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Wouldn’t that be an inconvenience for the person who goes down on that glittery clit? Worse than getting the occasional hair in your mouth…

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  • Vulva: “Vaginal Scent in a Bottle”:
    You know, this actually sounds like a more practical use for this stuff than applying it on yourself to “set the mood”. I mean, it just seems weird for women to try to set the mood by smelling like a vagina that isn’t theirs. At least this way it can add a sense of realism for the ronery otaku and their beloved dakimakura.

  • Vulva: “Vaginal Scent in a Bottle”:
    I really don’t want to know what the bottled stuff smells like…that just seems kinda weird to me. That would probably smell gross after a while…like an unwashed vagina or something. Ew.

  • Vulva: “Vaginal Scent in a Bottle”:
    Wait. I already have a vagina. Why would I want to rub someone else’s bottled vagina essence on my wrists? If I’m going to get intimate with someone else’s vagina, it’s certainly not going to be like that…

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