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The pot calling the kettle black…

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  • Polygon Maiden Evolution:
    I have to agree with this.

  • Top 10 Tearjerker Anime:

  • Merry Christmas from Microsoft:
    >>is given 1920×1080 >>asks for 1680×1050 >>1920>1650 and MS is stuck in 2002??? 1920×1080 all the way, though 3360×1080 would be better right now :P *lol @ last link

  • Microsoft Resorts to Hirano & Seiyuu Cleavage to Sell Kinect:
    @Naoli I have to disagree: (fun starts at 1:20)

  • Japanese Boy Band Rips Off Hatsune Miku Hit Song:
    Those who bash techno obviously….don’t like it, whatever. For me, AVTechNO! songs made me appreciate the genre, I love 90% of his songs. NEL, DYE, Free, Winter Sakura, Project File KVLR, all of these songs feel like they carry a message. I don’t have specific favorite genre’s in music. If the lyrics hit the spot, it’s enough for me to like a song. And for those who say DYE is crap: you are probably highly skilled artists, and could probably make better songs… *hmm, just checked the original …


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