Yui & Ritsu Second-Hand!? Otaku Shock at K-ON! Bombshell


A scene distinctly implying that  two of the K-ON! girls actually have boyfriends and may thus actually be mere soiled high-schoolers instead of the idealised moeblobs fans so adore has proven a major bombshell to their more devoted fans.

The offending scene from the manga:


The translated dialogue:

Ritsu: Ehehe, a little bit!

Mugi: Pehaps you have a boyfriend or something!?

Mio: There’s no way Ritsu could get a boyfriend…

Ritsu: …

Mio: Eh!? What!? What’s up with that reaction!?

Ritsu: Well, it’s time to study.

Yui: … She left.

Mugi: Maybe she really did get a boyfriend!

Mio: Ritsu has a boyfriend? Impossible… Hahaha…

The second offending scene from the manga:


The translated text:

Azusa: Hmm… Ritsu-senpai has a boyfriend does she?

Mio: As if! Ritsu could never get a boyfriend!

Mio: Stop looking at me, Mugi!

Yui: But Ricchan looks as if she could be quite popular amongst the boys?

Mugi: She’s cheerful and fun!

Mio: N-no no! Dating is for when both parties are fully adult, right…

Azusa: Mio-senpai is surprisingly old-fashioned…

That night…

Mio: Honestly – what is Ritsu thinking…

Mio: Getting a boyfriend before our exams!

Mio: Well, it’s still not confirmed…

Mio: Anyhow, why didn’t she tell me! That’s the kind of thing you talk to friends about isn’t it!

Phone: You went on a date with your boyfriend today… you k-kissed, and stuff? Kyaaa!

Yui: Mio-chan, can I please go to sleep now?

Naturally many fans are alarmed by these developments, in a manner reminiscent of the creepiness over Nagi-sama’s imputed hymenal deficiency.

Now all that remains is for Azusa’s boyfriend to make an appearance, and for Mio to get one – doubtless the reaction amongst otaku fans might well be entertaining to behold.


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