to stop people from getting too hooked on the game, but at least extend the 1 hours to about 3 or 4? Most gamers don’t really get fatigued form playing the computer until about 4 hours +.

    • “may” be a colossal¬†understatement “if” early reports¬†of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

  • What kind of bullshit are they trying to pull. Did they got the idea from WOW?. This is a big shit ever, if you don’t know what I’m talking check your stupid bill = Monthly subscription. Remember FFXIV is a pay to play, so you just get rip out of money. If they plan on doing what realtime worlds did on APB, I don’t know if FFXIV is worth getting when you you still got FFXI.

    Check this promo they got

    You get a FINAL FANTASY XI monthly service fee discount applies to users paying by credit card and an active FINAL FANTASY XI Content ID is linked to a Square Enix account with a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account, all new characters created on that FINAL FANTASY XIV service account will start out possessing a special in-game item Hermes’ shoe.

    • ”may” be a colossal understatement ”if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

  • “may” be a colossal understatement¬†“if” early reports of just how¬†draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

    Most of the users¬†here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

  • WoW had nearly this exact same system, where waiting would give XP rewards for not playing but extended playing would have the opposite effect. Well, it had it during the beta, because it was so ridiculously unpopular they scrapped the system and just left in rested state where XP was boosted for time logged off/time in an inn.

    (also comment spammer is nonsensical at this point)

    • “may” be a¬†colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are¬†“turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

    • “may”¬†be¬†a¬†colossal¬†understatement¬†“if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read¬†between the lines. It’s just rumors.

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of¬†the¬†users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

  • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

    Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

    • “June” be a Dr. Colossus understatement “if” early reportz0rz of just how count draculan the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Some of the losers here can’t read |between the lines|. It’s just rumors.

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

  • I don’t see how people can sit at their pc/gaming console and play all day on the same game. Most time I spend on a game without stopping is maybe 3-5 hours, but not everyday..

    My sister’s boyfriend plays Eve Online all day, and he bitches if he’s gotta get pulled away from the pc for anything. What’s funny is, if they can’t pay their internet bill cause they have no money, he magically has money for it…

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

      • Wow you must be bored out of your mind to post the same message 20 times.

        If they pull this through I wouldn’t be playing this shit for real :/ 1 hour? seriously?

        Should be done on real life work. 1 hour working and then you get “fatigued” not being able to last for more than 3 hours after each other. whilst of course still getting paid for 8.

  • If it was for health reasons, they should have imposed fixed intervals with NOTHING happening onscreen rather than limit the overall time played.

    1hr – 10 minute break
    Another hr – 15 minute break
    another hr – 25 minute break

    etc, etc

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

  • This move makes ZERO sense. you get 1 hour of play time *no one will want to start over with another character for ANOTHER hour* and if you push for more time you get penalized that heavy?

    And you have to pay monthly subscriptions!? This is nothing more than a dirty marketing trick to get players to pay more money to make another character *if you have to pay this time around*

    Fuck That! I can understand 3-4 hour’s until fatigue, but ONE HOUR!? If they don’t change this shit by 9/20, I’m canceling my pre-order!

  • How do they expect this game to sell with them advertising shit like this?! I mean good lord, I’m considering getting a refund on my pre-order now….
    First they give us a shitty rpg in 13 now they’re not letting us play the new one properly. Way to go SE, “screwing your fanbase over, one game at a time”
    I bet in the beta someone died from long gameplay again…

    • “may”¬†be a colossal understatement¬†“if” early reports of just how draconian¬†the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the¬†users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.¬†

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

    • “may”¬†be a colossal understatement “if” early reports¬†of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to¬†be¬†correct.¬†¬†

      Most¬†of the users here can’t read between¬†the lines. It’s just rumors.¬†

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

    • “may” be a¬†colossal understatement “if”¬†early¬†reports of just how draconian¬†the limits are “turn out” to be¬†correct.

      Most of the users¬†here can’t read between the lines.¬†It’s just rumors.

  • “We wanted to introduce a system to reward players who don‚Äôt have a lot of time to play. Maybe it looks as though we are placing long playing users at a disadvantage, but the idea is really to let play for short periods be viable”

    How did this get through marketing? Did they do some research to show that more short session gamers would join than long session gamers would leave? Cuz I find that REALLY hard to believe…

    • yeah especially cause foremer ff games and other mmo`s can be finished within some hours

      isn`t it just like that:
      you have an mmo that will teke let`s say 100 hours to reach the/your goal (level cap, last dungeon,…)
      so to effectively reach that “goal” you have to play either 100 days with one class/job or several days with changing jobs (i guess changing your class every hour would suck big time:
      ” Well lets go get the last boss.”
      ” Sorry i won`t be much of a help cause i have to change to being my subsubsubsubsubsubsub class which i just use to trade.”)
      in other words will it take about 3 months just to be able to actually reach that “goal”
      so that SE can get their subsrciption 3 times before you reach your “goal” (if you dont lose any interest at all in the meantime)
      so if this “rumor” should profe to be right i guess i am not the first to buy it and so are many other gamers (casual and hardcore)

  • I understand the use fatigue system; other games such as Dungeon Fighter use it…but ONE hour a day? And if you stay on for more than that you get PENALTIES? That’s just taking it overboard, especially for a subscription game. I get the feeling this game will fail and do one of 3 things:

    1) Get sued and remove the fatigue system
    2) Become a F2P game
    3) Scrapped completely

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

    • “may”¬†be a colossal understatement¬†“if” early reports of¬†just how draconian the limits¬†are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of¬†the users here can’t read¬†between the lines. It’s¬†just rumors.

