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Are you happy with your life now, Anon?

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  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    I loled. He probably have to sanitize his monitor before he licks it. That man’s power lvl is too high for any of us to comprehend.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    if you look at the time on his comp and the light from his window, he been at it for at least 12 hours lol.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    hahahaha this guy lost it, dont worry i will make a eroge game of her for you^^ i was done working with miku hatsune and strike witches project^^and we are now working on KON and highschool of the dead the anime how ever will come out very soon.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    hahahahah the asshole of milleniun hahahaha, really need a “serial otaku killer” urgent in japan to send this class of dumbass to see God

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    Nah he’s just horny. After he reaches orgasm he’ll stop licking the screen and realize, “What the hell am I doing?”

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  • Final Fantasy XV English Dub “Totally Generic”:
    as usual En dubs are inferior to the original JP voice actors. also the game already looks generic and bland if they havent already noticed. driving around somewhat static environments only more open now, as opposed to the uber-linear ff13.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Trailer Unveiled:
    Battle of Gods sure was disappointing. They’re just admitting theyre out of ideas at this point, but what the hell I’ll watch this anyway. I’d rather they resurrect Broly tbh.

  • Tekken 7′s Lucky Chloe “Their Creepiest Yet”:
    we already have Lili for this sort of beginner character, this could easily be a special costume for her and they even have very similar moves, why do they have to stoop low and pander to this demographic now all of a sudden? most gamers are in an uproar because this is lazy and disappointing character design to say the least. especially after the boring and unnapealing generics new characters that preceded her namely claudio and katarina.

  • Hidan no Aria AA Anime Announced:
    Give her a break. She’s been voicing so many tsundere loli that she’s probably sick of it by now.

  • The Top 10 Best Manga Conclusions of 2014:
    It was top but the ending was not.


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