Father “Carried Liquefied Child in Backpack for 5 Years”


A man has been arrested after he was found to be carrying the now liquid remains of a child in his backpack. He claimed the child was his and that he had been carrying everywhere he went for the past 5 years or more.

The 34-year-old man, by his own admission of no fixed abode or address, paid an unauthorised visit to a Tokyo University women’s dormitory at Mitaka City in Tokyo, for reasons which are not clear.

After being spotted loitering at the site, he was challenged by a janitor who asked to see what was in his rucksack. He refused, and was subsequently arrested and charged with trespassing.

Police investigating his rucksack discovered it contained an intensely stinking mass wrapped in plastic sheeting, its contents having liquefied and turned into a mud-like soup, with hard objects resembling bones visible within.

The man explained that the bag contained “his own child, who died suddenly 5-6 years ago,” and that “I’ve been carrying it around with me wherever I go.”

He gave police the details of the child’s mother, and she confirmed that the couple had a child some 10 years previously, which died suddenly. She kept the remains and later passed them to the man. Why these dates are contradictory is not known.

Just how long the corpse had really been sloshing around in his backpack is not clear.

The man has been charged with trespassing and police are investigating charging him with abandonment of a corpse, not that he actually abandoned it. An autopsy of the remains has also been ordered.


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