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I’m afraid I find myself almost agreed with 2ch here, both of these women, while not old, are certainly not attractive to me =|

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  • “85% of Japanese” Oppose Immigration:
    “There are no countries which let in immigrants which maintain good public order! Japan is already letting in foreigners!” Canada and Monaco seem to be doing well.

  • Top 10 Hot-Blooded Heroes of Anime:
    Touma? Hell no. Maybe if he weren’t whining all the time about how unfortunate he is so people pity him or being a capricious loli’s lapdog I could understand. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

  • Korea: “We’ll Surround Your Embassy With Sex Slaves!”:
    None of those countries is demanding apologies from Japan anymore, as it was all settled a long time ago in post-war treaties and such. “…(Americans) think Japan should apologize” The idea that you should apologize is only in your head not in theirs, because you’re accustomed to people demanding apologies for the mistakes of your family and ancestors. A fine tradition, but it doesn’t exist in the west. You feel like they are demanding apologies from you because that is what you would demand …

  • Korea: “We’ll Surround Your Embassy With Sex Slaves!”:
    You don’t make much sense, but what I gather from your words is: “If I want to give an opinion on the matter of Japan and Korea’s military disputes, my own country must have experienced a similar dispute, otherwise my opinion is invalid” Is that correct?

  • Lolicon Teacher Drugs, Rapes & Films Over 70 Schoolgirls:
    You’re probably thinking you’d be hired by hot girls only, just like these girls thought they’d get hired by hot men.


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