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I hadn’t thought of its use with apps that would involve finger placements there.

That does seem like a bigger problem once looking at it with those in the picture.

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  • “Delivery Health King” Busted – 1800 Girls, 62 Brothels:
    Perfect reaction image face.

  • Akiba Stabber to Hang:
    Disappointing. It seems to me as though if he had received assistance from friends or family who noticed his depressing situation, this murder spree would have never happened and he would be living well. Situations like these make me wish I was a time traveler.

  • One Piece Mangaka Oda: “I Am Better Than Other Mangaka!”:
    I had a good smile. It seems like something he would say, by the content he writes. I believe he’s taking the situation with sarcasm.

  • Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls Yagyuu Juubei Ero-Figure:
    You can never find pictures of the figures without the censored area. Wouldn’t a prospective buyer want to make sure the naughty parts are lookin’ good if he’s going to be buying an ero-figure? Seems kind of counter-productive to keep titillating like they do.

  • China Boasts of “Restrained” 12.7% Military Buildup in 2011:
    An incredibly naive and borderline stupid sentiment, but it would be neat if Japan and China could truly move away from their terrible past and work together. The same could be said of most other “rivalries” the world over. It’s disappointing that I’ll probably die an old man, and so will my children and their children, and these dividing lines will still exist. Ah well.


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