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Black Lagoon Writer: “I Hope You Manga Pirates Get Cancer”


Black Lagoon mangaka Rei Hiroe has told manga pirates in no uncertain terms that they are thieving swine and that “I hope these guys pirating manga get pancreatic cancer soon.”

He made the comments on Twitter, the Internet’s great boon to journalists looking for incendiary soundbites:

I don’t want to link there so I won’t, but what kind of upbringing did these bums asking for every volume of a manga in a zip file get? That is… Well… I hope these guys get cancer of the pancreas or something soon.


I hope the imbeciles worshipping the imbecile who uploaded that are diagnosed with a never before seen and never to be seen again illness and die in the most ridiculous fashion, so as to be remembered only in medical annals by doctors laughing about how they died.


Hopefully all those idiots praising him all the time for upping these get busted by the police – I’d love to see the net gloating over their miserable fate.

The cherished delusion of manga and anime pirates that mangaka are indifferent to their actions, or in more deluded cases even that they are grateful for the “publicity,” appears to be fast dissolving under a hail of outraged invective from mangaka of all kinds – most creators would clearly rather be rid of fans too cheap to support their works.

Black Lagoon has been internationally available in English for some time for those wondering, although his comments were not addressed specifically at either Japanese or international fans – doubtless he feels all pirates everywhere deserve a lingering death as cancer wracks their diseased bodies.

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