      • Why do you bother commenting on them all?

        Are you part of S-E’s Internet Word-Of-Mouth Busters?

        Seriously, you corporate dog, not many people might believe dogs like you exist, but when your company starts churning out more failures after FFXIII and everyone starts questioning “Who the hell are defending/praising this shit when everyone I met said the exact opposite???”, that’s when your shit of a company seriously go down.

        Oh, and FUCK YOU.

    • “may”¬†be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.¬†

      Most of¬†the users here can’t read between the lines.

    • “may” be a colossal¬†understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of¬†the users¬†here can’t read between the lines.

  • Gaming limitations should be left up to the consumer. If anything, make it a 5 hour max before the system kicks in. Honestly, during free time even a busy person can blow 5+hrs eZ on a game.

    • “may” be¬†a colossal understatement¬†“if” early reports of just how¬†draconian the limits are “turn out” to be¬†correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between¬†the lines.

  • If I’m not mistaken, WoW attempted to implement a concept similar to this with its Rested system’s original form. However it was rejected because played didn’t like to be penalized for playing too much.

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.

      • Orly?

        From my only MMO experience with such system (WoW), rested experience only doubles your XP gain from killing enemies for a flat 1.5 levels after about 10 days of inactivity. A casual player who only plays 1 hour/day won’t see much of this bonus before getting into BC content.
        For people who don’t play WoW (good for you), in WoW you earn most of your experience from quest rewards, which isn’t affected by the rested bonus. I remember using an addon to track my XP a while back, and it turns out, I earned 2/3 of my XP from quests, and only 1/3 from kills playing solo and the occupational group dungeon.

        The way WoW system works, this will only boost about 1/2-2 hours of play unless you are over level 60, which already takes ~150 hours unless you know the game by heart.
        And when the rested XP system really starts to kick in, it takes another ~80 hours for 60-70 and another ~150 for 70-80.
        So, where a hardcore gamer will level in, 320 hours a casual will usually save up less than 75, assuming 33% of all XP is from monsters and 1 hour/day gameplay.

  • Sure its not something else like maybe avoiding more PR problems or getting more people to play support classes.
    Or it could happen something like what happened in China.
    There’s a limit to how much you can play and people just get more dummy accounts to bypass it.

    All in all I don’t get this move but to be honest, I don’t get most of the stuff down with the FF MMO’s.

  • personally i think that maybe their servers can handle the millions of otakus playing for so much time or maybe a greedy plan is getting baked personally when i fell to play a mmorpg i can play it for 6-8 hours in a row and not playing for 4 to 7 days after that , im not someone that stay playing 8 a row everyday , is just a game , is not like is make me win money after all

    • You shouldn’t jump the gun because of rumors my friend.

      “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines.

  • Dormancy only affects one job, you simply change jobs and you can play until cataracts form in your eyes and you become the next retarded MMO related death that will inevitably find its way on this site.

    This is likely because FFXIV was rushed, they obviously want to curb those spastic motherfuckers who hit level cap within a couple of weeks. There is no doubt in my mind these spartan restrictions will be truncated within a couple of months of the servers going live.

    • Couple of weeks… LOL, try within’ 48-72 hours. I remember when Dancer came out and I already saw a level 75 Dancer by Day 3 of the release.

      I’ll find out soon enough myself, I pre-ordered FFXIV. If its true like it says in the article, not many people will continue playing the game simply because nobody wants to change party dynamics once a good party is formed… it can last for several hours. Like past things they tried to implement, they can quickly back-track if people react to negatively.

    • Exactly. It’s brilliant. Hardcore gamers who would otherwise rush through a class to the level cap are now forced to change classes a dozen times a day. This way it’ll take forever to reach the cap and SE can keep them hooked longer.

  • They sound innovative but they might not be liked by all gamers. Maybe its also to encourage to do outdoor or social activities. people should have a life outside of 3D talk to friends, watch informative television,or watch porn.

  • Wow I don’t like this o.0

    Not only dose it suck for the hardcore but it sucks for the casual as well….

    For instance alot of people keep up with the people that have the time to play everyday by playing alot on the weekends or Friday night….but now you have to have time EVERYDAY to even have a chance to keep up with your friends.

    • “may” be a colossal understatement “if” early reports of just how draconian the limits are “turn out” to be correct.

      Most of the users here can’t read between the lines. It’s just rumors.