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Last Order Canned by Political Correctness Run Amok


Battle Angel Alita – Last Order has been forced out of publication due to Shueisha’s objection to such unacceptably discriminatory language as “psycho” and “crazy” – its mangaka’s refusal to bow before publisher pressure has resulted in publication being cancelled.

The manga at issue is a new reprint edition of Yukito Kishiro’s popular sci-fi action manga Battle Angel Alita (Ganmu – the original series, not Last Order), released to celebrate the 100th chapter of Last Order.

The editors of Shueisha’s UltraJump magazine, where the title is currently being serialised, identify three passages to which they object in this case, and demanded Kishiro change them:

1. “So the criminal was a mutant which went crazy?” / 「犯人の女は発狂した突然変異(ミュータント)だったのか」

2. “I went mad and became a monster and now all I dream of is revenge” / 「発狂した俺は怪物になってすべてに復讐しようとする夢だ…」

3. “Die! Psycho bastard!” / 「死ね! サイコ野郎」

The cite a desire to impose political correctness on their mangaka as the reason for the censorship:

1. “Go crazy” is a phrase which is tied to schizophrenia. We want to avoid showing this “crazy” person as a violent and threatening.

Our legal department requests we remove references to “going crazy,” but because this changes the nuances we have provided alternatives:

“So the criminal was a mutant which ran wild?”
“So the criminal was a mutant which lost her sanity?”
“So the criminal was a mutant which went mad?” [the phrases are practically identical in either Japanese or English – the choice of “mad” or “crazy” or otherwise in translation is not a nuance reflected in the Japanese]

2. The reason is the same as 1.

[The editors/censors offer “Lost my sanity,” “Became an aberration” and “I went mad” as replacements]

3. “Psychopath” implies a mental illness, “someone who ruthlessly manipulates those around him in an antisocial manner.”

As the the three major classifications of mental illness – mental illness, mental disability and psychosis – may be permanent and incurable, we wish to avoid any language which suggests being a psychopath is a dangerous and unpredictable state of being.

We suggest:

“Die! Perverted bastard!”
“Die! Filthy bastard!”
“Die! Shitty bastard!”

Kishiro explains his bemusement at the choice of restriction:

Why is it OK to say “he’s mad” (狂ってる) or “madness” (狂気) but not “went crazy” (発狂).

I asked the editors and they started spouting some incomprehensible nonsense… it was pathetically stupid and I’ve no intention of writing it here.

Due to extremely tight deadlines on the pages in question, Kishiro felt he had no choice but to accede to the demands, though he extracted a promise that further demands would not be made.

However, he reports he soon regretted folding to the demands of censorship, saying that although as a professional he has a duty to keep his deadlines, he also has a duty as an artist.

He also reports being told by editors that publication of all his upcoming releases would be cancelled if he did not agree to the changes.

He then describes a subsequent meeting in which a representative of Shueisha’s legal department explained to him that Shueisha was committed to “eliminating discriminatory language”:

They already had their conclusion, they were just trotting out rationalisations for it. They had no intention of discussing it in a fair manner from the start. So, I had already lost. I lost the moment I agreed to their demands – this offer to explain or discuss the issue was all just a farce, with them stringing me along as part of it.

At this stage I’m not sure if I’ll continue to work with Shueisha or whether I’ll examine other options.

He continues in a later message:

Before I criticised the mangaka of “Burayoro,” Satō-sensei [who famously started his own online manga distribution outfit – prior to his run-in with Shueisha Kishiro had written critically about him], but I take it all back. You were right. Big publishers are shit.

They are happy to stab their trusting mangaka in the back when it suits them, knock them down and the stamp on their face. If you try to fight back you’ll discover they already tied your arms and legs and there’s nothing you can do.

As if to further insult him, he reports that the legal department cleared other places he used the same phrases in previous editions:

Fans pointed out “went crazy” and “psycho bastard” in volume 1 and 2 of Last Order. There was “no issue” with these they said.

Why it is OK in the old edition of Last Order but not OK in the new version of Alita I have no idea.

The UltraJump editor-in-chief gave some bullshit excuse but I certainly couldn’t understand it. I told him to write the reason down and mail it to me but he never did.

