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Hahahahhahah oh my.

You can stop your fantasies now. You basement freaks will never have a girlfriend.

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  • The Evolution of the Ahegao: here’s some real ahegao. :D

  • The Evolution of the Ahegao:
    Forgot to post this too. It’s actually kinda gross. … And that vid is just making me say “What the f**k?* Over and over in my head.

  • The Evolution of the Ahegao:
    … o_O … Uuuuhhh… This is not what I had in mind…

  • The Evolution of the Ahegao:
    Just to answer my question, in case anybody manages to see this thread in the future and gets hooked up on the tune. The performer of the specific version of the Polkka is Holly Dolly, there’s a youtube clip of it which is 3 minutes 17 seconds. Here’s the link to it

  • The Evolution of the Ahegao:
    Hi, who is the exact performer of the song of the Ievan Polkka, does anybody know, cause it’s not Lin&Ren, Hatsune, or any of the other top 5-6 pages of Youtube and I really love how it’s performed here.

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