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i blame the company in this case. youtube is kinda busy filtering content from the biebertards in the states.

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  • Sega’s K-ON! Game Videos Deleted by TBS:
    This has happened many times on youtube, even the European and U.S. youtube had content deleted by requests from people who were not copyright holders. It goes to show you how inattentive the staff at youtube is.

  • Sega’s K-ON! Game Videos Deleted by TBS:
    this is azu-nyan we’re talking about here. wait, is she in the game? *watches trailer*

  • Sega’s K-ON! Game Videos Deleted by TBS:
    This is why the DMCA is broken. The penalties for false DMCA claims should be extremely harsh. Tons of legit videos have been removed by YouTube without any research into if the claim is even real. Of course, Google owns YouTube and they hate freedom of speech and the internet, so I guess it’s not surprise.

  • Sega’s K-ON! Game Videos Deleted by TBS:
    But if they increase the people working on youtube then the people already working there won’t get as much money, that’s not going to happen.

  • Sega’s K-ON! Game Videos Deleted by TBS:
    TBS fail for issuing a baseless takedown notice. YouTube pretty much has to comply, although they do make it easy to file a counterclaim. IIRC Sega could sue TBS under DMCA for a bad-faith takedown. But as licensee, that would be kind of self-defeating.

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