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You won’t see me complaining, hell it’s wayyyy better looking than where I’m currently living XD

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  • Sumptuous Christie Monteiro Figure:
    OMG My tekken 6 main is getting a sexy figure!? Fuck yes! XD Now she just needs to make it into Street fighter X tekken along with Elena! :)

  • Shinkansen, China Style:
    I think it’s still a bit too soon to be making jokes about the accident that happened, but that is hilarious! XD I mean look at the way he’s gripping the seat belt! LOL

  • Top 15 Worst Anime:
    Agreed! I just can’t believe some of the list’s on this site…

  • Top 15 Worst Anime:
    How the f- Nichijou? Worst? Really!? And B gata H kei was the funniest ecchi anime I’ve ever watched!

  • 18-Year-Old Arrested for Raping 69-Year-Old’s Corpse:
    How tormented do you have to be to wonder what would happen if you fuck a dead corpse? I just want to know so I can suicide when I get there.


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