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Manga Translator Convicted – “Loli Manga is Child Abuse”


A manga translator has been convicted of possessing child pornography after police apparently uncovered his stash of loli manga.

The man had acquired 51 pictures deemed offensive by Swedish police (although apparently there were only in the region of 30 pictures, with police counting backup images twice), in order to “stay up to date with the latest developments in the Japanese comic genre” – an excuse which was probably connected to one of the two allowable defences for having the images.

Swedish law considers drawings involving underage participants in sexual situations to constitute child pornography, with police allowing an exception for people drawing their own pictures, as long as they do not show them to anyone.

This leads to the bizarre reasoning that showing an offending drawing to someone constitutes “a criminal case of child abuse” against a fictional child or children in general, whilst those keeping their pictures to themselves have not committed any fictional child rape at all.

Textual accounts of underage sexual activity, such as Nabokov’s literary classic Lolita, are “not yet” covered by the law – although, based on their logic, reading this book constitutes a criminal act of child abuse.

Another allowable defence is that the drawings were being used for “research” – this appears to have been used in this case, although it seems to have failed dismally.

His purpose for having the images aside, he was found guilty but received only a fine and probation. An appeal is planned.

A Swedish source contacting Sankaku Complex describes the man as a well-known manga translator in Sweden, and apparently by his own admission the man was engaged in a battle with his ex-partner for custody of his infant daughter after the mother moved away, taking the child with her – he claims he was falsely accused of child abuse by the mother so she could secure full custody.

Police investigating could find no evidence of abuse and the charges were dismissed, but a subsequent accusation persuaded police to search his residence, where they found his manga collection – including images of such characters as Asuka, which prosecutors considered to look too young.

No evidence of child abuse was ever found, but police decided to charge him with possession of child pornography on the basis of the manga they found.

As he points out “if you are going to draw any naked cartoon characters, be sure they have big breasts or your drawing might be illegal!”

Unsurprisingly, the trial sparked the usual debate with regards to freedom of speech, with some voices of reason amongst the usual rabble-rousing histrionics – his lawyer for one:

“It goes against all common sense. These are just drawings; no children have been harmed.”

Even a tabloid newspaper is sympathetic:

“However unpleasant and nasty a work of fiction might be, and whatever one thinks about Japanese porn involving cartoon children, there is actually no victim here. The children in the… man’s manga comics were not molested since they were characters in a comic.”

It seems the rights of fictional children may soon trump the rights of real artists and writers, with even reading a book or looking at a drawing now considered an act of “child abuse.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    This is beyond ridiculous; its horrifying people in power can be this stupid. Screw deliberate facism, Its this natural sort of logical seepage that destroys any and every nation.

    “Surely if X, then Y. And if Y, then Z is just around the corner! We have to stop that Z tomfoolery before it starts!”

  • “if you are going to draw any naked cartoon characters, be sure they have big breasts or your drawing might be illegal!”
    But if someone had been thinking this through they’d realize there are quite a handful of girls who have big breasts at a fairly young age…
    And the reverse obviously applies, not every girl has massive honkers.
    Some bullcrap reasoning here as usual ._.

  • Anonymous says:

    The publicly available judicial decision explicitly states “all the images are drawn”, a statement maintained by the translator himself.

    I’d consider that comment about ” “real” child pornography” as unsubstantiated rumors until further notice.

    However, it’s not really relevant for the issue of free speech itself, either way.

    H. Sweden

  • Anonymous says:

    Remember hearing a debate about this at the radio a couple of days ago. Amazed that Sankaku noticed. You did forget something though. Besides loli manga the police stated they had also found “real” child-pornography.

  • Anonymous says:

    don’t hide the truth there is no comparasion between Nabokovs lolita nd loli manga. Lolita was a teenager, while loli manga is full of 5-9 years old childs, not even teenagers!

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t matter. Censorship is censorship, and need I remind:


      Sing this with me in 100 trillion part harmony!

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys are disgraces to the human race. I love anime.. I like hot chics.. I think under age kids are cute and innocent. They should stay that way.
    What kind of message do you think this “fiction” is teaching people. I’m not talking about the high school looking girls in anime, I’m talking about the sick freako stuff that looks like they are 11 or 12 and not even hit puberty yet. Are you guys kidding me with this stuff? Seriously grow up and look outside. I hope that guy dies in a jailhouse fire if that “loli” was half as bad as I’ve seen floating around. It should be common sense what is acceptable and spreading child porn around in the form of a cartoon should be punishable by death for trying to skirt the moral rules of society. BAM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Guy, not everyone agrees with you that child pornography is bad nor that pedosexuality is bad.

      Need I remind you that at one time two males having sex together was a crime?
      Two people of different race?
      Two people OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE?

      Pedosexuality is the new boogie man, speaking as someone who had sex with adults as a child and LOVED IT and is honest about loving it!

      It’s time to realize that pedosexuality is being used to direct people’s attention away from the wrongdoings of the people in power, and you fuckers are STUPID enough to fall for it!

