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They didn’t focus on the carnage enough? Did you pop into the kitchen to fix a sammich and miss the montages of schoolgirls being ripped apart and eaten alive?

I imagine the BDs will have even MORE carnage, too.

Also, “I’m sure that sexuality would play a role in a situation like this with characters of this age, but not in such a major way.”?

You don’t think that in such a situation any Japanese teenage boy (And a fair amount of girls) would be like “Well, looks like we’re going to die horribly… Want to fuck?” You should count yourself lucky that ep 2 probably isn’t going to involve a ten minute make-out scene. :P

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  • Bloodstained E3 2017 Trailer “Has Made Significant Progress”:
    I wonder if this means backers are gonna get another E3 demo to play. :3

  • Bloodstained E3 2017 Trailer “Has Made Significant Progress”:
    Not helping the argument by including Elite, man. I literally call myself a ‘Professional space trucker’ and even I have to admit that to most people, Elite is boring. (Space is boring in general, outside of movies.)

  • Taiga Aisaka Cosplay Tiny & Formidable:
    As someone who has *actually* been struck in the head by a bokken-wielding-girl: 10/10 would let her inflict minor head trauma.

  • Koji Igarashi Bloodstained Speed-Run Bloody Fast:
    Heh, I didn’t realize the demo actually HAD an ‘end’, I just kept going around in circles and never found the boss fight. I’ve had the E3 floor demo on my Steam account since they gave out the key to Kickstarter backers back in June. Works well with my PS3 controller. It’ll be an amazing game if it turns out to be even 1/10th as good as SoTN. (For those with a sense of humor, I’ve been calling it “NotCastlevania: #FuckKonami”)

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    You obviously haven’t seen the shader tests. There’s some seriously impressive celshader samples showcasing Miriam and her bountiful… *cough* …plot.


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