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Is there anything saying this is the final boxart? I could be just a placeholder. And for all you know there will be a limited/special edition with the original boxart.

Funny how the example Artefact cited in the first post, Agarest, had it’s UK box art restored after the fan backlash. And the US’s 360 box of all things has anime art, for christ’s sake.

Just wait and stop getting your panties in a twist. Or go petition NISA.

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  • Amorous Angel Cosplay by NonSummerJack:
    i miss the idol galleries too

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    Honestly, anyone who doesn’t see shows like this as positivly progressive for everyone, is an idiot. That especially goes for us fans of oppai or moe anime.

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    exactly, this is as much of a fujoshi show as fist of the north star would be if you took two of the muscley shirtless guys in them a tried shipping them in your minds

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    Then explain to me why Free archives at sites like Pixiv and are infested with crappy yaoishit works? I guess you can blame the fuckjoshit fandom for that.

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    so you mean they can’t throw a ball straight? they do their own laundry? they’re kinda shy and awkward, which many people find to be cute and endearing traits? damn, i’m like that… >w< well, its possible for guys to be moe too, you know! don't you believe in gender equality or are you some kinda misandrist?


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