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Are you happy with your life now, Anon?

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  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    I loled. He probably have to sanitize his monitor before he licks it. That man’s power lvl is too high for any of us to comprehend.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    if you look at the time on his comp and the light from his window, he been at it for at least 12 hours lol.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    hahahaha this guy lost it, dont worry i will make a eroge game of her for you^^ i was done working with miku hatsune and strike witches project^^and we are now working on KON and highschool of the dead the anime how ever will come out very soon.

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    hahahahah the asshole of milleniun hahahaha, really need a “serial otaku killer” urgent in japan to send this class of dumbass to see God

  • Azunyan Obsession a Dire Affliction:
    Nah he’s just horny. After he reaches orgasm he’ll stop licking the screen and realize, “What the hell am I doing?”

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  • Iona Ero-Cosplay by Komugi Taking on Water:
    yeah the shorts are. I hope it becomes a trend like that sweater did.

  • Boukoku no Akito Final Digest Revealed:
    spoiler: julius is not lelouch

  • Gate Monstrously Chaotic:
    For me, it makes for a more interesting story. If all the characters are just going to be safe all the time, then things become too predictable. Obstacles they face become less meaningful since there’s no risk involve. Which makes me think, what’s the point in wasting time on writing an obstacle if you’re just going to dismiss it within the next few minutes. As for this dragon arc. If this arc serves more purpose than just to fix Tuka’s daddy issues and saving a race which so far had no impact …

  • Gate Monstrously Chaotic:
    I want a dark elf mesu dorei Don’t care if female or not

  • Prius! Impossible Girls Net Vocaloid MV:
    sugoi monogatari onii-chan


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