Islamic Child Marriages “Legal in Canada”


Islamic marriages to child brides are legal in Canada, say Canadian officials.

Muslim men immigrating to Canada frequently bring their wives, who in the case of many Islamic nations may have been legally married as small children or teenagers.

According to Canadian immigration services, many of these men then attempt to sponsor their “wives” for dependent visas.

One official denied a Pakistani man a visa for his 15-year-old wife, but was frustrated to find that the marriage itself remained legal, official documents reveal:

“I can find no section (of law) that states the marriage is ‘invalid’ or ‘void.’ I am afraid the age does not invalidate the marriage even if it is illegal to marry.”

Canadian immigration officials say they reject applications for spousal visas where the spouse is clearly underage, and it is clearly illegal to marry children in Canada, but that pre-existing marriages to children are unaffected.

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  • Anonymous says:

    15 years old girl is old enough to birth a child…..and remember the wise proverb : old enough to bleed, old enough to breed…’s just the LAW of NATURE…….according to some researchs, healthy male tends to prefer the younger mate for himself…..and in the ANCIENT ROME it is LEGAL for you to marry a teenagers… I think it’s not a problem to MARRY a young girl…..the PROBLEM is : WHEN YOU HAVE A XXX with a female outside of marriage… what can be defined as PEDOBEAR / PEDOPHILE / LOLICON nowadays, is actually a continuous healthy traditions for human to exist and multiply…..THE ROMANS, THE ARABS, THE CHINESE….AND ALSO THE JAPANESE knew that already….but only in USA, a person like that can be considered ” the 2nd most dangerous human” next to terrorists and MANIAC KILLERS……WTF with your AGE OF CONSENT-federal law, Mr. Alfred F. Jones ????

    • No, you misunderstand. They don’t allow lolis to be wed here, they just allow muslim men to bring their loli brides with them and consider the marriage valid even if they were married as 2 year old toddlers and clearly didn’t give any informed consent to it.

      But of course, if a Canadian citizen went overseas to visit the middle east and get himself a loli bride, that’d be child sex tourism.

      Hypocrisy is fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    wait wait wait so if i go to canada with sum loli manga ( lets say im on a road trip for relatives) ill get arrested for looking at a girl that never existed but if im islamic and i get married over there and bring a 15 year old WIFE with me back to canada and wont get arrested? GOD DAMMIT I HATE THEIR 9/11 NORTH TOWER TOWEL HEADDED ASSES

  • Anonymous says:

    *pffffft* you guys make me laugh!
    Look at them comments! It’s like someone just killed a kid in front of a police station and was found innocent…

    with what’s kids are up to at school these days, I’m not surprised.

    And think about it: Marriage and sex are completely different things. Infact, a lot of married people don’t even know what sex is! (Rural areas boy, where there is no subject called ‘biology’)

    What I’m against is that some parents force their kids to agree to marriage. No wonder the kids run away from their old husbands… sick. And most of them do it for the money. Sick people.

  • what’s wrong about hearing that a man marries with a 15 year old girl, where girls having sex in their 13-14’s?
    i heard that some condom manufacturers discussed and decided to produce condoms for 14 year childs.
    So, if we are going to accuse somebody, the “Pakistani” is not the 1st in line.

    • Would you prefer the condoms being too big and the 13 year old getting knocked-up?

      Wouldn’t be an issue if America had better sex-ed beyond “This is a penis, this is a pussy, and nary the twain shall meet until marriage”…but that’s conservative world for ya.

  • It’s like,
    “Hey, this kid looks cute!”
    *goes out with kid on a date*
    “Hell yeah I’m marrying her! I’ve to propose to her in our next date!”
    “Hm, gotta find another day for a date!”
    *Talks to kid online for next date*

  • this article makes me sad that I am a Canadian – it is illegal to view loli doujin but it is perfectly fine to bring in a loli wife


    As to it is not legal to have sex with loli wife – do you think the police are going to stay in the house of the couple to make sure this isn’t going to happen?

