Comment on Aya Hirano Lays Love Life Bare “Please Don’t Hate Me!” by Anonymous:

true to an extent

but then again, anyone that likes her, and is being honest with themselves, only liked/likes her because she voices a series of anime characters.

thus leaving you with precious little to idolize her for if she stops voicing anime characters.

so the question becomes who is actually being more shallow?

the people still clinging to their idolatry just because of a lingering otaku hard-on for anime characters such as Haruhi and Konata (who, being as exaggerated as they are, probably have not actual relation to Aya as a person)?

or the people that stopped being interested because she’s stopped doing the only thing she’s honestly known for doing?

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    I concur, this whole Asians for Asian character roles is silly. On the flip side I have also seen a brilliant rendition of Othello done in the style of a Japanese Period piece set in the Reformation Era. Plus I’ve heard there’s a Chinese production of MacBeth floating around somewhere. Shakespeare isn’t English exclusive – neither should anime/manga stuff be Asiatic exclusive. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, we diss the shit out of it and tell the world for all to hear…

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    so I can break into your home and it’s ok as long as you are not home when I do it and I only steal the cheap stuff. is that right?

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    arresting for petty crime is about sending a message that it is not ok and not about the costs of the items. would it be ok if I break into your home and steal your bread? I mean, it’s just $2 bread, why call the cops? exactly.

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