He later received an explanation stating that the censorship was “case by case and according to context,” not merely a politically correct exercise in word-hunting, which is a practice so entrenched in Japanese mass media that it is actually referred to as “word-hunting” (kotobagari / 言葉狩り).

He is so perturbed by his treatment that he no longer has the stomach to write for UltraJump, he says. Serialisation of Last Order has already ceased.

Kishiro explains that he is now in negotiations with Evening magazine (Kodansha), but that a variety of legal hurdles exist.

He also issued an ultimatum to the UltraJump editors – either withdraw the censored editions and allow them to be published unmodified, and have the legal department issue an apology, or he will publish elsewhere.

The editors are non-committal in response – “We can’t guarantee anything but we will try negotiating with the legal department.”

Little wonder there are those who say mangaka would be better off without their editor-imposed straitjacket on what language and content they may include, and the majority of their earnings soaked up by the publisher and its editorial and legal staff.

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  • Yukito: Die Shueisha! You don’t belong in this world!
    Shueisha: It was not by my hand that I am once again given censorship. I was censor here by politics who wish to pay me tribute.
    Richter: Tribute!?! You ruin men’s manga’s, and make them your slaves!
    Shueisha: Perhaps the same could be said of all Mangaka’s.
    Yukito: Your words are as empty as Agnes soul! Manga ill-needs a savior such as you!
    Yukito: What is a Manga? A miserable little pile of efforts! But enough talk… Sue at you!

  • Damn fascist scumbags. We all know that this is just another case of egomaniacs trying to twist and turn legal idiocy to their own little satisfaction because they don’t have any private life and happiness whatsoever.

    In this business, a mangaka will literally earn pebbles for all the hard, creative work while the corporate sector (middlemen, people who virtually have nothing to do with the actual creation)churn in the big bucks and keep them to themselves.

    That’s the only reason for their “fight against piracy”, they know that they are essentially superfluous and want to maintain the status quo with their herd of slaves.

    It’s really high time for mangakas to really think about getting rid of their self-imposed straight-jacket, i.e. being the proverbial slave and ass of their publisher.
    Let them finally crush that belated/overblown, out-dated and exploitative system.

  • Japanese publishers – discovering new depth of stupidity.

    By the way I would kill or at least spent horrendous sums of money for regular Last Order chapters. If he goes for online distribution I am subscribing immediately.

  • Ummm, smells like trash, so what if some one says: We can’t say that here. I will search another place and post it. Take a beach head, and start asking some loud questions to the general public about represion. Only my humble thinking.

  • Gunnm has:

    Brain eating mutant cyborgs (complete with skulls getting ripped apart with loose eyeballs flying around)
    Brains getting extruded out the ears
    Brains smashing on the walls and floors
    Spinal cords getting ripped out
    Laundry detergent injected into brain fluid
    Dead girl’s head in a jar
    In lieu to the former, a lesbian necrophiliac
    Decapitation and limbing in masses
    A bioengineered monster with a 9-meter penis shooting plasma

    and they’re fussing over the use of word “psycho”?

  • I don’t know why he criticised him in the first place but it’s kinda sad that Kishiro had to experience something like this to understand how other mangaka (like the Burayoro guy) feel about “crazy” publishers.
    I always thought it would be a good idea to boycott them with online publications, maybe a portal where you can find manga from different artists for a monthly fee.

    I hope Last Order will continue but I guess there will be huge licence problems.

  • Looks like I’m nto the only one lost for words here. Crazy, mad, insane… no real difference. That crazy bastard, That mad bastard, That insane bastard… wtf people? I’m actually a little sick to read this. I thought only America could come up with such PC retardedness and lack of common snese. Nice to see everywhere is, in some ways, the same place filled with people that are batshit nuts.

    • This! Is! Censor!

      It’s really, really sad for me to see that people are being slaves to the rules they laid out, instead of having these rules be their “servants”. Especially when “political correctness” is involved.

      If Shueisha has been trying to tone down the harsh language uniformly throughout the whole series, it would have made sense. But now, they allowed the same words earlier, and not at the present. Not to mention their substitute suggestions aren’t any milder, as far as the expressive values go.

  • “…we wish to avoid any language which suggests being a psychopath is a dangerous and unpredictable state of being.”

    Last time I checked, being a psychopath _IS_ a dangerous and unnpredictable state of being — dangerous to the people around the psychopath, that is.

