Top 10 Manga in Russia: “Lolicon Phoenix” Storms Ranking


Eyebrows have been raised at the news that the fourth most popular manga in Russia is apparently one “Lolicon Phoenix,” rather that the usual generic shonen title expected.

Naturally the list is headed by the usual suspects, but the first unusual suspect to feature is something of a surprise:

1. Naruto

2. Death Note

3. Bleach

4. Lolicon Phoenix

5. +Anima

6. Full Metal Alchemist

7. Chrono Crusade

8. Angel Sanctuary

9. One Piece

10. Sailor Moon

For those understandably concerned about the content of such a title there is little to be reassured by – the story focuses on the antics of a dirty NEET as he tries to save a tender young schoolgirl from the attentions of a group of lolicon.

As a number of commenters have noted, there is nothing approaching an official popularity ranking for manga in Russia – each ranking is in fact different and just about all are equally unreliable. With no detailed data this list probably also needs to be taken strictly as is…


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    Free! Eternally Youthful
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    Free! Eternally Youthful
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    Prisma Illya 2wei! Moe Sibling Rivalry
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    Terra Formars OVA Quite Gruesome
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    Terra Formars OVA Quite Gruesome
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