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The whole thing was an event to thank fans for the success of Project Diva while hyping up Project Diva 2. This was no mere MMD as real money is involved.So it is natural for them protecting it. But frankly, I can’t see how a piss poor stream on youtube would actually hurt them. I’d still buy it on Blu-ray.

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  • Kentaro Miura vs Tokyo Loli Ban:
    Makes me think about that episode of South Park when terrorists attacked Imagination Land.

  • Dreamy Theater Preview Quite Impressive:
    I just found about this PV, just now, from a different site and coincidentally it appears here. .__. At any rate, the games looks good. It’s indeed something you should get if you already own the 1st game and and a PSP.

  • Nintendo: “Move & Natal Only Wii Copies”:
    As if those games are even made by Nintendo… Third-party support has been sparse since the days of the gamecube. They have gotten better, but overall, the Wii is for family and children. And nothing says “family” like a lot of MINI-GAMES and Mario.

  • Nintendo: “Move & Natal Only Wii Copies”:
    Face it Miyamoto, all gaming companies copy each other. They did it with the analog controller. So the next step in the gamepad evolution,I guess , would be motion control. I for one, support MS and Sony for copying the Wii. We’d get to flail around like idiots, playing real games, instead of the kiddy stuff Nintendo keeps putting out.

  • Linux for Lolicon: Ubuntu Loli Service Delights Fans:
    She is cute,but nothing beyond that.


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