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The yellow spots are glue used for manufacturing, it will supposedly go away with time and many reports indicate this to be the case so don’t worry.

Because of the high demand and to meet the date the manufacturer shipped them shortly after finishing them so the glue was still fresh and became visible.

The antenna issue is supposedly being worked through with a new software update that will try to fix the issue by redirecting the signal and alternating it.

Needless to say, this should be a lesson for apple. Rushing a release is bad. Quality must always come first otherwise you make a fool of yourself.

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  • iPhone Signal Loss Defect “Users’ Fault”:
    I’m glad I own a few (3) Motorola Razr phones, now they’re a solid set of phones, all the electronics sit nicely in the lower half of the phone and everything is modular (fits together like puzzle), the antenna is a 24k gold plated hunk of copper and is HUGE! I know this because I took apart my first one when it got too old and damaged and now its dissected and framed on my wall. Full bars even out in the country, battery lasts for at least a month and a half. (I’m a light talker, mostly text …

  • iPhone Signal Loss Defect “Users’ Fault”:
    maybe it’s time to rename it to iFail? XD

  • iPhone Signal Loss Defect “Users’ Fault”:
    Even Hitler has lost all faith in Apple.

  • iPhone Signal Loss Defect “Users’ Fault”:
    i’m not gonna hold it on my hand for 24-7 even in the wrong way. most of the time, my phone is in my pocket, so i guess iphone wouldnt receive any call for me, unless it is held in the right way…..!? now that’s just stupid

  • iPhone Signal Loss Defect “Users’ Fault”:
    look at how they’re holding it…who the hell puts their entire fist around a phone then smashes it to their head? use you damn fingers like everyone else on the planet you damn orangutans. If you have to cup your phone the palm of your hand and wrap you fingers all the way around the entire case you shouldn’t be making a phone call anyway – we can all thank Apple for that.

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    So superficial…. We practically know nothing about her.

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    Can’t you guys just stop for a minute and think of the opinions others might have before dismissing something? You know there might be people who haven’t watched the TV version because they have better things to do than dedicate 13 hours of their lives to a single anime. This way those people can get most of the experience minus all the filler stuff in one third of the time and on the big screen. Valid reasons in my book

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    Indeed it is. Small breast ftw.

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    I agree with everything you said John, but I’ve got to see more Kousaka before I decide she is best girl. I was always interested in her from the beginning.

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops III a real man’s shooter? Surely you meant Wolfenstein?


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