  • I will sound sick saying this, but I see no problem with this. It isn’t like they are marrying within the borders of Canada, but they are legally married outside Canada and come into Canada as a married couple. It isn’t Canada’s choice on what constitutes a legal marriage someplace else, so why should this cause outrage?

  • savantique says:

    So you (Canada) ban shit like Words Worth and Cool Devices because it contains rape which you find obscene (despite being fictional) yet this shit’s perfectly legal. Yeah, okay Canada.

  • You people have to realize that it is forbidden in Islam to have a marriage with one person not wanting it, also this is mainly cultural to have younger wives and this practice is mainly present in extremely rural parts, Before criticizing a religion based on what you have elicited from the corrupt media, research that topic to reveal the actual truth. Beleive it or not, Muslims like these and terrorists make up about 4 percent of the 1.6 billion Muslim Population. Infact, if you looked at and read the Qur’an, you would realize that these people in the article and terrorists are in fact not Muslims. Dont scapegoat a third of the worlds population based on 4 percent of the actual people in it.

      • how you come to that conclusion that %4 of muslims live like this ?
        Turkey got 70 millions and we have never heard marriage like this for the recent years.

        Stop the ignorance please, and read some books, watch non-manipulated news. Terrorism in western countries pawns terrorism in muslim countries.

  • I think this has to do with Canada’s preference of multi-culturism. It’s in the nation’s Charter or Rights and Freedoms not to indiscriminate because of race(and customs was it?)and stuff.

  • Another little-known quirk of the law that says marriages performed legally in other countries are legally valid in Canada: Although polygamy is (tenuously) illegal in Canada, there are several immigrants to Canada legally recognized as married to more than one wife by virtue of being married in an Islamic country.

    • 13-year-olds are sexually mature, so it is natural for a normal man to feel attracted to them, especially since young women are often the healthiest and therefore appear the prettiest.

      Also, men are biologically programmed to have sex with as many women as possible, so it is natural for a normal man to have sex with as many women as possible.

      In conclusion, you are not a normal, “true” man.

      • Anonymous says:

        that bs may have held true when people were bumbling monkeys but only some (mostly scum) do that now; being the only sentient beings on earth there is many patterns to ‘true’ men

  • This is hilarious muslim appeasement. What a joke Canadian law is.

    I was surprised to discover recently that It’s already legal in the UK for muslim men to have up to 4 wives, while non-muslims still face up to 7 years jail for bigamy! Not sure of the status of underage wives though. They keep quiet about it.

    The problem with all this is that different laws apply to muslims and non-musilims. If it’s legal for muslims to have underage wives, then why not for others?

    — freeXpression

    • RinTohsaka says:

      I concur with this. because people in sankaku. are just fake otaku. who love real life female disgusting pig. but love 2D girl.because there just sore loser who can’t get any girl friend. instead of loving 2D because of love.

  • People tend to forget the upside of Islam

    1) you can fuck lolis
    2) you can beat your wife as much as you want(great if you are into bdsm)
    3) wives go to hell if they don’t obey their husbands
    4) easy divorce(only for the guy!)
    5) multiple wives(stave off boredom)
    6) they have their clits cut off when they are babies(no need anesthetic).
    Of course sexual desire is not controlled by the clit, only satisfaction so it is more difficult for them to get satisfaction.

    Of course the Saudi wives get their own back by being the most obese woman in the world(read super fugly). In fact a lot of Saudi guys go for asian women.

    I spent 10 years working in Muslim countries and screwing their women and I can say it is all good.

    Imagine equality now under Islam. We would really be able to treat those ladies as they should be treated 🙂

    I can’t wait!!
    Message to the loony left: you need to do even more to help them take over western civilization!