      Thankfully, more and more people are TURNING AGAINST the notion that pedosexuality and yes, even having sex with children if you are a teenager or adult, is ANYTHING but normal.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It goes against all common sense. These are just drawings; no children have been harmed.”

    “However unpleasant and nasty a work of fiction might be, and whatever one thinks about Japanese porn involving cartoon children, there is actually no victim here. The children in the… man’s manga comics were not molested since they were characters in a comic.”

    Ever heard “Common Sense; So rare is might as well be a superpower?” Well, these people are superhuman.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you (yes, YOU, behind the monitor) are not willing to actually stand up and fight a totalitarian cause like this, then I suggest you don’t bother getting pissed off and saving your energy for WOW or something similar, because you sure as hell aren’t gonna be of any use.

  • You’ll never see a man arrested, ridiculed, bullied, or exiled for extreme, explicit, obscene, vile, or depraved fictional content involving violence, even if it involves a child.

    You’ll never see a government, store, ratings board, or organization condemn, ban, or boycott fictional content involving such violent content either.

    Of course, it’s free speech, and people can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

    However, as soon as it comes to nudity, sexual content, and anything resembling a child, something in their brain shuts down. Logic, reason, and critical thinking go offline.

    You simply aren’t allowed to take a side. You are either a baby fucker, or must promote a modern day Auschwitz for the pedophiles that are lurking everywhere in everyone, just waiting to strike at your children.

    We are all aware of the media blitz, the fear factor, and the brain washing concerning the modern day boogieman of pedophilia. It’s seeped deep into society to the point it threatens our freedom in the form of censorship, draconian laws, and prosecution of innocent individuals.

    Media simply does not cause a person to commit a crime. To say such, is a cynical view of humanity; that all it takes is a thought, and an individual is unable to control themselves from acting on their desires.

    How terrifying is it that we believe a person that can tell the difference between a fictional drawing and a real child is a danger to society, but one that can not, is a model citizen. Which one of those is the real cancer of society?

    We have a major problem on our hands. No one dares educate people on the double standards, less they be branded as pedophiles. And thus, the cycle of ignorance continues. We are nearing a critical time where we stand up, or lose everything. Governments and corporations are increasingly using the trump card of pedophilia.

  • Anonymous says:

    So he kept loli manga hardcopy in his house? Is that man insane? Sure I have some of what may be considered loli but that’s all been bought legally in the U.S. in the bookstore, and maybe I have some pictures (2d only) but I don’t go broadcasting that stuff. Seriously if you are going to piss off your exwife over a kid get rid of your cp. That should be the first thing a person should do before a custody battle. Kinda of like dumping your gay lover before running for office.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s finally here! A war using us international otakus as cannon fodder… sigh… When will the world leave us in peace? It’s not like we rape real life children…. or like one…. That’s why we turn to fantasy, because we can’t stand real life….

    Real life is nothing but a means to live. Our “true” lives are drawn in manga and programmed in games. Don’t they know how to separate chaos and perfection?

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I like lolicon and I do like real life children….. which everyone who knows me knows and accepts, because they have known me for YEARS and when one of their friends tries saying “HE’S EVIL!” they bitchslap those friends with the FACTS about me and turn them against the stupid bullcrap that is being forcefed to people.

      The only reason that pedosexuality has not been NORMALIZED just like homosexuality is that after this? There are NO other sexualities to bash upon and say that someone is an ‘innocent victim’ in those things.

  • Anonymous says:

    “if you are going to draw any naked cartoon characters, be sure they have big breasts or your drawing might be illegal!”

    What if it’s an obvious loli, with big breasts? Maybe even a god damn baby?

  • Anonymous says:

    So. Rights for fiction characters? heh?
    Then maybe I should consider marrying my waifu and try getting a license for driving spaceships in games? Or should I go to NASA to get a permit for driving the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars?

  • I fail to understand how some people here think that Sweden is any better than US or Ausfailia in regards loli draws, a tabloid newspaper is no common sense(!), I fell sorry for that guy, so many REAL criminals in this world, condemning someone who store DRAW images is beyond nonsense is stupidity.

  • It’s an old law I presume. And now since it has been put to practice, I hope they will change it. I really hope my countrys politicians still got some common sense left. After the last 10 years I actually doubt they still have it…

  • Anonymous says:

    If having pictures of an imaginary being being “molested” is considered child-abuse, then killing someone in a video game should be considered murder. Damn morons need to think before they act. Giving something imaginary HUMAN RIGHTS is beyond ridiculous – it isn’t real, never has been real, and exists as a bunch of dots on a piece of paper, computer screen or in someone’s imagination.

    Busting someone for pictures of an imaginary character in a sexual situation does NOT prevent a pedophile from being created, it ENCOURAGES it, by simply stating that if you have the FAKE item, you go to jail/prison. Why bother with the FAKE stuff when you can get the REAL THING and still get the SAME punishment? Think about it just a little bit.

  • as long as they are not doing it in real life it’s okay.

    why even bother it’s like saying. hey i drew a person dismembering his/her intestines and feeding it in their children does that make me a murderer? im not into this kind of things but at least i don’t accuse anyone of being a molestor. people take things way to seriously.

