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at 6:35, shirt on…normal kiss, just getting started..
7:30 no shirt, licking, probably getting all hot for his next activity

that’s 1 hour imaginary sex for him…

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  • Wizard Barristers Randy Ranid Anime:
    The animation feel like Mezzo Forte and Kite… might be my imagination though

  • Maken-Ki! Two “Biggest & Bounciest of Season”:
    Only those who lurk in exhentai will know what that doujin is. It’s a reference toward all Takeda Hiromitsu doujin title which always end with “tama” (rantama, sakitama, manatama, nagatama, takanetama, etc)

  • Grand Union: “Just Give Up On Square Enix Already…”:
    Square Enix just wanna follow the success of TCG on smartphone like Rage of Bahamut… Who can blame them? a simple game with no complexity, ROB manage to rack up 3-5 million dollars a month (of what i heard), on the peak of their success just with the premise of sexy/moe artworks… Low budget, high ROI, and all they need is good artwork. Sound too good to be true…but they blew up on the artwork department. Way to generic to caught any attention.

  • Top 25 Shocking Seiyuu Connections:
    you must be deaf too… Like what other said, she can perform other darker type of character too. Her performance as Lobelia Carlini in Sakura Taisen 3 game is a solid prove on her versatility

  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    These are kinda rip-off DLC… Similar to Xmas costume pack…none of the above costume look any different with the in-game or pre-existing DLC costume…design wise~ Three most revealing costumes (Lisa, Christie and Tina) are just colour alteration which can be unlock through legend difficulties. The rest are no different…. This is kinda disappointing considering Xtreme Beach Volleyball have shitload of revealing/sexy swimsuit, yet they have to pick some of the most boring looking swimsuit …


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