    • Your such an incompetent idiot, wives dont go to hellfor disobeyeing if the husband is in humane, no penalty. Polygamy is not practiced by the vast majority of us. All wives have to be treated humanely.

    • 1) you can fuck lolis
      2) you can beat your wife as much as you want(great if you are into bdsm)
      3) wives go to hell if they don’t obey their husbands
      4) easy divorce(only for the guy!)
      5) multiple wives(stave off boredom)
      A certain amount of wives is true if you can support them all properly and equally. Men are can do more physical work than women in general to provide income and whatever needed to support them all equally.
      6) they have their clits cut off when they are babies(no need anesthetic).

      I am sorry but you just failed. You think you know everything but you don’t really know anything. Oh, you got half a point! 🙂

      • #1) According to the Imans, yes you can. But yo must be careful and gentle and not do permanent damange to them, otherwise you will always have to provide for her, despite ruining her so she cannot be a proper wife for anyman (she no longer COUNTS as a wife, but must be protected and SUPPORTED as equal to any wife you take).

        #2) True: If a wife is disobediant, many iman says their husband is REQUIRED to beat her.

        #3) Mohammed himself almost all women go to hell, for they are a cursed creature. Even wives. Only by the MOST pious and obendiant of all lives, can a women earn a place in heaven. And when she does, well, it isn’t the paradise for her that it is for the men.

        4) True, according to the Imans. FOr a man to divorce his wife, he merely has to tell her “I divorce you” three times. Even if done drunken and by text, it is a legal divorce.

        5) According to the Koran, any man is permitted 4 wives— but only if he can properly provide for them. He may not take any new wives if it means he can no longer support his existing wives.

        6)Depends on the country. It isn’t a teaching of the Koran, but it is a common practice among many tribes in Africa, for instance.

      • I don’t think they can use anesthetic it would kill the baby, pretty sure they don’t use it on new born boys for foreskin all though removing that only lowers stimulation and it can be used for skin grafts on people with severe burns.

      • 1, If you can marry loli’s (as evidenced in multiple news stories) AND if a marriage is not legal until copulation, then sex with loli’s is true. Simple If-Then-Else statement. Unless you think of sex as only sticking ones penis into ones vagina. She’s his wife, she can take it in other orifices, too.

        2. Actually, this is where “Rule of Thumb” comes from, and is still on several law books across Europe & America: You can only beat your wife and/or children with a stick so long as said stick is less than the diameter of your thumb”. Side note aside, since women in most Islamic countries have no/next to no individual rights, even if beatings aren’t “allowed”, who’s to tell the husband he can’t do it? After all, she must have done something to make him upset if he had to beat her, right? Even if it’s not “Allowed”, it’s not disallowed.

        3. This I have no practical knowledge of beyond the “Women have no real power anyway” category.

        4. “We’re Divorced We’re Divorced We’re Divorced”. That’s all it takes for a man to divorce a woman. Easy, no?

        5. Why wouldn’t a woman be able to maintain multiple husbands by your logic then? If men are stronger, then women are smarter. There may not be many women CEO’s and other positions of financial power in once-Persia, but there are in the western world (and the number climbs yearly). Of course your logic is flawed anyways, as not all men are stronger and more capable then women physically.

        6. True, in most cases it’s not the clit but the clitoral hood. Which of course makes the clit FAR LESS sensitive than an uncircumsized womans’ clit, thereby taking away a great source of pleasure during sex & masturbation (just like with the penis). But hey, if the clit gets cut-off as well, no harm no foul, right? And a woman who cannot feel pleasure during sex is a woman who will not actively try to seek sex without a mans’ permission! Bonus score!

        • You said “women are more intelligent”, and of course this is true. Like all feminazis, for example. Their intelligence is truly far too great for a lowly male like me to comprehend.

          And yes, I do realize I’m feeding a troll here.

