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They act more like pudding fill balloons… Wasn’t they suppose to bounce like real life breast? you know? flesh, tissue, fat and muscle…. not jelly

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  • Gosick Finale “Most Heartwarming Ever”:
    actually, she was 15 in 1924, at the end is 1929, making her 20 years old. That means that you dear man fail at life

  • “No Anime For Foreigners Until You Wipe Out Fansubs!”:
    so the raw chapter is the japanese P2P network and they ignore it. But they get their panties in a knot for a low quality, dark and badly ripped(not to mention free in the USA) video stream? wtf japan? is like kicking your chicken because the extra egg got stolen from the weasel

  • French TV Pans Miku: “She’s Atrocious!”:
    Ah! but you see, they did the show exactly like this so THEY could bash it. Because, of all the awesome songs of the concert, they choose to show the most (In my opinion) annoying and retarder song of the list. So of course “normal” people are gonna make fun of it and like always, diss everything that involves vocaloid because of ONE song. This is what you call a “plan con maña” or a cunning plan

  • Jump: “New Mangaka Don’t Put Any Effort Into Drawing Men”:
    I do. Im sick and tired of the moe and the skinny good for nothing guy that end up inexplicably with a harem of girls. I’m still waiting for a good manga/anime with a good cast that’s not 80-90% girls and that has an actual plot

  • MMORPG Lawsuit: “They Addicted Me – I Lost 20,000 Hours”:
    This is as pointless as when fat people sued the fast food chains because the food made them fat


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