Otaku Celebrate Erica Hartmann’s Birthday


Strike Witches’ Erica Hartmann celebrated her birthday on the 19th of April, and following hallowed otaku tradition, many 2ch otaku devotees of the beautiful Karsland ace celebrated in unison.

A few of the expected birthday celebratory cakes, plus news of a special birthday party held in Erica’s (and her twin sister Ursula’s) honour at by Keio University‘s “Strike Witches Association”:



Note: Erica has always been one of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing’s middle-aged girls at the ripe age of 16; common otaku convention normally keeps a character’s age as a constant, as 2D characters need not age as mere mortals do.

The rightfully proud owner of the above cake even shared some words spread out over several posts with the enthusiastic 2ch crowd:

Erica, congratulations on your birthday!!

Thank you for being there for me! You are a pillar for my heart! >ヮ<

In reply to praise for his skill and queries about the cake:

Thanks, everyone.

But, I’m not the one who actually made it!

The cake was a special order. (w)

I picked out the cake and put it on the tray without looking at the price like a country bumpkin, and when I got to the register the insides of my wallet went breezy!

Another cake picture:


This image, described as “a crappy lighter I made”, at least shows the appropriate spirit:


The Keio University Strike Witches Association’s birthday party page (also on Twitter):


The birthday party held by what must be a club of resident otaku at Japan’s oldest college and prestigious Keio University took place Monday afternoon, but sadly no video or photos seem to have found their way online so far, so this scheduled announcement post is all that can be shown here.

The highlight of the post is the itinerary for the party:

A sing-along of the holy chant ‘2 hundred over’, Birthday Song sing-along, cake eating, and dicussion of  “This is what is so cute about Archangel Erica!”

By way of helping to celebrate Erica’s special day, here is the “2 hundred over” song mentioned above, which happens to be Erica’s image song and a reference to her tally of over 200 confirmed Neuroi enemy kills:


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