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Are you happy with your life now, Anon?

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  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    I loled. He probably have to sanitize his monitor before he licks it. That man’s power lvl is too high for any of us to comprehend.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    if you look at the time on his comp and the light from his window, he been at it for at least 12 hours lol.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    hahahaha this guy lost it, dont worry i will make a eroge game of her for you^^ i was done working with miku hatsune and strike witches project^^and we are now working on KON and highschool of the dead the anime how ever will come out very soon.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    hahahahah the asshole of milleniun hahahaha, really need a “serial otaku killer” urgent in japan to send this class of dumbass to see God

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    Nah he’s just horny. After he reaches orgasm he’ll stop licking the screen and realize, “What the hell am I doing?”

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