Comment on Aya Hirano Lays Love Life Bare “Please Don’t Hate Me!” by LanSlyde:

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Ah the art of trolling, with this her otaku fanbase will be raging in no time. On an additional note I agree with jareth, whoever her bf is will have to fight off a lot of basement dwellers.

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  • Seiyuu Arrested for Killing 3-Year-Old Girl:
    Wow, the Harano fanboys have a hard-on for me me now? I’m flattered, I will accept your blind hate. You people need love too.

  • Top 25 Manga in America:
    Of course its old shit, true american otaku pirate the new releases as soon as they come out, and hardcore american otaku pirate them again after they have been subbed. This ranking is all kinds of wrong.

  • Seiyuu Arrested for Killing 3-Year-Old Girl:
    ^^ This, this anon gets it. I would die laughing if that were the case. Am I a Hirano hater? No, but the pure unfettered rage that would arise is enough to make me wish it were true. On a side note, child murder is bad and she should feel bad for doing it. I demand we make her skydive from low orbit without a parachute.

  • “Youngest Ever” 9-Year-Old Prostitute Recruits 20 Lolicon:
    As I was reading your thoughts I realized this girl reminds me of Kokonoe Rin, precocious little scamp. Anyway, personally I believe the the boy should have had enough reasoning at that age to see how unethical it would be to accept services from a nine year old. OR we could go in the other direction and assuming he was being altruistic, maybe 9 is too young for him. But with all the other lolicons going for her maybe he decided to be altruistic. Instead of pulling out of the bidding he stayed …

  • Cathay Pacific Sex Leak – No Wonder It’s Called a Cockpit…:
    Regardless of whether it was meant to made public, I must salute this man. If only for accomplishing what We have all wanted to try at one point.


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