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K-ON! Otaku Threaten to Behead Yamakan


After publicly mocking K-ON! and defacing one of its cast, Yamakan has been the target of otaku death threats.

After plucking the head off of Ui, 2ch’s legion of creepy K-ON! fans was in uproar, with one fan going so far as to threaten the Haruhi producer with death: “I’ll cut off Yamakan’s head to punish him for the grievous crime of insulting K-ON!”

He was subsequently reported to police and faces probable arrest unless savvy enough to have employed an anonymous proxy.


As if this fracas were not enough, at the same event Yamakan apparently also went on to insult seiyuu Kana Hanazawa upon seeing her video, saying “her face is huge” amongst other unfriendly remarks.

With the atmosphere at the event thickening fast he then proceeded to tangle with the CEO of Good Smile Company, who light-heartedly remarked “that was an amusing teen movie” – Yamakan ignored him completely and then left the event.

Many have remarked that it appears Yamakan’s real talent is not for anime direction but instead for annoying people.

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