  • Some people are misunderstanding about this,this is a case about inciting someone to be a pedo,to them is like a pedo guide,hence the comdenation.Much like what happened with GTA being blamed by the moral police.
    But lets face it,by their laws logic,the country where ALL the sick and and the others ‘bad’ stuff come from must have the highest rates for pedo abuses and killing right???

    wait a second IT DOESNT HAVE!!! *raaage*

    No wonder japanese have xenophobia and call us ‘gaijins’.

  • okay now so Loli Manga is Child Abuse now so going by that reasoning, every time you kill some one in a game or by drawing that means you have killed some one in a fictional world who was alive at one point but then you killed he or she or it so that mean by law everyone who has played a game should go to jail for killing millions of fictional people who were at one time alive, and everyone who does anything of the sort should be sent to jail and given a death penalty for killing so called fictional character. what is the world coming to when things that are not real are given rights that should not even be given to in the first place. fictional things are not real no matter how much you argue a good way to fight this would be, you draw something on a piece of paper say it be a girl, a buy and then you wright next to it, the boy is 18 while the girl you dont give an age and then you draw a gun next to the boy okay , now if by what the law says the comic is child abuse then the buy is the drawing killed the girl and then just sanded there yet you see nothing that has happen you are suppose to send the owner of the comic to jail for killing a loli that was not real in the first place and you dont see anything happening in the image just what he wrote, it gives no logic to the case it is completely and utter bullshit lol… how can they make a case on something that is not real it is like saying free speech, you say there is a woman who looks like she is 28, has huge boobs and looks just like a 28 year old woman should but you say her age is 8 and she says her age is 8 yet you have had sex with you you are then hear by become a pedophile yet you know it is not true but the law says you are by a fucked up reasoning lol… okay i am done with my rant lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Most peoples in regard of just pictures never get locked up, as long as we don’t talk thousands and thousands of pictures & movies of the real thing. Granted after reading the cout order all i can say is this….

      They didn’t differ it at all from real child porn vs virtual, the only difference they mentioned that they where not a victim. He even needed to pay 500 sek 😛 as a fine for ‘victims’ …. yes … was in here.

  • You guys all misunderstanding,its not a case of someone being abused,is of inciting the user to abuse a child.To them is like a guide of how to be a pedo.Much like that GTA andreas was this way too,inciting people to rob and kill.
    But like many users said,if is not for the benefit for the politicians/a group its wrong and bad,fuck the bill of rights or the free speech.Lets all give glorious thanks to hollywood movies money making!!!

    There is no surprise that japanese call us gaijins and have xenophobia.But hey,by the logic of these laws the country where ALL those sick stuff along with so other many ‘bad’ things must have the most rates for killing and pedo abuses right????

    Wait a second… IT’S DOESNT HAVE!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the chance of beta testing that, kinda regret not jumping on the chance when i had it, probably gonna switch eventually anyway, i am a member of the Pirate Party after all, you know, the guys in charge of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    The political world has learnt how to cover dirty jobs without losing popular consents.
    Use children for the inside and terrorists for the outside.
    Wars in the name of freedom and censorship in the name of children’s safety.

  • Anonymous says:

    “However unpleasant and nasty a work of fiction might be, and whatever one thinks about Japanese porn involving cartoon children, there is actually no victim here. The children in the… man’s manga comics were not molested since they were characters in a comic.”

    This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with the media on this subject. Now if we could just get everyone else on the planet to understand this concept…

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, I already do that! My children watched my hentai stuff when they were young, and I didn’t say jack about it, because I figured “Old enough to be interested in sex, old enough to learn about it (not by my hand or dick however!), including the ‘dark side’ of it!”

  • Anonymous says:

    isn’t it great that government money goes to catching people watching fictional non-existent children pornography instead of using that money and FBI stuff into more serious things? who knows, maybe it could help some poor mentally abused kid instead, but who cares about 3d kids when there’s 2d kids to save?

  • This is exactly what I’ve been foaming about, not just the “ThoughtCrime” issue, but the “Modern Women who seek to destroy men”.

    The man was charged when the police investigated him looking for any reason to arrest him. And the police did that because his ex wife had made an obviously false charge to get even more advantage in the divorce.

    The woman made an accusation against the man. It’s clear that though they found in their country a “Fine” bit of “Justice by points” he clearly did NOT molest his child. Have they then turned on the woman for making a false allegation? I think not.

    We men need to re-claim our rights and position in society. The “Controllers” are assaulting us first because they know we are potentially the biggest threat to them. They are trying to impoverish us with this world wide recession they triggered and then to destroy us socially. They are using women against us, and “Feminism” is part of that propaganda.

    We need to act, but we can do so.

    The first part is to notice their weaknesses.

    In the USA, which I call “AmeriKKKa” because of how it’s degenerated the elites have a kind of “Three Tiered” income/power generating system. This is no complex “Conspiracy Theory” it’s just the “Law of Supply and Demand” combined with “Divide and Conquer”.

    1. Illegal immigrants increase the “Supply” of labor.
    2. Exporting jobs reduces the “Demand” for manufacturing and much skilled labor.
    3. Buying out government and media helps them avoid the “Law”.

