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Osaka Mulls Loli Ban “Free Speech More Harm Than Good?”


Osaka’s governor has told press the city “will consider” whether a Tokyo-style ban on “harmful” materials is required in order to protect the precious children.

Governor Tōru Hashimoto, a lawyer and TV personality connected to the LDP, and at age 40 Japan’s youngest governor, had this to say:

“We have to be prudent with regards to freedom of speech. What’s important is to establish the reality of the situation.

If it does more harm than good, freedom of speech is not an absolute.”

This sudden anti-manga outburst is apparently intended to emulate the proposed Tokyo loli ban; bans in both Tokyo and Osaka are apparently intended to usher in a new golden age in which children are finally free from the abuse of their manga-addled parents and teachers.

With Japan’s rightist politicians seemingly having decided the cure for the nation’s ills is a return to pre-war fascism, and with the left apparently desperate to cozy up to China, the future of freedom of expression in Japan does not appear to be in the safest possible hands.

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  • tonterias con eso incubren su inefisiencia para vuscar a los verdaderos delincunte, la ficcion es ficcionl, la culpa es de los padres que no enseñan a sus hijoas a dintinguir entre la ficcion y la realidad

    • Shadow-Phoenix says:

      I wish that too.

      But that can never happen for you see they are what you call elites who stay at the top of the food chain.

      Its been like this for many centuries.

      How i would love to see Guns of the Patriots method of solving trivial problems, because that would involve 5 AI’s solving the problems correctly by priority.

      • even if you manage to pass something like that, it will never fix, as long as humans aspire to be greater than one another, this problem shall always exist. makes you wonder that when we come to the age of robots and stuff like that, if we will end up like I-Robot.

  • Honestly? A lot of you don’t seem to believe that there could be the existence of a lolicon who likes 2D loli who in turn would prey on real-life lolis. I don’t give a shit if that type of lolicon is a minority. Exposure to such material increases the chance of something arguably dangerous [eg unconsented sex] happening in the real world.

    • MechaTama31 says:

      So I guess you don’t think people should be allowed to drive cars, right? Because of the chance that there could be an accident, maybe even a fatal one? Hell, better not let people go outside, either. There’s a chance something bad might happen. Of course, accidents happen in the home, too. So we should lock everyone up and protect them from themselves. All except the few, brave souls willing to take the risk and do the protecting, of course.

      Absurd? Yes. So is what you’re saying. Freedom is vital. If people are abusing that freedom, you punish the abusers. You don’t take away the freedom.

  • Japan has some pretty fucked up problems and going all serious about something this silly, protecting the 2D kids and shit, is really beyond the regular think about the children bullshit.

    Personally I think they are all stuck in some sort of nationwide super denial syndrome. Trying to escape a reality where girls are killed raped or hired willingly as prostitutes by pretending there is some sort of weird problem with 2D that can be so easily fixed with a mere ban.

  • What I think many of you overlook is the fact that one such ban always leads to more. Well, we banned loli now lets head towards young guys coming of age. Ok, now leads head off to anything that involves killing like nearly any game ever made.

    No, we don’t want people to say bad things about us so let’s stop that as well. And so on. Far fetched? Not really. Not when we are in a world where people are concerned about the safety of FICTIONAL characters.

    They are REAL fictional characters in REAL fictional danger!!! Humanity disgusts me.

  • “An artist strives to frame his ideals in an image; to challenge his audience and to make his vision immortal. But the parasites say ‘no, your art must serve the cause… your ideals endanger the people!'”

    Andrew Ryan, Bioshock 2

  • lol So…no more drawing 10yr olds having sex, but SAYING they’re actually thousands of years old and just PREFER to act like 10 year olds? Damn. Long live child por…I mean…lolicon! (And yeah, I know that’s the extreme, but really, come on.)

    • Vesper_nova says:

      the difference is between saying it and doing it. you can say it but you can’t do it. besides loli isn’t just about sex. it’s about characters depicted between the ages 13 to 18. it’s about fully clothed, partly clothed, or nude. it covers manga, anime, video games and fan bases subjects. it has started with astroboy and has ended with the latest released anime/manga series. and has been a major part of anime/Manga history
      CP however cover only real children in the age group of 5 to 12 and is illegal because in order to get CP you need real C
      Please refrain from mixing Loli with CP you’ll hurt our cause

  • Can a loli manga ban actually work? If a potential outlet for lolicons is removed, there is a stronger possibility of actual loli crimes increasing…

    Anyway, Osaka is a backward city in Japan and has been noted for their oddities in the past.

    • Thats my main fear for this, if whats keeping most potential child rapists in check is loli manga/anime, if you take that away, are they gonna turn to the real thing next? well if this passes and you see a rise in child sex crimes, i guess we know i’m right.

