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  • “S*x With Black C**ks” – Affirmative Action Indeed:

  • Bakuon!! Maddeningly Cute:
    The funny thing about this is that they literally said the only reason to join the club or ride a motorcycle is because of the friends you make. You can make friends anywhere at any time. No need to go through all that trouble to make friends. This anime really is made to be frank about what it has. I’m glad they’re very honest to say the least, and I won’t be watching the anime, but I respect it in a sense.

  • Kami no Te: “Win The Precious Air Of AKB48!”:
    Looks like another day in Holy Nippon :)

  • Kami no Te: “Win The Precious Air Of AKB48!”:
    Or Was he ?

  • Hyoudou Ibuki Kousoku Do M “Hardly M At All…”:
    As a straight, white male with a Lolita Complex and a love of bacon, I find your claims to legalize rape rather stupid and definitely impossible to achieve. Around half of the human population is female, so there is no doubt in my mind that legalizing rape is impossible. You’re also an obvious virgin who would probably only be able to lose said virginity through either a prostitute or the rape you seem to want legalized. Just buy an onahole (like I did) and shut up before you do something you …


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