    What is the mental state of someone who believes two statements which are mutually contradictory?

    (obligatory quote from “1984”:)

    “From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:


  • My god this pisses me off… In the past it was hard enough just getting the man to write it in the first place since he’d work so hard on it he’d make himself sick…

    The world of Gunnm was never even close to PC. It was introduced as some kind of chaotic Darwinian hell without rights, so asking for changes like this is the height of absurdity. I guess you can still kill kids and wear limbs as ornaments, but don’t you dare use a term that might be considered derogatory to insult someone!

    I respect Kishiro even more now for taking this stand. Fuck Shueisha – those clowns have become too much like another arm of Shogakukan – Viz. I stopped buying their properties because they feel the need to overzealously edit them too.

    I hope he gets that contract with Kodansha, because when I last checked, they weren’t afraid of a little fucking seinen manga…

  • And if you think Kushiro is “Non-PC” for that….
    Whoa, boy….

    Spoiler here, for an old Conan story….

    Skip if you’d whine over a ‘spoiled’ story…

    I refer to the Barry Windsor Smith issues of “Conan” way, waaaayyyy back. The current “Dark Horse” imprint of Conan is much better. Besides modern print technology, there’s no “Comics Code” they had to work around….

    Even then, Gawdz, this will knock your socks off…

    Early they had the “Living Tarim” series. You see, Howard while he wrote wonderful stories, did not write enough for 300ish issues, and lots in Conan’s life was up for grabs, so the writers both had to and wanted to fill in.

    So, the younger Conan got a bellyful of “Civilization” when he ended up a mercenary in a civil war between rival city-states. They were fighting over the “Hosting” (possession) of a “Living God” the direct descendant of a figure named “Tarim” who’d saved their people during the “Cataclysm” that sank Atlantis and Lemuria. He had passed on his mantle for a thousand years leaving rule to the priests then the kings, eventually withdrawing from rule to focus on purely being “Tarim”.

    So, for very selfish and personal reasons (though not unexplainable) one king’s vizier who’s an evil wizard gets him to kidnap the Tarim from his ‘brother’ king who’s city has had him for a century. They kidnap Tarim back and forth, you see…

    Conan actually ends up working for both sides, but he starts to “Settle” in the land that’s kidnapped Tarim. He gets used to civilization, eventually he’s making friends, being social, even “Courting” a beautiful young woman. Versus “Have I not made it plain? I want you, woman!” – – – “A stallion could make it no plainer!” which is his usual manner of courtship…

    But it doesn’t end well for anyone and the offended city-state gets enough mercenaries (at the cost of starving half it’s citizens to death from taxes and open theft of anything of value by taxes!) to overwhelm the sea bound city state. Conan, now a Lieutenant in the city defense guard faces an endless wave of blood crazed mercenaries, enough to frighten even him. After days of fighting they break through the defenses, the waters almost solid with bodies of slain men. Conan is the last survivor of his unit and the city is in flames, he runs desperately to try to save his friends but they are all dead. The merchant who taught him about money beyond just squandering is dead, his killers not even robbing him but killing him in zealous hatred. So with all his friends and fearing the worst he runs to the villa where his fiance lived with her family, but even that well defended household is overrun and she and all her family are dead.

    He wants to just flee the city, but he sees the figure of the “Living Tarim” in the window of the holy tower. The living god looks at all his followers who stop fighting and all bow before him. Then the living god leaves and the people begin anew to murder each other. Conan makes his way towards the temple, slaying ally and enemy if they cross his path.

    At the entrance to the temple, the priests try to block his way. He demands an audience with the Living Tarim, to stop the senseless bloodshed, but they refuse him for the “Tarim” is beyond the world of man, despite living in it. Conan goes berserk and slashes through dozens of priests, staining the temple red as he follows the fleeing ones to see where to step to avoid the many traps in the tower.

    Eventually, he is face to face with the Living Tarim. A strange, dignified and mysterious and now seeming sinister figure in a green robe who stands in utter silence and moves like a cloud. Even the King’s Vizier-Wizard who nearly killed him trembled in fear of this enigma. Conan himself had started to pray to this figure for it was pointless to pray to Crom. (outside da Arnie movie!!!) But Conan doesn’t let his awe and fear go past his anger.

    He demands that the Tarim stop his people from butchering each other. But the Tarim just stays still and motionless as the priests pray around him.