  • The disease is spreading, I see.

    “Well, if Tokyo wants to ban it, it must be for the good of all Japan.”

    Well, if by “good” you mean “The economy will crash and burn because all loli manga, anime, light and visual novels will be banned and we don’t have much else to profit upon”, then yes, by all means do ban this stuff, but don’t come crying to me when it proves to be of no effect on real child abuse cases.

    Seriously, Japan, learn to stop taking Agnes Chan and other braindead people seriously and use common sense for a change – assuming you got it.

    • Vesper_nova says:

      there is more to child abuse then sex. there is physical, emotional, and Psychological abuse. as well as neglect and abandonment which by the way existed before the birth of lolicon material. so even if they ban this stuff all this abuse would still continue unabated. this is a political idea to make them look good and get votes for the next election not to solve real problems

      • And you are trying to pass as “OMGZ! NEWZ INFOZ!” to who? We all know that but we all also know that it only applies to real children, not fictional ones. So stop mixing stuff and get your facts straight at once by using logic, not biased moralistic crap that proves to not be reliable.

  • Something for you to think about.

    This was a stupid idea of a law mainly because it doesnt protect real people, just fictional ones. It’s debatable at best that it would have any real-life effect on pedophiles (maybe it would actually have the opposite effect – instead of endulging in virtual lolis, they might start attacking real ones).

    However, there’s this thing about “free speech” that you must consider when you apply that logic to things like how it’s forbidden in Germany/Austria to revive Nazi ideas. In that case, it’s not really “free speech”, because freedom implies the freedom of others.

    Harming others (which Nazi ideology is about) is not freedom, thus adhering to Nazi ideology is not free spech. It’s an opinion, it’s speech, but it’s not free.

    • Vesper_nova says:

      okay then in order for a forbidden subject like Nazism to be free speech then it must allow everyone both for and against it to get involved and no action to be taken.
      For example a neo-nazi rally can not be allowed unless there is a anti nazi rally going on at the same time or within 24 hours of each other.
      when saying that freedom of speech is a two way street. to quote a movie a very good movie
      “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.
      But to take it away would cause far more harm then good. Take a good long look at Iran. the opposition movement have been protesting it’s lost since last year and CNN can’t cover it offically

  • It’s a conspiracy of today’s government attempt to control the flow of information, “protect the children from pedobear” is nothing but an excuse to setup a framework to control the flow of information. Then they will expand that framework to gain absolute control over what the public should read & know about… & censored anything the politician don’t want the public to know about.

    China government is doing it & most Chinese have become ignorant about everything beyond the Great Firewall of China.

    Absence of freedom of speech will do more harm than good, because it make you & your children stupid, & ignorant about the danger ahead…

    • Shadow-Phoenix says:

      That has always been the main goal for governments for years and if anything they plan to make a world government or as many would call it a “new world order” kind of like the government in One Piece where all countries are united under one leader and ruler along with the flow of information being subsided.

      In Metal Gear Solid 4 thats pretty much how that went well having the flow of information controlled along with weapons and economy.

      In short more power leads to corruption of the mind.

  • Shadow-Phoenix says:

    This seems to be the start of many silly, stupid, uneeded bans to block both freedom of speech and creativity.

    This is nothing but a two sided battle where anime fans go against the average joe boring people who are nothing but stupified masses that sit in front of the tv all day and watch beer.

    I really do get sick of nearly all governments proposing and implementing new laws and bans simply to appease to one side of many parties, but then again Governments have always been screwing up since the start of first governments centuries ago.

    • I’m immortal.

      In Rome I was a senator who ran on the platform of more war and more orgies.

      Now I’m a republican senator voting for more war, but I have to keep my orgies behind closed doors.

      ****ing moderndayfags

  • Nekoshi Nailz says:

    I need my lolicon stuff to keep on watching anime ._.’
    it’s just not the same thing without it. . .I mean, It’s almost taking off an arm of someone, when that arm may be the most used, sorry for my bad english.
    There are already out too many manga and anime with lolicon material in it. they can’t just cancel every single project that contains it. And common, those children are fake, I mean they don’t exist. If they’re just scared about people that watch/read lolicon stuff, put something in the end/beginning, of the anime episode, or manga chapter, telling to don’t try that, and explaining the consequenses. . .
    And I believe that if they ban lolicon forever, there will be more phedophilia cases. Some people need to watch/read/play some and determinated kinds of games to release some and determinated wills/wishes/dreams/wtv the word is ._.’

