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LDP in Evangelion Cosplay Appeal


The LDP has become so desperate they are now fielding a candidate willing to engage in on stage Evangelion cosplay (on the left), saying “With this cosplay, I’d like you to think the LDP has changed.”

Interestingly, the wording of his statement could also be read as “I’d like you to think the LDP is strange…”

Takaaki Mitsuhashi, an obscure 40-year-old economics writer and admitted 2ch denizen, is running for office amidst the remains of the LDP, the web of political dynasties which has run Japan in the post-war period.

In a publicity stunt to attract attention to his campaign, he recently held a “cosplay party” in which 200 cosplayers had a jolly time indulging in karaoke, headed up by himself – whether this strategy will have any effect remains to be seen, but ridicule and raillery on his native 2ch were instantaneous.

It seems he managed 5 lines in a sports tabloid – not the most useful of media splashes.

Unfortunately, it has been the LDP pressing the hardest for censorship of anime and manga, ironically enough proposing legislation which could see Evangelion condemned as hardcore child pornography for its treatment of sexual themes – running some eccentric as a fancy dress candidate seems unlikely to fool anyone actually likely to take any form of cosplay seriously.

Previously the LDP dug up a former idol noted for her nude posing as a candidate, so it seems anything is now possible with the ruined party.

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