    Right now, too many people are focused on #3, which is both a diffused battlefield and one they have endless money and energy on, so any tiny victories can be countered or re-absorbed.

    The best strategy is to by various means put pressure on #1, starting with demanding the police (threat of jury nullification) simply check for illegals. No fence, no profiling, just check the books on employers randomly and frequently and fully prosecute those that are found to have hired them. Recognize it is not a ‘racial’ issue but pure ‘economic warfare’.

    In the USA which I call “AmeriKKKa” because of how it’s fallen, there are many more “Illegal Immigrants” than “Unemployed”. If they can remove illegal labor their ‘recession’ will end because so many jobs will go wanting wages will skyrocket. And I don’t mean “Ditch Digger” wages, this action undercuts all wages.

    This should be followed by a quick blow to #2, outsourcing by demanding tariffs and trade barriers. It’ll remove so much money from the rich elite they’ll collapse quickly and not be able to do #3 anymore.

    And I say this because I believe you must always go to a root problem. The “Marriage” laws as they’ve been made are a big part of it, but the real assault is social stability, the ability to earn a living. They want us ALL slaves, men and women.

    As for the women, there are plenty of ways to word new “Defense of Marriage” bills that’ll not sound “Sexist” but still put women back in their place. Women do NOT go out and hunt for wild game, the “Jobs” they get are those only given to them by the “Controllers” in an effort to degrade men. It was done a lot in “Colonialism” and “Slavery”, giving women better positions than men, beating slave men in front of their women, that is all it is.

    Frankly, men have the advantage long term. We stay good looking longer and can reproduce healthy right till the very end. Women usually decline at 30 and in any event at 40 ish they produce inferior (retarded) offspring. We can wait a while to get ‘hitched’ for real, saving our money, and later when we re-do the marraige laws or can move to another country where a Man can be a MAN, we can just get a younger bride. LET the women that seek to parasite off of us and destroy us fornicate all they want, but let them do it with each other or with the parasite peacock non-producing men so they get to work, drive, buy groceries for them. The original marriage laws and traditions were to protect women from being ditched when they lost their looks. Sadly, these things have been abused.

    I’m totally for strong marriage laws, but not easy divorce laws that put the advantage totally in the woman’s court. We’ve seen what this does. The women, egged on by this media controlled by people who want us slaves and a “Feminist” agenda use it to deliberately destroy men. They marry producing males for a few years, then just walk out and get all his money. They fornicate with non-producing males, who tend to be not harassed by these laws since there’s no income/worker to exploit. And the children are so traumatized there’s only a ‘bacterial’ reproductive advantage at best.

    What to push for:

    1. Pre-Nups are mandatory and binding.
    2. “Castle” laws that put the advantage to ANY charge against a man in his advantage.
    3. Any non-willed divorce is to be treated as “Desertion”.

    Take note, if a woman is being brutally abused by a man to the point where she feared for her life, she should leave with the clothes on her back. The way my laws would work, she’d go to her family or a shelter. She couldn’t leech off the man, but if there was real abuse his ability to sue HER for “Desertion” would be limited. But since the marriage laws were strong either partner couldn’t re-marry easily, the divorce would take years and even in abuse there wouldn’t really be any compensation gravy train. Thus a re-marriage would be difficult since a woman would be hesitant to put herself in such a position and a man might worry about a woman who’d accused her husband. Thus the easiest path would be for both of them to talk to shrinks and such and work out the anger/incompatibility issues.

    We, as men, have to fight back.
    First against the “Controllers” then against the women who have been set against us.
    Whatever country you live in, examine it, look at what is going on, what has changed over the decades, what can be done to counter it.


    Join my group, join MANarchy!!!

  • Amazing just amazing, it just proves when it comes down to it morals and logic don't always go well together. I always wanted to go by these morals nuts and fundamentalist and ask in what world does fantasy and reality conclude ? If fantasy equaled reality then 99% of people (excluding those who do not take part in any sexual or violent media) would be raging murders, serial rapists and child molesters. Moral Panic is now a epidemic, a random witch hunt for people who they want to pretend are "sexual fiends" ,if your not into normal sex to them your a freak of nature which in itself is god damn retarded.
    Remember Mortal Kombat and the scandal it had around it or GTA and its said "violence would create serial killers" or rapelay that they deemed, "inspires rapists", media doesn't create monsters, the monsters were already looming inside, if fantasy was the reason behind a killer or rapist then everyone on sankaku no in fact almost billions of people would be killing one another.
    People are loosing there common sense and are becoming to ignorant and paranoid, there behavior now is no longer based on logic or knowledge but arrogant and shallow views that only show how much evolving the world needs. "It to protect the children, the characters are being abused, it inspires pedophile, PEDOPHILES ARE THE ENEMIES OF THE WORLD!!,if your not into normal sex YOUR A PERVERTED FREAK!", This is all the bullshit you would hear come out of there mouths, protecting fictional non-existent characters has to be the most insulting, ignorant and retarded thing to be said ever in the history of mankind, Equality now in fact all femini-nazis, can't even save children who are being raped because they are "married" in Islamic countries, they can't even protect those children from being violated TO DEATH, they don't save the children involved in real child pornography, they can't change the fact parents imprisoning there children for sexual pleasure for years or can they protect women who have no rights in certain countries example the countries they say you need two people to testify for rape and yet they waste money and time to save a fantasy ? something that does not exist and has no real connection to real life, in fact lines on a paper that have no concern for the real world and they call that saving the children who are being raped, being molested and not to mention worse cases dieing, wow i guess morals are truly better then logic indeed, all these witch hunts for pedophiles would be so much better if they were hunting actually predictors instead guys getting jailed for more years then someone who actually rapes a child and then being labeled something that would more or less make your life a living hell, i guess treating those who are different as monsters rather then treat them as human beings is part of human nature tho it is one of the most disgusting parts of human nature that exists.

