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Evangelion 2.22 Sells 320,000 on First Day Alone


The DVD and Blu-ray release of Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance  has proven a record-breaking success, with a total of 320,000 copies being sold on the first day alone.

Oricon is reporting the Blu-ray edition sold 195,000 copies, and the DVD 124,000 on the opening day, setting a new record for BD sales at the expense of the previous daily sales record holder, the late Michael Jackson. It may be on track to become one of Japan’s top selling Blu-ray discs of all time.

To date, the preceding Evangelion 1.* releases have sold 521,000, suggesting the sequel is already on track for exceeding those already impressive figures by a substantial margin. Late night anime are lucky to sell 10,000 copies, further illustrating the gulf between Evangelion and most other non-Ghibli anime.

Evangelion 2.22 is available internationally now.

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