    Conan rushes the Tarim and rips off his green hood.

    He recoils in horror.
    This is no chiselled god-like figure too beautiful for mortal eyes to view….

    It’s an inferior inbred retarded filth!

    A deformed face is covered with scabs and boils and it’s one working eye stares with less intelligence than any beast of the field as it drools!

    “And you worship THIS!?!?” screams Conan to the surviving High Priest…

    “Over the centuries it was important for the sake of public unity to keep the bloodline of the Tarim as one. The flesh has suffered, but the divine essence is pure…”

    Conan is beyond speech and almost slays the priest, but the shock is too much for him. From the fighting and the fires the temple is starting to collapse and the ‘enemy’ army rushes inside.

    Conan is trapped, for the only ‘escape’ is a window down to the bloody sea, but he doesn’t care. He laughs loudly and bitterly and jumps out the window, into a sea full of corpses. The soldiers run to the Tarim and pray as the temple collapses on them.

    Conan swims away, not sure to himself why he did not just let the sea claim him, and as the sharks are gorged his wounds do not attract them. He steals a horse and little else and rides north to purify himself. Later issues then go back to some of the best Howard stories, like “The Frost Giant’s Daughter” and “Lair of the Ice Worm” as Conan fights not just monsters of the frozen north but the cold in his own heart.

    The remaining soldiers led by the ‘enemy’ king pull the remains of the Tarim’s body out of the wreckage and together with the surviving priests make way back to their home city. The Tarim’s bones are mounted as if seating and the sacred green robe is draped over them, and all worship their god in awe and fear as he is brought past them…

      • I sure wish he’d written more myself! Him and Clark Ashton Smith…

        Though Carter and De Camp did a really good job finishing stuff and adapting other stuff… “The Flame Knife” aka “Three-bladed doom” but re-done with Conan was one of my first Conan stories I read…

        I’m personally not a REH “Purist” though yes, I do agree “Two-Gun Bob’s” stories were the best. I also like, for instance, “Storytelling” in itself. How do you tell a story, why do you tell a story, etc. The current round of comics is brilliant in that form, for instance the use of the “Typewriter” font for direct REH quotations to enhance the “Pulp” feel of the stories. And simply the “Hyperboria” or the “Tarim” storyline were necessary to explain why Conan didn’t just go back to Cimmeria with a few chests full of gold after a few adventures as most RL adventurers did. (who managed to survive) Both instilled tragedy, a hatred of civilization, a distrust of magic, and a determination to defeat great evils. Conan couldn’t feel rooted except in adventure until later in his life due to those early experiences.

        It’s a mixed bag. Their “Hyperboria” exploration was brilliant. On the other hand the “Bone Woman” thread is pointless ‘cept to introduce the Red Sonja clone…

        They probably couldn’t do the “Living Tarim” storyline again, and that’s too bad, but time marches on. I just love how “Non-PC” it’d be, all the “Tard” protests;-)

  • This is where Mangaka need to say screw you publishers.. I will go electronic medium.. sell subscriptions to my fans and make all the money myself! They need to forget paper and go electronic and be done with it.. stop working for peanuts.

  • I say to Kushiro go “Indy” all the way and take the cream of the crop of Magnaka with you! With what the publishers pay artists, you are better off “Busking”.

    Put things online, and translated in every language your fans will do for you as their fee for updates! It’d be nice not to wait a year to, YES I BUY, Battle Angel comics…

    Online .pdf – No DRM or print limitations.
    Just have an automated sales computer slap in a hidden # in every individual sale as it’s processed.

    —–I raise my sword in salute!—-
    —-The Barbarian of Gor…

    —Join my group, Join MANArchy!!!

    Don’t worry about DRM, the pirates crack the best in a second that they buy with stolen credit cards. The way to eventually get to these guys is to put hidden numbers in the .pdf files or even in the .jpg images. There are tons of graphics programmers who could do that in seconds.

    The “Pirates” put things online, usually in “File Locker” (aka free Spyware) sharing sites to get $ off advertizing fees, people ‘subscribing’ for faster downloads and of course whatever the spybots/hackers pay. You aren’t going -ever- to stop them from putting it there, but you can place hidden ‘tags’ so that when the law catches up with them, or the sites that host these, there’s a direct route to a fake credit card sale, a lot easier to get damages from.

