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So, this is the meaning of ” Jumping the Shark” eh?

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  • Fellatio of the Dead:
    The manga sucks too. . . just because the anime its the most stupid thing of the season, that doesn’t make the Manga better. Its like when people say ” this is anime is really good because is just like the manga” That doesn’t mean that the anime is good! It just means that its a good ADAPTATION but that doesn’t make it good. . .

  • Fellatio of the Dead:
    No it doesn’t. . . it just becomes lamer!

  • Fellatio of the Dead:
    Go and read The Walking Dead… it has a amazing story and character development. Also the original Night of the Living Dead. Just because this manga is not even trying to have a decent plot that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good zombie story.

  • Fellatio of the Dead:
    Yeah right, the manga also sucks, its soooo cliche… the only thing that is making people buy this is the Fan service. . . Because the Horror and Gore is really weak, not to mention that the drawings of the zombies sucks! But is not like they have to much screen time, the boobs are the main characters.

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  • Ochinko Even Sexier Without All The Pussy:
    Soooo people are buying anime DVD’s and Blue Ray’s just to see a couples of seconds of panty shots? I mean, most of the censored shots weren’t really ecchi enough to be censored!

  • So You Call Yourself a K-ON! Fan?:
    All the characters are the same generic bland thing… does it matter?

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    At least they got a new Zelda and Mario game coming…

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    And the only cool exclusive title for the PS3 is Twisted Metal! So why is this the year of the PS3?

  • Madhouse’s New Anime Pure China Quality:
    At least they are doing something different… besides I really doubt that they are been ´´reduced to the laughing stock of the industry“ for this anime. . .I mean just a couple of days ago people were talking about how awesome Panty and Stocking are, but then, all of a sudden Madhouse is a joke. . . I wonder if is even true. . . Of course that people are saying that just because they are doing a anime for China… if it was for any other country the story would be different.


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