  • We will probably never know if the girl was forced into this marriage or not, but if so, it’s certainly not allowed in Islam to force someone. We can’t know if they are having sex or not either, but I believe it would not be allowed (in the religion) if she’s not mature enough. You should get your facts straight before opening your mouths unless you want to be narrow-minded. Also, please don’t judge people because their culture is different from yours and you see certain things as wrong or bad. You only know *part* off it, or you think you know what it’s all about because you only know what you’re used to. You should try to understand their side first, then you’ll know if it’s actually as bad as you thought it was. 😉

    This is something I started thinking about… “Marriage” to me, personally, does not mean *anything* more than trust and a promise between two people.. But actually, it’s like a legal contract instead which you are bound to abide by law, and eliminates the need for *real* trust. It does however give certain benefits depending on which country you live in.

  • You guys are fucking idiots. The existing marriage is unaffected, but you can’t bring your loli wife to Canada, and you sure as hell can’t find a new one to court, marry, and fuck (or whatever order you prefer).

    The gesture of preserving the marriage is essentially meaningless for a bride, until the wife reaches the legal age in Canada, and that’s probably the intent of the law.

  • [quote]Canadian immigration officials say they reject applications for spousal visas where the spouse is clearly underage, and it is clearly illegal to marry children in Canada, but that pre-existing marriages to children are unaffected.[/quote]

    Did everyone miss this?

    The marriage is considered legal (they don’t invalidate marriages in other countries) but they cannot bring their underage wives into the country.

  • I’m Canadian, and you can forget me supporting this.

    I’m also not afraid to say ‘fuck you’ to any Muslim that thinks it’s their right just because their fucking religion says so.

    • Well technically theres nothing wrong with it. Any Muslim who can actually dare call himself one would understand you can’t do anything to your wife before she is actually in puberty and properly developed and even then its only with her consent. So no underage rape and any rubbish like that.
      Oh and you might like to know (maybe not for those who wanna convert for the loli marriages =p) that once your wife reaches puberty she has the right to say no to the marriage.

      • No, no, I’m almost certain that wives are *required* to consent to sex. They don’t have a choice, it is simply a duty she must perform for her husband. According to statements made by prominent Muslims, it is not even possible to rape ones wife because she has an obligation not to refuse her husband. Under any circumstances.

        And since it is illegal to de-convert from Islam (under penalty of death) the wife must remain bound by the obligations of the religious law at all times.

        Fortunately, in civilised countries we recognise that that is a load of bullshit.

        • Barbarian of Gor says:

          A woman is a man’s field to “Tilleth as he pleaseth” or some such… That’s assuming they are married or he otherwise legally owns her, such as a slave girl he’s captured.

          Matter of fact, even in AmeriKKKa until rather recently “Marriage = Consent”.

          That was more a legal standard to make sexual relations outside marriage always “Rape” to discourage “immorality” and pretend to try to combat prostitution but the “Husband’s Privilege” was observed…

          Also, btw, know why we’ve had so many “Horse Fuckers” who much to the outrage of the authorities couldn’t be prosecuted, except perhaps for trespass, B&E, etc.? Then the various petty authorities freak out and hastily pass a new draconian law and try to wheedle in a pay raise or pork also…

          It was because the laws that prevented it were done so to prevent inter-racial sex/marriage. Using and abusing old Hebrew, you can actually (stretching it a bit) define a “Beast” as a “Black Man”. I’m NOT saying it’s “True” but that people used it. So, when changing times got “Anti-Interracial sex” laws overturned, the “Black Man” listing was removed along with “And all the other non-human beasts of the field”.