    So, the “If you are hacked, wait 3 weeks then scream for help” command is in play. Or malfunction in one weird area, like one of 5 spotlights (3D software) not working so the non-pay users go to the software sight and look up “Troubleshooting” and give their I.P. and 50/50 even sign up for an e-mail update!

  • This burns me up. I’m just glad Yukito Kishiro still at least wants to write Last Order. I remember when something like this happened with Bill Waterson. That was the end of Sunday funnies that were actually funny.

  • I have loved Gunnm for about twenty years at this point. Personally, I thought the Kishiro had lost a bit of his touch when Last Order started when compared to the first eight (nine) books. But, after reading this he has earned so much more respect from me. To restrict any artistic creation from this man after what he’s created should be a crime.

  • A bunch of quack shrinks and “families of the mentally ill” got together and demanded the media not use “discriminatory language”. “Kichigai” is the big no-no that you will never see used anymore. It used to be everywhere in the pop culture; instead of the term “-otaku” they would use “-kichi”. (Kuruma-kichi for a car freak, for example.) The quacks said that you can’t even do that anymore.

    Fore info on censored works, there’s this on Japanese wikipedia:

    more details here:

  • I still remember the original Alita/Gunnm Series ending prematurely. While it had an ending, it wasn`t what the mangaka intended it to be but he was forced to end it due to health problems.

    This is the reason Last Order had no problem at all to simply ignore just the last chapter of the original series and go on with the main story without any plot holes at all.

    I still remember reading the first announcement of Last Order and being overjoyed he overcame his health problems and I would get more of one of my favorite manga.
    It also happens to be one of the earlier manga series I added to my collection when anime and manga were way less mainstream than they are now, there was way less material you could get your hands on, so whatever you had you watched or read repeatedly until something new was released. Nostalgia FTW.

    Seeing Last Order end without a real ending again is just terrible.
    At least the old reason was something no one was at fault, since no one can help having bad health.
    This kind of abuse by his publisher is just pathetic and not only a disgrace to a well-respected mangaka who earned his company wads of cash for years, but also of every single fan of the series.

    Shueisha spits all of his fans in the face and then wonders why people have no second thoughts about reading current manga chapters online?
    It`s hard to reason paying twice to begin with (since you buy the tankoubon for your collection anyways), and I hardly think people enjoy taking the risk of buying the magazine releases for years if one curse word starts a shitstorm that can end a series without notice, reasoning and throws it into eternal oblivion plotwise.
    If there`s one thing I hate its stories not ending.

    And frankly I don`t want to support a company which obviously cares so little about us fans and their own artists.

    I really hope Yukito Kishiro will be able to continue Last Order with another publisher or without one with an online release or the like, but frankly I don`t think he will be able to do so.
    I will buy whatever new manga he releases, if only to make a point to support him.

    If it`s new Last Order, more power to him, but there`s just way too much legal stuff in the way for me to believe in that good ending, since japanese publishers are well-known for their unfair slave contracts and hardly give up a license they have some claims with.

    I don`t think one single mangaka can stand up to this, especially since it looks like he`s singled out to make an example because he had the guts to stand up for his artistic freedom and deny their stupidity.
    They will go through with this insanity, if only to throw their other mangaka in line and make them comply with their meddling.

    It looks like Last Order is gone for good and not for some silly reason like Berserk (where basically the mangaka is to busy fapping to a certain X-BOX 360 title which I can relate to but he should still do his job regardless), but as a result of a deep-rooted problem in the japanese manga scene which symptoms have been showing for years.

    Scratch that, senseless censorship is beginning to be a real problem in the entire anime, manga, videogames and ero games industry.
    But if we stop buying to make them reconsider their ways they still won`t get a clue and just blame piracy for them having worse sales numbers like they always do and not their own shortcomings which are so open to see for anyone with an ounce of common sense.

    Wall of text hits for over 9000 damage.

    Summary of all the above:


  • I’m usually a person who is very cautious about screaming bloody murder about censorship; I think it’s necessary in some areas and I also think that hippies who spout the same 2 lines about how there should be no censorship anywhere and kids need better parenting are fucking kidding themselves.

    But I’m on board in this case. This is horrible in every way.

