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They didn’t focus on the carnage enough? Did you pop into the kitchen to fix a sammich and miss the montages of schoolgirls being ripped apart and eaten alive?

I imagine the BDs will have even MORE carnage, too.

Also, “I’m sure that sexuality would play a role in a situation like this with characters of this age, but not in such a major way.”?

You don’t think that in such a situation any Japanese teenage boy (And a fair amount of girls) would be like “Well, looks like we’re going to die horribly… Want to fuck?” You should count yourself lucky that ep 2 probably isn’t going to involve a ten minute make-out scene. :P

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  • Kantai Collection Shocks Fans:
    Haha yeah… As soon as Mutsuki said “After the battle…” I was like “Ohhhh shit, Kisaragi confirmed *so* fuckin’ dead!”

  • Kantai Collection Anime “Best of the Season”:
    Yes! I loved that part! Right there, in the first episode, they’ve established that– yes –that the fighters are being flown by non-descript magical chibis is, in fact, canon. :D

  • Kantai Collection Anime “Best of the Season”:
    “Boat This! ~The Adventures of TTK’s Lewd Boat Daughters~ THE ANIMATION” I hope they use the show as a platform to develop a semi-serious story as a backdrop for the game, instead of making it slice-of-life moe crap with meaningless action sequences thrown in. It could go either way at this point. I’m only commenting because we’re still down for maintenance. :(

  • Kantai Collection Salutes the Holidays:
    I should mention they also added some xmas music for the battles that is utterly ridiculous. It sounds like shopping mall xmas music….if it were composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Like, it’s epic as hell, but with this obnoxious edge of bells, brass instruments, and wind instruments, that makes it sound like all xmas music ever…basically, as epic as it is, it sounds like you’re out Christmas shopping… I keep almost wanting to laugh at the absurdity of it when it reaches one of the rising sweeping …

  • Kantai Collection Salutes the Holidays:
    Sazanami’s is my favorite. That expression in her damaged version is totally priceless. She’s just like “Screw this battle, and screw *you*. I’m gonna eat this damn cake.”


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