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Some of these are quite cute, surprisingly.

…some look like they hurt…

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  • Alluring Fate/Extra Saber Figure:
    An incredible job at preserving the look of the original artwork; especially in here eyes. Really love the base too.

  • Alluring Fate/Extra Saber Figure:
    The Saber in /Extra (AKA Saber Red) is not the same Saber in most other Fates. She’s also a different heroic spirit – Emperor Nero rather than King Arthur. So to answer your question in that way – yes, Saber Red -has- always been so well-endowed.

  • 68% of Japanese: “We Are Better Than You”:
    anon 4:58 AMAZIG SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY: America revealed to not be the only country on earth besides Japan. Scientists are baffled – ‘All this time, we thought it was just us’.

  • 68% of Japanese: “We Are Better Than You”:
    And similarly, the mindset is usually touted by Americans who have never been abroad in their lives.

  • Top 10 Spring 2014 Anime “According To Girls”:
    I’m honestly surprised Jojo isn’t ahead of Mahouka. I’m also surprised Mahouka is on the list at all – couldnt even get past the first episode it was so badly written and I’m finding myself more and more allergic to incest for the sake of fanservice – unless things really picked up after the shakey beginning.


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