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Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Girl’s Room


A survey asking Japanese what they would be most aghast at encountering in a single woman’s room leaves little doubt about the kind of woman the masses despise.

The ranking:

1. Sentai goods

2. A punching bag

3. A model railway

4. Moe anime goods or DVDs

5. More than 3 PCs

6. Large amounts of pet clothing

7. Idol posters

8. Japanese travel souvenirs

9. Nekomimi/usamimi (cat or rabbit-eared characters)

10. Dolls (western or Japanese)

Non-girly women are apparently as bad as unmanly men in Japanese eyes, and women with otaku tastes fair as badly.

Affected females attempting to entertain commoners are advised to scatter copies of Vogue and Louis Vuitton bags around their room as camouflage.

See also the equivalent ranking for male rooms.

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