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They didn’t focus on the carnage enough? Did you pop into the kitchen to fix a sammich and miss the montages of schoolgirls being ripped apart and eaten alive?

I imagine the BDs will have even MORE carnage, too.

Also, “I’m sure that sexuality would play a role in a situation like this with characters of this age, but not in such a major way.”?

You don’t think that in such a situation any Japanese teenage boy (And a fair amount of girls) would be like “Well, looks like we’re going to die horribly… Want to fuck?” You should count yourself lucky that ep 2 probably isn’t going to involve a ten minute make-out scene. :P

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  • Deadman Wonderland Pachinko: “Franchise Also Dead!?”:
    God dammit. That’s like two news stories in a month! I wish people would stop calling pachislo just ‘pachinko’. If you only say ‘pachinko’ that’s an *entirely different thing*. I like pachinko machines. Pachislo is fucking lame. Those Evangelion pachinko machines are amazeballs. I wish SNK were doing pachinko and not pachislo, because I’d be all over Metal Slug pachinko machines once they get rotated out and hit the secondary market… Put it right near the NEO-GEO MVS cabinet.

  • Top 20 Anime You’d Recommend to Your Parents:
    Hmm, only thing on there my father’s ever seen in its entirety is Code Geass. No ‘Initial D’ or anything like that? Come on. That seems like the kind of thing that’d be perfect to recommend to mundanes, especially dads. My father fuckin’ LOVES Initial D… Though that may be because he’s basically Bunta. I cannot ride a car that man is driving without bracing myself in my seat, and holding on for dear life.

  • Top 20 Seiyuu With The Most Surprising Ages:
    Jesus…. Rie Kugimiya is a year older than me? I never would’ve guessed. Yui Horie is still absolutely adorable. (Magical asian aging…) Megumi Hayashibara is absolutely rockin’, voices so many all-time most memorable characters, and she sure ain’t bad herself. ;) Aside: It strikes me as strange that they didn’t mention Yui’s *lead role* in Love Hina… (Or Fruits Basket, for that matter.) I mean, that’s pretty notable.

  • Evangelion’s Spear of Longinus to Pierce the Heavens:
    You know, not that I don’t agree that it’s ridiculously pointless to go to all the trouble for such a small object… You *do* understand the kind of cost-per-kilo we’re talking about just to get stuff into Earth orbit, let alone onto the lunar surface, right? Maybe they should send up some kind of auto-factory to optically focus the raw sunlight and laser-sinter lunar dust into glass. A two meter long Lance of Longinus made of solid lunar silicon would be badass.

  • Evangelion’s Spear of Longinus to Pierce the Heavens:
    Oh you adorably ignorant pleb… Rebuild takes place after End of Evangelion, it isn’t a remake. (。∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \


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