  • Sadly, Kishiro is being very foolish and is distracted by a trivial issue.

    He should save his anger for online piracy and manga scan sites, which are killing the industry. Poor publishers are having a hard time making a profit. They don’t need some unstable (crazy, mad, psycho) mangaka giving them additional headaches when the manga way of life is being threatened.

  • Yes, they should all go online.
    Publishers are just unnecessary parasites, they just leech from the mangaka, pay them little and get in their way.
    Never do they actually help at all.
    Censorship deadlines and “suggestions” are all they provide.

  • Ugh – that sucks I’ve been collecting battle angel for over 10 years now. Still have crusty viz edition #1.

    James Cameron better make that Battle Angel movie, just so those Shueisha dudes will have to come crawling back to suck Yukito’s nut.

  • Damn, hope he continues working on his manga as Yukito Kishiro is one of my favourite mangaka and would hate to see him halt his work due to some BS reason like this.

    And, anyway, wasn’t manga pioneer in working with topics that the american comics would never work with? Why this sudden crap of “Political correctness”??


  • Well, at least the oppressed manga artists have the balls to admit and learn from their mistakes when it comes to submitting to censorship, unlike all those pathetic, masocistic artists in the eroge industry…

  • Wow.

    That is the biggest load of horseshit I have ever read.

    How is that offensive in any way?! And I though bullshit soccer mom-esque censorship (should that be censorSHIT?) only existed here in the states!

  • Carrot_Glace says:

    First of all: if some crazy bastard jump in front of me with a bowie knife, i’ll call him “crazy bastard” even if it means jail for discrimination.

    Second: That kind of behavior from publishers is will, eventually, kill manga; not the overseas pirates.

  • Uggh, this is the crap I’m talking about when it comes to freedom of expression and what not. If I was Shueisha I would’ve told the publishers to go fuck themselves for even suggesting something so retarded to me, japanese or not.

    I really hope he continues to write his story and isn’t stopped by legal bullshit, don’t blame him for trying to negotiate though either honestly. Let’s just hope something runs over whoever made this decision. And with that, WE SALUTE YOU SHUEISHA-SENSEI!

  • jamesownsall says:

    Wrath of the corporate terrorists.

    And still most artists couldn’t give a shit until it hits them in the face, JUST like Kishiro himself.

    Just die already, blood-sucking publishers.

      • jamesownsall says:

        If only things would roll down that easily…

        We’re talking about big publishers here: Companies who had built a vast network over their common media, and have plenty of resources that many of these artists depend on.

        Unattaching themselves to these publishers would mean that they’re no longer just artists. They’ll have to also be the marketer, financial planner, advertising strategist, administrator… Plenty of them might perceive this as a HUUUUGE burden, leading to their own reluctance.

        Of course, it proves their laziness when they refuse to carry all that UNLESS shit hits the fan(both THAT fan and the fans). Shit just hit Kishiro’s surely, but I’m pretty sure that the publishers will be more careful in handling artists from now on to prevent more lost goldmines.

        All that thing about online piracy(while it sure has SOME effect) is just a ruse. Publishers no longer belong in the economy once everyone starts putting in their own work on the market(via Internet), because publishers are just publishers: They only take what others do and charge for distribution, as well as deciding what’s right or wrong for artists(this one’s fucked up). When no one needs their services, their reason for existence ceases.

        This shit will get ugly. Expect a lot of casualties, because this is a fight against corporations, and they will use any means necessary(legal OR illegal, clean OR dirty) to keep their goldmines.

        Though of course, there isn’t gonna be peace unless people fight for it. I just hope the existing mangakas still under influence of these publishers will have it in them to stop being pussies and allow us fans to pay for their shit DIRECTLY to them.

    • Sadly, I wonder which is better for him? If he’d put in something that could be interpreted badly by Japan’s content laws and someone actually complained… his publisher might be able to take the hit for him, but going solo, he’d surely be ruined on any normal person’s salary, much less that of an entrepreneur.

      Shueisha, and thus Shogakukan, have proven they are NOT the answer though. There is no room for doubt there.

    • kajunbowser says:

      And I thought this “politically correct” B.S. was crazy here in the States. It’s going mad in sections of Japan (yes, I said going mad). You just don’t ask an accomplished mangaka like him to change a few phrases just because they could tweak < 10% of the population that reads the manga.