          You see, I post things like this ’cause I’m sick of AmeriKKKaz and EurAsia’s imposed “Hate Speech” against Islam. The sort of “Good Christians” who love to bash ’em are the same sorts that during the Ray-Gun 80s were supporting “Islam and Islamic Justice” to justify Ray-Gun’s support of the “Taliban” whom he dubbed “The moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers.”… Okay… I don’t claim expertise, but I feel I can say comfortably that Ben Franklin didn’t always carry a vial of acid from his lab to throw in the faces of women should he consider them “Immoral”…

          The stuff they bash Islam for is cut from the same “Crazy Quilt” of Judeo-Christian tradition. Nothing that wasn’t done openly and proudly in the ‘west’ until very recently. Amputation for theft, underage marriage…

          Also, in Islam there are laws on divorce (easy for men, hard for women), abortion (first 1/3, then no go unless life-saving) other cool progressive (for the time!) stuff. Really kicks a-. Take note also, it is an “Anti-Racist” doctrine, very unusual for the time. And, yes a man CAN beat his wife but not brutally, though there are other things to do first and it’s best avoided. Take note though that Mohamed, in his last speech, re-iterated that men should be nice to their women.

      • LOL. I’m sure even YOU don’t believe what your saying. It’s easy to say what any “true” Muslim would do, but when vulnerable loli flesh is right in front of them, consent or not, I’m sure there’s no holding them back.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        6 and 9, doood…

        6 for marriage and presumably “Secondary” stuff, fondling, kissing, blow-jobs, etc… Just no “Penetrative” stuff… Hmmm, on that note, oral is therefore limited too, no ramming it all down their lil throats… Just like kissing, licking, etc…

        9 fer full intercourse.

        Established by the awesome Mohamed himself with his marriage to Aisha.

        Prolly should look the Sankaku chan for pics, but not really my interest. Now, he’s vilified for doing that, but I want to impress he was actually VERY “Moralist and forward thinking for his time.” And I don’t mean “His” culture, for it had a lot of influence, as with the rest of the world, from Rome. Islam is, after all, a further evolution of “Christianity”.

        At the time, some rich and some emperors had whole “Harems” of slaves, including underage. The two most notorious on this note were Tiberius and Commodious. The former, who’s legacy was “Caligula” regularly killed any when they displeased him or they got too old to attract him.

        In those days, unwanted babies were tossed on the trash pile. Sometimes, they’d be adopted. Sometimes a poor family would want a slave, so they’d ‘rescue’ one to raise as a slave. Most often they were eaten by stray dogs and vultures. But, it was a “Freddy Kruger” type of PedoVILE’s dream. (I use “Vile” because while I’m for the laws being “looser” in NO WAY do I agree with what follows…)

        Caligula would do things such as taking babies into the bath with him for unholy pleasure, killing them in the process. This was no notable scandal, for he’d bring lots of friends from the upper class to do such things with him. What freaked them out is he’d often curse the gods themselves for “Making a being so perfect as me that you allow to be so bored!” Daring…no? He REALLY believed he was a “God” at that point. (and got himself legally registered as one!) Think about it, the chief god Jupiter/Zeus was carrying thunderbolts and they were in a tub…

        Caligula, according to legend, would later take these friends and do —things— and the babies weren’t involved, but he would do things so horrible that some of his friends who’d shared such pleasure with him would die watching, though he did no injury and made no threat to them or any relatives/friends of theirs. He’d at least say he was mildly entertained, but what he did and if it was to animal, vegetable or mineral, none know any longer.

        I’m no expert on “Middle Eastern ancient history” at the time of Rome, but many similar though hopefully not as extreme stuff happened. The least of which was a person could have any number of slaves, mistresses, wives, and kill/starve/torture them as they pleased. The law of “A man is king in his own household”.

        He was pretty daring, for any dictator or self-proclaimed moralist made a list of “Sins” that they didn’t want people to do in “Public”. Roman senators who did things like I mentioned above could be “Scandalized” and lose their posts for hugging and kissing their adult and lawful wife in public. But in private, if there’s no one to complain and it’s in their own property, or under the consent of their host it’s legal. It was quite another thing to dictate what people should do in private and how outside public behavior that they should live their lives.

        • Barbarian of Gor says:


          Pure pearls before swine, I am casting.

