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All of you if you scroll up you’ll see a link posted by an Anon that’ll take you to the whole 2 hours of the show. It streams as a single vid, but if you attempt to download it’ll break it into 7 mins segment. Happy now?

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  • Miku’s Day Live Spectacular:
    What the?! Am i seeing it right? 131 minutes? The full show?! 3 – 9!(san-kyuu=thank you, get the pun?) Hmm…on second thought, it’s not all that good though. The nico2 comments are everywhere and pic quality ain’t that good either. Hey, but atleast it’s the only vid right now. Thanks again.

  • Miku’s Day Live Spectacular:
    Where in the world is “Love is War”? I’m always powered up like a Super Saiyan whenever i heard that song. *HOWAAAAAARHHHHHH*

  • Miku’s Day Live Spectacular:
    Kuso! Now the guy that posted the vids had them all removed. All of em. Suck ass bitch! Anyone with links?

  • Miku’s Day Live Spectacular:
    lol I think when someone mentioned “world tour”, obviously it meant for everybody foreign to the country of origin. It’ll be weird if only Japanese are allowed to attend.

  • Miku’s Day Live Spectacular:
    Just give em time, it’ll get better.

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