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Some of these are quite cute, surprisingly.

…some look like they hurt…

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  • Nintendo: Senran Kagura “Degrading Sexist Atrocity”:
    Holy shit what a terribly written review. I understand having problems with the game, but the way this review is written is just painful. Plus the whole DONT BUY IT DONT READ ABOUT DONT DO THIS DONT DO THAT, wtf?? I dont like the game either, and I hated the anime, but ffs if anyone wants to play it I’m not going to crucify them and make them feel like shit. This isn’t feminism, this is just ‘smut-shaming’ and UK-centric uptightedness. The thing about Senran Kagura is that even though its a …

  • “Finally!” – Free! Second Season Announced:
    Agred; Free’s a fun watch but it doesn’t hold a candle to Clannad. Clannad’s still my favourite KyoAni personally.

  • Super Sonico The Animation Super Sexy:
    This seems to have better quality animation than I would have imagined. I also wasn’t aware that she slept with her headphones on. ….although with all the attention given to her bossoms it irks me somewhat that they dont obey gravity; they wouldnt be sticking up firmly like that if she laid on her back unless she’s wearing one hell of a Wonderbra.

  • Miku Dollfie A Total Dream:
    I love dolls, and this one is absolutely beautiful. If I got her I’d end up staring at her all day. Personally I would like one a bit smaller though. I hope Azone make one some day.

  • Top 25 Harem Masters:
    Gonna take a wild guess that they’re rating on them of the quality of their harems rather than the characters themselves. …I mean no one actually -likes- Rito, right…?


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