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Xbox 360 Slim “Destroys Discs If Moved”


It has not taken long for the Microsoft’s glittering new Xbox 360 “Slim” to be tarnished by yet another hardware problem – this time the long-running problem of the console scratching DVDs into oblivion if subjected to motion whilst loading resurfaces with a vengeance, as the below video demonstrates.

The video apparently comes by way of E3 journalists who were bribed with consoles for going to the trouble of attending:

Player 1

This is not actually a new problem, but supposedly previously only affected a minority of users – Microsoft has been repeatedly investigated and even subjected to legal action over the issue, but denies responsibility and blames the problem on faulty users.

The issue is covered in detail on the unsurprisingly lengthy Wikipedia article on Xbox 360 technical problems – Microsoft apparently claims that “bumpers in the disk tray would cost 25 cents per console” and so naturally had to be left out.

Just whether it will affect all the new models is not clear.

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