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Mio “Besmirched by Second-Hand Seiyuu”


Creepy otaku are complaining that Mio Akiyama‘s honour is being besmirched by the shocking decision by her seiyuu Yōko Hikasa to wear a ring, which in otaku eyes is apparently regarded as a step below a brothel worker.

The seiyuu can clearly be seen scandalously sporting one of the incriminating objects or her left hand, on the left – as yet nobody knows why, leaving the door open to wild and utterly baseless speculation of the type 2ch excels at

Some even go so far as to say the seiyuu is “damaging Mio’s good name,” such as it is.

This of course comes on the heels of Aya Hirano’s scandal sparking decision to wear a ring, which prompted denials from Hirano herself.

Curious then, for a pro to make such a blunder, if it is indeed such…

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