      • Anonymous says:

        Common sense is long gone when fantasying becomes a crime. This society is crazy so the best course of action is to escalate not back down. If a simple sexual draw that look like a child (that might no even have been the intention of the creator) can land you in jail the available option is fully embrace the fantasy and have sex with children.

      • Tell me, where do you find this common sense? 95% of the world seems to lack it. If most the people lack an attribute they can’t very well use it.

        I don’t support actual child rape or porn, but seeing as fantasy =! reality anything drawn shouldn’t be criminal. I guess the people living under rocks their whole lives really have the advantage…living amongst the religiously intolerant and morally spiteful seems disadvantageous.

  • There is nothing wrong with whatever our imaginations indulge in. The state should stay out of its people’s affairs especially in issues such as entertainment.
    All these rights for fictional characters are just a stepping stone for the states to tighten their control over its people.

    For us people who indulge in some finer preferences, how would society react when sexbots become the norm and we possess those in the specifications that we desire?

  • Anonymous said:
    Well, hardcore otaku's pretend the characters are real, celebrating their birthday and even marrying some of them, there you have it.

    That's messed up. They might as well get a dog or a cat for that shit.

  • Wow just wow, As usual this is another case of morals vs logical because as history has proven, when it comes down to it, morals and logical don’t add together well. I always wanted to ask this question to religious and politicians that set these stupid laws, since when has fantasy equal reality ? If so then all the horror and slicers movies make serial killers, all hentai makes people into raging perverts, all action packed movies make people into gun slangers and criminals. When it comes down to it religion and morals make a lot of countries not logic anymore.

    Remember the Mortal Kombat thing when people got all hyper because of the finishing moves and they thought children would’ve of tried it or when GTA 3 came out and people raged about the violent acts then there was, then the whole rapelay thing with people believing that it would of created rapists, all of this are prime examples of stupidity taking form, out of all the school shootings how many were media related ? what about rapist, how many are driven by the media the japanese created ? what about child molesters and rapists how many have lolicon ? instead of asking that how about how many of them were inspired to do these acts from media ? none ? or then i guess it NOT THE MEDIA!!

    People well find any means to stop things they don’t like and its getting way to out of hand. We all know that protecting fake children is bullshit, its common sense, since when has drawing abuse anyone ? since when have lines on a paper been violated ? since when has fantasy gained rights ? Then your say that all the people we kill in video games is murder and all the girls we enslave in video games makes us real life rapist, bullshit but i guess the only reason all this is because of moral panic, the paranoia that everyone is a pedophile the paranoia that media can create monsters, the paranoia that watching something being acted out on a film set can cause someone to redo the act but of course all these panics don’t have logical standings as they are just plain ignorance and fear but i guess telling this to someone to make them understand that fantasy and reality are two different universes would make me crazy correct ? or Perhaps am not thinking straight as anime/manga/porn/hentai/videos and books have already made me into the pedophilic murdering child rapist the westen world wants to print out or am just using common sense to show that fiction is not real.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, Swedish authorities need a psychiatrist badly. They fail to distinguish real children from lolis?

    Really, that’s excess fake moralism. Millions around the world watch the violent garbage Hollywood throws at us all the time and you don’t see serial killer outbreaks… Same for loli, it’s not because one likes loli that he’ll abuse a child. If we think that way we should ban most movies, games and even songs for having a violence/suicidal/abusive appealing….

    Unfortunately this world still has a lot of evolving to do. Middle Age, any1?

  • But this is fictionland! Even if you’re going to stick with the “drawing of naked child = child abuse”, even when there is no child abuse, there are ways to get around it.

    “Er… she used to be a 30-year-old woman, with plenty of legal sexual experience, and had her body transformed into that of a 12-year-old.”

    Problem solved.

    That said, being arrested just for drawings is fucking stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    So if I dont tell or show anyone I am abusing imaginary girls that might be considered to look like kids by possesing pictures of these imaginary girls, I am officially not a childrapist.
    But if someone finds out I am a rapist, but because someone found out, not because of my possession of it.

    Sounds like a reasonable step to save those little girls and boys from being raped every day by some pastor, their dads or pedophile social worker in the future.

