Man Anally Raped by Eel


A man complaining of stomach pain was found to have an eel lodged in his rectum, which he insists climbed up there after he was unwise enough to sit on its bucket.

The 30-year-old man, a resident of China’s Guandong province, attended work but was observed to suddenly squat down holding his abdomen, moaning with agony. His boss sent him to a local hospital, and he was admitted suffering from acute abdominal pain and bleeding.

Doctors quickly X-rayed him, discovering that a large Asian swamp eel was lodged some way into his colon. Seeing an immediate danger to his life doctors resolved to operate, and conducted a laparotomy, cutting the eel out of his intestines.

The eel was said to be 250g in weight and the width of two fingers.

Explaining how the eel found its way up his anus, the man claimed that he had bought the eel two days ago and kept it in a bucket.

Washing himself in his bathroom, he sat on the bucket, and it was then, he insists, that the slippery eel suddenly leapt up into his anus and proceeded to penetrate into the depths of his intestines.

One of his coworkers is at pains to describe him as “a gentle person who would never normally do anything perverted.” He was single and lived alone.

Whatever the circumstances of his anal eel encounter, previous swamp eel sodomy incidents have resulted in fatalities, suggesting great care is required around the creatures, or at least around those fascinated by their possibilities.


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