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I found this surprisingly cool.

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  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Battles Wisely:
    Stop acting like a poor vita haters and buy the damn consoles!

  • Raunchy Ran Ero-MMD Ferociously Furry:
    Wouldn’t mind doing the fox girl in a cowgirl position. Let her size 38 oppai bounce like crazy while she’s singing/orgasming to J-pop.

  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Battles Wisely:
    Framerate drop a few times in fighting scenes. They should just release this on PC.

  • Harmonious Kaori Miyazono Figure:
    I finished watching this show (in my backlog) just a few days ago and yeah, I didn’t recognise the character before I read the caption. Also, I believe everyone agrees this one was primarily a shonen battle show. The way the competition entries were framed, and the ridiculous over-the-top moment-to-moment commentary on their ability and manner of playing, plus the long stretches of training, makes this obvious. A fightan show, only with a piano instead.

  • Mayoiga Revisits The Past:
    So.. the biggest question is, should I watch it?


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