  • Anonymous says:

    so if you download loli you go to jail, while priests who actually sexually abused children get a slap on the hand. these people have completely reversed morals… and see that we’re not even talking about real children here but imaginary ones. save the imaginary children.

  • when blind morality and ignorance override common sense, shit usually goes down.

    I hope he wins his appeal, he shouldn’t have been convicted in the first place, especially when it was his ex that totally drove the police to force to find something against him. bullshit women.

  • This subject is always difficult. I don’t really mind lolicon, like some of the feminists I know online do, and while drawings of 2D children don’t violate anyone’s rights, I don’t see how anyone can reasonably defend having them either. “I only have DRAWINGS of minors in sexual acts!” It sounds weird, doesn’t it? It doesn’t help that some people don’t have a grip on reality and what’s right and wrong because of what they like.

    • It doesn’t sounds weird to me.
      With pornography involving real people, especially if it’s illegal, there is the chance that an abuse is being committed.
      Some people would want to stay away from that, thus recurring only to drawings, where they can be sure that no one is harmed.

      Besides, you know that drawings and photos are very different, and [i]there are[/i] some people who [i]really[/i] find the drawings more attractive, or even only so.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really can’t understand people who have sex with other people of the same gender, nor can I understand people who have sex with toys. Heck, I can’t even understand the people having a poster of a car in their bedroom (kid or adult). But hey, no harm done, so none of my business…

      P.S. how can you defend having anything that’s not a necessity for living?

  • moebius22 says:

    I’m glad Sankakucomplex brings up these issues from time to time (even if tends to only concern foreign laws), so that its readers can see the discriminatory laws that have been put into place in the Industrialized world in the name of protecting women.

    Unfortunately, this man was ignorant of the fact that in Sweden, the U.S., and many other industrialized countries’, that allegations “alone” of child abuse are enough to cause a man to lose custody of his children.

    Domestic abuse laws like the U.S.’s VAWA means that:

    “In all but two states, divorce judges are required to consider allegations or finding of intimate partner violence in award of child custody. The end result is often the attenuation or the complete severing of the child’s relationship with the accused parent, even though no hard evidence of abuse was ever presented.

    Thus, domestic violence laws present and end-run on a person’s fundamental right to parent one’s own children, even though this principle has been upheld in numerous decisions of state appellate and federal district courts, and up to the U.S. Supreme Court as well.”

    But don’t take my word for it, read for yourself how VAWA infringes on your Constitutional rights.

  • It’s stupid ne?

    i think really that the world laws about lolikon are out of control, it’s incredible that the people gives more importance to a draw and want to protect it’s rights, than protect the right’s of real girls that’s suffering sexual abuse, prostitution and slavery.

    One day a sucker of UNICEF abbords me for taking my money for “a loable cause” but they don’t use it to help real girls, but use it for defend de draw’s rights! That’s Incredible!

  • Anonymous says:

    They are just slowly waking up a sleeping dragon…

    There will come a time when the Dragon wakes up due to all the crap that’s going on then SHIT is gonna happen and then they will wish they never even started it in the first place….

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s an error in the article. He wasn’t just fined, he’s also on probation, meaning the judges (since we don’t have jurys in Sweden), actually thought the crime was serious enough to warrant prison.

    It’s also interesting to note that it wasn’t 51 unique pictures, but rather 30-something pictures with backups being counted twice.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are the goverment, we vote.We could do something about it. It’s just that we are to lazy to care before the people that want a political career go batshit crazy and convict us.

      • They are just make you think that you actually have a choice, in fact you may not. Those who lead the government are the puppet masters, and most of you shall dance like their tune until your last breath, deny all you want, the truth will not change.

  • Anonymous said:
    Everyone should just come to the Netherlands. We have a statement in the law that anything drawn does not constitute child pornography. That and the legal weed and prostitutes, of course. 🙂

    One question then is that VERY old law i read about once of beinga berserker beinga criminal chagrge still there or is it just a phestigial one. Cuse the common sense is nice but beinga berserker could be dngerous.

  • Looks like paper-handling has become illegal.

    And reading literature involving lolis may constitute child porn? Because then Sankaku Complex will the the most awesome law-breaking piece of literature I have ever read. They better have WiFi in prison.

  • I’m actually a little scared of the power a puritan outcry has in modern societies, I simply cannot believe that is the law in a forward nation such as Sweden, I could go on and on about why this is wrong, but it’s pretty much all been said before, this is just sad, I hope my country never gets to this point.

    @artefact: I take it you’ve enjoyed Nabokov’s literary classic. I wonder what H.H. would have to say about this law and its defenders…

  • Anonymous says:

    That moral panic link to wikipedia was quite educational. Lolicon and manga lovers are a minority. And lolicon can easily be associated with real child pornography, which has been the hottest topic in western civilization recently. You can pretty much justify anything if you use child abuse as the base of your argument, as long as you are a skilled politician. Hell, you don’t even have to be all that skilled, all you have to do is scream: “PEDOPHILES! LIVING IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

    And whatever the law is, it’ll pass. Gnawing away our rights little by little. In twenty years or so democracy will be long gone and everyone will be monitored in one way or another.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t help wonder, if this guy drew a picture of a house, then tore it apart, would he be charged with destruction of property?