          Not everything is on the net. Not that I care to look this up on Goggles for Big Brother. This I learned from some deep conversations with some university professors. Nothing is certain in life, but I believe this truth.

          However, take note the “Right Wing” christians try to cite Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha from the Hadith and doubtless have tons of whack-off fantasies from it. In the learning channel “Men behaving Madly” they went on Caligula and Tiberius’s “Relationship”. And I doubt a single Muslim or pre-hate speech = “Cool” “Good Christian” would deny that Mohammed DID “Reform” his area (at least pagan-bashing) ‘barbaric’ as some might still call him.

      • “that once your wife reaches puberty she has the right to say no to the marriage.” – Thats a bloody lie. Her right to say no is more often than not superseded by her father’s or groom’s “yes.”

        • Odd… the Shia claim they are the one true way, and the Sunni are the false ones.

          And of course, there’s even more branches of Islam. Sunni and Shia are just the two we hear about the most due to their sitting on top of oil reserves that only have desert on top of them, making the oil easy and cheap to get to, compared to other places.

        • @anon 18.55 and 15.33

          i have yet to see an official muslim statement from an official muslim group publically denouncing them.

          i have seen many churches and christians denouncing the actions of pedaphilic priests.

          you see where im getting at here?

          no public statement against them = you condone their actions

        • Anon @ 10:56:
          “Real” Muslims (I heard about at least 2 very known people who (not sure what their names are again at the moment)) travel around explaining to people the truth about what the Quran *really* explains. So Anon @ 15:33 is right. Plus, you need to read about the “sunni” branch in Islam because this is considered the most correct way of following what the Quran explains. You have for example “shia” who says they follow the true religion but they changed a lot. For instance, people should (obviously) not inflict damage to oneself and others, but still they think they should whip themselves until they are bleeding (they do other strange things as well).

        • if ‘their culture != islam’ then why dont ‘real muslims’ go tell them they’re wrong?

          im sure that the pedophilic catholic priests got told they were wrong so why is islam special and allowed to say ‘it’s not my religion’ and ‘not my culture’?

      • Why? It is also legal in the US.

        You just need to be an Muslim immigrant. And the US will recognize your first FOUR marriages as all legal. Even if th wife is 8 or 9, as long as it is legal from where they are from (so technically 4 for Saudi Arabia, but since that’s a PROMISARY marriage and not a functional one, they’ll barf on that).

        But if you are a citizen, no way. Which is why the later generations do all sorts of games importing their new wives from “the old country” (regardless of age).

    • Does anyone actually realise that under Islamic law, its not permissible to have sex with your underage wife? IF there are any cases of that happening (and I’m 100% sure there is) then that was not allowed under our religion and any Muslim claiming that it is, is just wrong :/

      Tis all, peace out brah.

      INB4 downvotedtohellforactuallyknowingwhati’mtalkingabout

      • Actually, you can. But if you damage the girl in a permanent way, then you have to take care of her for the rest of her life.

        Most clerics suggest that you don’t use a young bride for full sexual release. However, as any wife must serve and service her husband as he demands, when he demands, it is suggested that her usage be kept to her mouth and hands until she is 8. Most 8 years are physically capable of performing sex for their husbands without incurring significant permanent physical damage.

        Just ask the Imam (via the Ask the Iman site) if you doubt me.

      • if that’s the case, why marry at all?

        not saying marraige is for sex but saying marrying a child is wrong btw, you’re simply saying that they’re not allowed to go further with wrongness.

        a bit like how child pornography is wrong, but the fact that they dont have sex with the child makes it better….?

        • Why marry at all? Because in many places where Sharia law is the law of the land, marrying a young daughter off gets her a secured home and established provider. It lets her start her life becoming a part of his household. Remember, in most places of the world, she won’t be in his house alone. They don’t just live in a nucleus family— they live in an extended family. She’ll be put to work as part of the females of the house, doing chores and looking after smaller children.