  • The fact is that there is NO SUCH THING as free speech doing more ‘harm’ than ‘good’…. free speech NEVER does harm, the real thing that the anti-loli people are worried about is that as soon as people realize that pedosexuality is not the ‘bad’ thing that it is made out to be in our society, the ‘statutory rape’, ‘child sexual abuse’, etc. laws look like what they are: stupidity, that is meant to keep a group of humans as social pariahs for easy use by politicians as a ‘boogie man’.

  • I’m really getting sick of this children bullshit, why is everything we love being taken away because of children? Why can’t parents do there fucking jobs or not have children.

    Internet, filtered.
    Loli, banned.
    Helping any child, jailed.

    If they are so fucking fragile and precious why aren’t the parents looking after them? Fucking sick of this.

    • because instead of looking at yourself, people will point the finger at someone else. its insanely hypocritical. it just goes to show you how unintelligent some(most) people are when they can’t tell real from fake.

      i wonder when the next ice age is happening, the human race needs a reset button.

  • diskonline says:

    The ‘essential’ of China’s proposition of worldwide harmony has eventually been spread all over the world *sigh*. You know what ‘harmony’ are Chinese otakus have been suffering now?

  • This whole thing is shit, its basically we don’t want you looking at that and we say its wrong becau- BECAUSE I SAID SO OKAY thats basically what they’re saying, if someone walked up to you and said they think someone like Angelina Jolie was hot you’d consider it normal even if you think she’s butt ugly, but on the other hand when it happens with fake things, they fucking outrage over it, this is just society trying to force everyone to be the same and have the same tastes, humans don’t have morals they invented them and use them to lie to themselves telling them they care about things and certain things are wrong.

    • And that’s where the problem lies. They’re focusing way too much on 2D and almost completely forgetting about 3D. Say for a moment that they actually do get a ban across and make possessing loli illegal. The only thing that’ll likely happen is that the loli-raep rates might actually GO UP and people still pass shitloads of loli around through the net, just not publically anymore (ie – bookstores, stands, etc).

      Once their plan ultimately fails (which i guarantee you it will), then what’s next? Complete internet dictatorship?

      • >Complete internet dictatorship?

        It’s going to happen yes. Personally I thought it would be better to ban children from the web, but I think they rather ban everything on the net to make it absolutely child-safe. (Once they can actually do that, anyway.)

        That’s why,.. better fukken download everything you need today, tomorrow the internet could be unusable!

        • And people getting pissed did help.. when? It’s like with the frog and water. If je jumps in hot water he feels the need to leave immediately, but if je jumps in normal water that is heated over a long period of time, he won’t even notice that the water is getting hotter and hotter. Finally he dies.

          It’s the same thing. First ban child pornography, than ban more, like fictional child pornography. Maybe this time the water was heated too quickly, but banning child pornography was the first step to boiling water. And who would want to realize something like this? CP is a bad thing, after all, or is it? Thing is, morality isn’t that easy like people make it sound like.

          But imagine some politicians actually having a button to cut you or material they don’t like, off of the internet. They would make bad use of it, I’m sure. Oh,.. and hear this. They already have such a button for child pornography! Surely you understand, that it is impossible for you to check if they really banned child pornography, as that would mean that you are a pedo. Why else would you want to check if the child pornography they have banned is really child pornography and not some other site they didn’t like?

        • Sorry, Chen, but that is never going to happen…. in the United States and other countries people are getting SERIOUSLY FUCKING PISSED OFF at this insanity, and are starting to push back more and more.

          What we really need is to, when anyone uses that ‘save the children’ bullshit…. to kick them in the ass!

          Children DON’T NEED SAVED FROM SEX! They don’t need PROTECTED from sex…. need I keep going on?

  • Osaka is my birthplace. How disturbing they would consider “cleaning” it up. I happened to enjoy my city the way it was. Even the smallest drop of water can start the biggest wave ripple.

    • Absolutely not. Orcs are vile evil creatures. Elves are good friends. That’s despite the orcs being truthful about what they think of you and elves trying to manipulate you solely for their own ends.

      Let’s not mention the countless RPGs where people kill the wild life. OH NO FEMA! Wait I think WoW had a parody on that. Maybe they’ll start imposing murder charges on CS and Halo players.

    • I completely agree with this guy. Freedom of speech has to be limited sometimes. Why don’t we start by making you and every fucking conservative, feminist, religious asshole shut the hell up.

  • Noooo!! THis cannot happen!! We must protect our lolis. If we lose this battle, no more dfc, shoutas, and our lives as we know it. We must stand up and fight, we cannot lose else all is lost. Stand up hikis, neets, and otakus my brethrens, we must fight the fight for the greater good, for all of japan, no, for the rest of the world!!!