    Or what if he said there was SEMTEX planted inside it, terrorism?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not counting the fact that the majority of women all over the world HAVE small breasts.

      But seriously…Asuka? Asuka?!!! HA! It is amazing how one simple act can tell so much about an establishment.

    • I can’t wait until they try building a prison big enough to house all the so-called ‘lolicon material pedarests’.

      Last time they did something like that was about several centuries ago, and that got us AUSTRALIA.

      ’nuff said.

  • Anonymous says:

    Next up; any person who possesses a novel (crime novels in particular) where a fictional character is murdered shall be charged with murder or plotting to undertake an act of murder.

  • Mikl said:
    No matter how often I hear news stories like this, I can't seem to be able to wrap my mind around the concept that a drawing of a fictional underage person having sex is the same as a photo of a real underage person being forced to have sex.

    I could understand that if the law was against porn in general, but really. If this is child abuse, where is the abuse victim?


    The drawing of course. At least, that is what they be thinking it seems..

  • Anonymous says:

    I won’t claim to be an expert on international or foreign law, but I think the lawyer should have issued a subpoena to the state requesting the alleged victim’s birth certificate. Or even take it one further, offer to pay all expenses for international travel, lodging and translation if the alleged victim would be willing make the trip to testify about what the state claims is abuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is, there doesn’t need to be a victim. The law is clear that any drawing that appears to be a child in a sexual situation is child porn, doesn’t matter if said child exists or not. It also doesn’t require nudity, so things like Kodomo no Jikan would qualify without problem.

  • No matter how often I hear news stories like this, I can’t seem to be able to wrap my mind around the concept that a drawing of a fictional underage person having sex is the same as a photo of a real underage person being forced to have sex.

    I could understand that if the law was against porn in general, but really. If this is child abuse, where is the abuse victim?

  • Anonymous says:

    Uff… I hope nobody just saw how I killed several dozen people in Halo, or how my parents bought that game for me in the first place. Or why Sony is allowing such games on their console.

  • Anonymous says:

    sad this is happening more and more. i need to know somewhere to run to if the cops see my hard dives.
    also by all this logic why is murder in book/manga/movie/tv/game/whatever more i did not list not a crime?

  • It’s sick. people lack common sense. Loli game/manga/doujin doesn’t cause harm to anything/any1. They cannot find the real pedophile so they are after lolicons, because it’s easier. And make a mass media ruckus “Hey We arrested a pedophile! he was drawing a child porn!”

    • It’s damn sad but a lot of people actually think this is common sense. “If you watch/read it, you’ll get suggested to do it” and I swear I love some of my friends but I want to punch their teeth out when I hear them say that whenever we talk about violence/sex. Being desensitized is also one of their reasoning, watch too much violence and you won’t care when it happens, so you’ll accept eventually.

      Sometimes fuck people.

    • Sh*t like these makes me lose hope on how humanity survives with this much illogical people running the country…

      And the media, dumb f*cks as they are, don’t even do their homework on the subject and just jump into the ignorant band-wagon of idiots…

  • I think people like this fears the day loli fans cross the line between the reality and the fiction and start to hunt real girls… However, they don’t know that they only will come if they keep treating them as perverted.
    As always, I would blame feminists organizations like we-all-know-who for starting this way of thinking…

  • More and more moral morons, and feminists for that matter, are getting allot more control on stuff in Sweden as of lately, sure the law has been around for quite some time but its quite an absurd one and it haven’t gotten as much attention before lately when they try to fell everyone for it and blame Japan…

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not fond of where the “small breasts = children” is going. I don’t care for breasts bigger than B cup but it seems even if the girl is over 20 it’s child porn due to her lack of large milk containers. Fucking milk containers..

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no jury. Sweden has courts of law, not beauty contests.

      The first court level is mostly bullshit though as it serves as a dumping ground for politicians. The second and the final levels are guaranteed to only contain people who have studied law.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh man, J.K Rowlings would be charged with reckless child endangerment. Harry going to fight ghosts and werewolves.
        Romance between fictional Harry Potter and his fictional fangirls? Depiction of sexual courting, it’s close to sexual conduct, might as well call it child pornography. This is just what happens in the book, we haven’t even considered the wider implication of fictional children’s right to refuse appearance in dangerous situation let alone the much more important implication of whether reading the books encourages readers to follow the actions in real life.

        Then again people are being held accountable for radio broadcast encouraging recreational use of helium, marijuana, breathing paint thinners and massacring your Tutsis neighbours. It’s time we string up Rowlings and that Twilight writer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Aye,then again; the average Swede loses his ability to think rationally after middle school and just mime others opinions on whatever matter might come up.

        The larger part of the rest are as you see: conservative politicans.

        • Anonymous says:

          “It’s a bit bigger than that, it’s not about getting things for free, it’s about freedom of information, and in this case a corrupted trial driven by lobbyists, that is REALLY fucking bad on so many levels.”

          Yes, I totally agree. But a LOT of the people voting for PP and caring about TPB simply wants to get their shit for free.