          It’s a good deal for many, and sometimes their only option when not doing so would only leave prostitution.

        • wait wait wait….are you AGREEEING with child marraiges?

          am i getting this right guys or have i horribly misinterpreted that reply?

          i dont know about you anon, but child marraige for any reason is wrong, like how rape is wrong no matter what your reasons (and inb4 rape jokes)

        • > Why marry at all?
          They had their reasons. Even I can think of possible reasons why their situation turned out that way, which does not involve sex and such things. From this article, you can’t possibly understand what their reason is (whether good or bad).

        • You molest children. It might be legal for you to do so (since, say, 12 year old girls are likely to not be considered underage anymore in ~90% of Islamic theocracies), but you still molest them. Why not call you child molester?

      • And exactly what constitutes “underage wife” in a backwards religion like Islam. Not even taking into account how many of their provinces seem to “write their own rules” that seem likely to be based only loosely on the Korran.

      • I think they are too busy looking for something they can use to criticize Islam. Narrow-minded and ignorant. 🙂 It’s pretty silly to put the focus on Islam itself in this article, but that’s what the media does. Take one Muslim (or someone who calls himself a Muslim but does not really follow it) who steals, for instance, and they make it sound like all Muslims are thieves and worse, and people really believes it. 🙂

    • Nobody said anything about fucking them. Unless the statutory rape law in Canada has a clear exception for marriage (which wouldn’t make sense), then I think the legal precedence would work out in such a way that these men could be legally married but not able to legally fuck their wives. Could be wrong though..

      • if it’s illegal to have underage sex in canada…and the man’s clearly had sex with an underage girl elsewhere (not in canada)then can they arrest him on that?

        even ignoring that, if they bring their underage wives into canada, can they arrest him for having sex with an underage wife?

        • ‘Lo. Canadian from British Columbia here.

          Marriage is regulated provincially in Canada, though there are some things that are universal.

          In B.C., technically, someone under the age of 16 (the age of consent in Canada) can get married. However, it takes the permission of the Supreme Court of British Columbia to do so and it would be highly likely that would not be forthcoming until after the petitioner turned 16 anyway (when only parental permission is required).

          Oh, and you can marry your 1st cousin legally in Canada. It is not considered incest by law.

      • Married but not fucking? That is CLEARLY wrong.

        But joking aside, given that these girls HAVE been fucked, the state should use them to analyze the effect of sexuality in their personalities so see if it really destroys their life to have consensual sex.

        On the other hand them being Muslims girls probably are already messed up in the head beyond any hope.

        • after i thought about what i said in 9:09 it would seem this would be entrapment so it may not happen… but if it does apply and they do use it as a way to reveal who is married to a underage girl and arrest them or annul the marriage under statutory rape law that would be a good thing i guess

        • Yes, but your expecting government officials in Canada to think of this (better chance of these Muslims turning their lolis loose than that). You’d be better off sending them a letter with the details.

        • i think they have to consummate the marriage or it can be annulled so if they do not allow statutory rape then they can possibly arrest them if they have consummated or annul the marriage, if they haven yet to consummate…
          either way a possibly way to free the children only if the statutory rape law supersedes the marriage…

  • Why doesn’t the west just give all values and laws that don’t coinside with other cultures?

    Islamic marriage in a word is disgusting, this isn’t you know marry a child, wait until she grows up kind of thing. Once a Muslim woman or girl is married, she must be subserviant and make sure “all” of her husbands desires are fullfilled, that including sex. It is seen as disrespectable to refuse sex ever in an Islamic marriage and is enough reason for a beating. And now in the west, thanks to the Marxists who want to demoralise us, we are giving into these barbaric cave man marriages and stomping all over womans rights and equality. EQUALITY NOW, WHERE ARE YOU!!! Oh yeah I forgot because your Marxist feminists, you only care about critisising sexism in western and westernised countries.