Comment on Woman Gets Life Sentence for Forcing Boy to Touch Breasts by Char:

This is proof minimum sentencing laws are a broken concept and punishment needs to be decided on a case by case biases.
What she did may have been wrong but this is cruel and unusual punishment almost on the level of stoning.

The sex offender registry laws also need to be changed to only require those convicted of actual rape and then only for seven to ten years vs life.

Anyone who disagrees can leave the country or better yet this dimensional plane of existence.

But then this just farther proves what I believe that the position of prosecutor/DA in the US needs to be cleansed of those unfit for the job with fire.

If I was the judge I would have threw the case out if I could even if it would have gotten me some fire but made it clear I would punish her if I had the option of a lesser and more fitting sentence.

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  • Woman Gets Life Sentence for Forcing Boy to Touch Breasts:
    This was a jerk water town called Twin Falls in Elko County which is next to a piece of cancer of a state known as Utah.,_Nevada In Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County they would have threw this out of court or simply charged her with the least possible sentence. I decided to visit the actual site and even many people who I presume live in the town disagree with the sentence with only two Satan sucklers agreeing with the judgment. There where a lot of …

  • Woman Gets Life Sentence for Forcing Boy to Touch Breasts:
    We need a revolution to kick the moral fags out. They should be given their own country made from the coldest and most barren part of Canada. That or ship them to Africa since at the rate AIDS is going it’s going to be devoid of people.

  • Woman Gets Life Sentence for Forcing Boy to Touch Breasts:
    This looks like an old moldy ass law from the 1800s that never was updated. They likely ignored such cases throughout most of modern times but then when the moral fags following their Taliban wannabe leaders decided to go on their little jihad against all things sexual. Butterdog DA’s were all too willing to please these nut jobs by dusting off old laws so they can earn brownie points on their careers. The Judge should have threw it out and told the DA this law needs to be changed I can’t ruin …

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    Editing is broke The system should in theory be easy to crack then the PS3. But even PS2 emulation may be a difficult on the PS4 due to the use of 8 shit tier X86 cores vs four fast ones. The emulator would have to be fairly multithreaded like anything else on the console must be. There is Gaikai streaming but it’s at best a half assed solution that would demand a fast connection and nearby servers to be useable plus the ridiculousness of paying for old games.

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    Most consoles don’t need an internet connection to play single player games even Steam’s off line mode is kinda crappy so you end up having to crack your steam games if you want to play them off line. BTW I covered to lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4. The fact they used 8 shit tier X86


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