          “Also; TPB is not the same as PP.”

          Oops, I meant PP, sorry about that.

          I think you might have misunderstood my post. I said that they were totally against pedophilia, to such a degree that they don’t even think about what they’re doing (and yes, these are young people I’m talking about).

          I agree that it’s retarded for drawn images to equal abuse of children. I mean, not even looking at cp should somehow be called “child abuse”, as there isn’t really any child abusing involved in looking at the pictures. Sure, it motivates people to do cp (I guess?), but it does not constitute in the crime itself. And for example, if I had said this in my (ex)class, they’d raged so hard, because I somehow defended all the horrible rapist pedophiles.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Sadly, it’s not the biggest party among young people.”

          Well it used to be, it probably will be again in time when they realize racism isn’t gonna solve anything.

          “Also lol at TBP. People voting for them simply wants to not pay for things.”

          It’s a bit bigger than that, it’s not about getting things for free, it’s about freedom of information, and in this case a corrupted trial driven by lobbyists, that is REALLY fucking bad on so many levels.

          Also; TPB is not the same as PP.

          As far as pedophilia goes, yes it’s bad, but drawn images has no victim, it’s unreasonable to deal harsh rulings upon a crime with no victim, you might argue it’s better for the public in general to have it all banned but no such arguments were made in this case, it was a ruling based on vague laws that could be interpreted any way they want.

          “I’m not saying I don’t download or whatever, but it’s a bit skewed to say that they are “actively fighting crap like this””

          It’s not that they are pro pedophilia, they are against the abuse of law in the name of pedophilia, so much insane shit has/will been/be pushed though due to the fear mongering that is pedophilia, i say go for the real abusers and i have no problem, but when minor offenses turns into the end of the world then there’s something wrong.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also lol at TBP. People voting for them simply wants to not pay for things. I’m not saying I don’t download or whatever, but it’s a bit skewed to say that they are “actively fighting crap like this”, because most people my age (19) automatically rages at anything that can be called a pedophile. We did these sortings of horrible sins-thing last year in school, and every group (except mine, since it consisted of three lolicons, haha) voted pedophilia as worst or second worst sin, without any real motivation except “that’s sick!!”. And I’m sure all of them wouldn’t mind pirating being legal.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not sure what you’re rambling on about, the Pirate Party movement was born in Sweden and is the biggest party amongst the younger generation in Sweden, pretty sure it doesn’t fit into your slightly skewed view of Sweden, and they are actively fighting crap like this, on both national and international levels.

          But i agree, the judges are corrupted and the laws are fucked up, just look at the TPB case, harsh rulings on a non existing case due to American lobbying.

        • Oh, there’s one way to avoid something getting your password – first, use Truecrypt full-volume encryption. That’s not enough though. There’s a custom-made attack someone can load onto that to record keystrokes when you mount it, so also require a BIOS password to access your PC in the first place, or better yet, if you have a laptop, enable the hard disk password. Then disable booting from CDs, flashdrives, and network cards. This way they won’t have any way to run their own code and install the keylogger.

        • Supposedly the standard way for the US… government? Army? I forget… to disable a drive quickly is to drill several holes straight through it with a power drill. Yes, a fully stocked lab specializing in microscopic magnetic research may be able to pull something off it, but it pretty much kills it for any local tech shop, forensics department, and all but the very best recovery services.

          I wouldn’t count on doing that much damage with a hatchet actually, apart from shocking the read/write heads off the arms and maybe catching a shard of flying metal to the eye…

          Thermite is overkill, not always predictable in the path it will take (all over the platter? Or through the platter and out the bottom of the PC case?), and a great way to burn your house down.

          No matter what though, if you physically trash your disks, you’d be charged with whatever destroying/tampering with evidence laws apply in the area. I suggest just encrypting the hell out of a disk you keep outside the PC and slip into a drive dock – when asked about it, just say it’s an unformatted spare you keep around in case you need some space to work in, and that you just wiped it before storing it. If you don’t have the right passwords, a full-disk Truecrypt volume should be indistinguishable from random noise. The biggest threat is trojans and keyloggers nabbing your volume passwords.

        • Anonymous says:

          One of the objects he was sentenced for was Love Hina Vol 13, yes Love hina is part of it.

          Over half of them was just random fan service pages from various mangas some where actually of erotic nature but very very few.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m in sweden too and I’m scared as shit right now. If someone searched my computer I would probably get quite a big fine and maybe prison.

          I fucking hate this stupid country!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      He did appeal, but it’s not finished yet. For now, he’s been fined 25 000 SEK (that’s over $2500, maybe over $3000 USD).

      What has IKEA got to do with the government? It’s not Sweden’s fault – every country’s government is a group of assf-cking morons and I think you know that as well as the rest of us do.

      • It doesn’t matter whether it’s “good” or not. Freedom of speech does not work if you decide to arbitrarily say “this is good but this is not”.

        -Actual- child porn would fall under freedom of speech if it were not for the fact that children were and are abused in the creation of it.

        That is (or at least should be) the only reason it is illegal.