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Tokyo Faces Loli Ban


An extreme stealth ban on loli material extending to “clothing or voices reminiscent of a person under the age of 18” has been proposed as an amendment to Tokyo’s regional laws, with clear nationwide implications.

A summary of the relevant passages from the proposed amendment:

Any literature or film which might be thought to constitute a depiction of sexual activity involving or apparently involving a person under 18, someone dressed in a manner reminiscent of an under-18, or who speaks like an under-18, may not in Tokyo be viewed by or sold or distributed to any young person.

A direct translation of the heavy legalese, from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Youth Protection Ordinance Reform Bill:

Section 3: Restriction of the Sale of Unhealthy Literature

[A ban on sales, lending or distribution to, or viewing by, minors in the Tokyo area would cover:]

1. Items which stimulate sexual emotions, foster cruelty, encourage suicide or promote crime, or otherwise impede the healthy growth of youth. [This clause is identical to current legislation]

2. Items which through age, clothing, accessories, school year, setting, other people’s ages, or voice, seems reminiscent of a person who might be recognised as an under-18 (hereafter called a “a fictional minor”) engaged in, or appearing to be engaged in, sexual activity or activity resembling sexual activity, or which impede the development of healthy sexual faculties in youths, or which might be feared to obstruct the healthy development of youths.

This is indeed as vague, subjective and sweeping as it appears. A similar clause bans “anything resembling rape.”

Although phrased as a ban on sales and distribution to under-18s, the ramifications would be far more severe – anything which might fall foul of the incredibly vague and ambiguous definition of “unhealthy material” given above would likely have to either be censored completely or take an “adult mark” and be treated as age-restricted adult material throughout the Tokyo area.

Tokyo is of course where most anime, manga and games are made and sold – any such restrictions would undoubtedly cause a drastic reduction in sales and consequently production, with nationwide implications.

The ban would also extend to Internet distribution, though whether just to Tokyo minors or also by Tokyo companies to minors elsewhere is not clear. Presumably television would also be within the remit of the ban as well.

The reform bill also proposes to “make possession of child pornography by Tokyo residents illegal,” apparently vaguely defined to include the above sort of material, which opponents are increasingly attempting to brand “virtual child pornography.” However, no criminal sanction is proposed or legally possible, so this particular amendment would appear to be entirely toothless.

Other proposed changes to Tokyo law include attempts to force Internet censorship of “unhealthy” sites for minors (such filtering is already semi-compulsory) by a variety of measures, such as by stripping parents of the right to unfilter their children’s Internet and mobile phone access.

It is not clear what chance the proposal has of being accepted as law at this stage, or whether it could survive concerted legal challenge; protests by publishing industry and union groups have so far been ignored. Those pushing the laws have previously called otaku opponents “mentally ill” and so seem unlikely to heed criticism.

Frustrated at the national level by constitutional protections and political ambivalence, opponents of free expression and sexuality, in large part extremist Christian and feminist groups, have been working to ban material they object to by the backdoor – a ban of such sweeping magnitude would cripple the publishing and Internet industries of Tokyo, as well as crush freedom of expression in Tokyo, and by extension all of Japan.

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  • Anonymous says:

    great, lets ban lolicon!
    that way, people who enjoy it for the sake of just liking loli (but would never rape a child) get convicted and their lives ruined; and real pedos who WOULD rape a child wont have any alternative material to slay their lust


    go fuck yourself UNICEF

  • For all the crap you lot gave us Aussies over the government trying to ban A pornos; Take some of your own back.

    That said, I have nothing against the Japanese, I really hope those senile old fools come to their senses and none of these rubish bills are passed.

    Good luck people, at this rate we’re all gonna need it

  • Holy shit, so many comments. Didn’t think so many cared. So, does this mean no Lucky Star or Hayate? If you ask me, you shouldn’t ban lolicon. It’ll turn potential pedophiles into real pedophiles. With loli gone, potential pedophiles/lolicon lovers will more likely end up raping little girls. Of course, they probably never would’ve ended up like potential pedophiles if it weren’t for lolicon. LMAO w/e guess they should ban it. Just make sure that they watch the little ones…

    • I have been reading this kind of topics and i thinks that the only way we have to fix their brains is to appeal to count for insulting us by calling us rapists and staff. They wont care for words but if we strike their money they may just get it.
      No point in speaking with fanatics.

  • The great era of loli pedophilia is seeing its dusk! Not that I really had an attachment to it. We are better off with keeping it out of our entertainment altogether. Loli is only animation or just simple artwork, but the way the mind processes things proves its potentially dangerous consequences. The first bit of “loli” I ever seen was Petite Cosette, and that was horror loli/goth anime. I for one would prefer mature depictions of characters participating in sexual activity and feel that anyone obsessed with children included in these acts should seek help, though they might just be apprehended by authorities ASAP.

    So I bit farewell to loli and will continue enjoying more “normal” avenues of entertainment.

    Lastly, you all just lost THE GAME!

  • Anonymous says:

    As retarded as it is, after #175 (50+ years of mosaic/steam/bars/etc.)… is it really that surprising ?

    Enjoy democracy, where any small organized group can do practically anything endlessly idiotic to their heart contents. And where politicians are mostly interested in licking ass of any such group in their usually short time period they have to “shine”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Deep in an underground lair in Japan:

    Minister: It is done sir. Lolis have become completely banned, like you asked.

    Shadow Minister: Excellent! With the ban of Loli paraphernalia, its demand and price will skyrocket, boosting our economy! Japan will become a feared global power once more!

    Minister: Very well done sir.

  • Anonymous says:

    They overreached with this. As has been pointed out, it’s so vague and broad it would ban about 80% of all anime, games, and manga. Manga publishing makes up nearly 50% of all publishing in Japan, and the other two are noticeable industries.
    I can’t believe this would pass as is. The politicians may be old, but by god Japanese politicians understand money, the corrupt bastards.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous, there are countless sex orientated American teen movies, with actors depicted as underage.

    They would have to ban three quarters of harem anime atleast.

    “someone dressed in a manner reminiscent of an under-18”

    What the fuck? Are Gothic Lolitas going to be tackled to the ground and arrested aswell. This will not go through, it would be a huge blow to the anime industry.

    Feminists I propose you fuck off.

  • Don’t worry the law won’t pass or if it does the Tokyo government goes broke a few years later.
    Law gets repealed soon after a loli vampire bails out the government and has a bund for vampires created out of part of Tokyo.
    Moral fags and fascists across Japan get shipped off to farms to provide said vampires with needed blood.

  • Anonymous says:

    …..LOL! I’m pretty sure this law does nothing because it’s just banning “UNDERAGE” kids from “purchasing and possessing” it. Yeah, I’m sure they’re going to somehow check every computer to see if they downloaded any lolis from the internet :sarcasm:.

  • Anonymous says:

    Those politicians can go fuck themselves if they think they can ban me from having loli, I’ll draw it myself. This will stop nothing and will eat so many resources up, and piss off a shitload of people they’re gonna take it up the ass come election time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Listen to me, everything happens for a reason and the reason is always much more simple than you think. Ever wonder why countries under autocracy or extreme religion always try to ban everything from porn to articles and clothings? Ask yourself do you really care about what kinds of book other people read or what kinds of clothes other people wear? I don’t and trust me I’m sure that the people who made those decisions don’t care either. There must be something, somehow that those decisions can benefit the people who made it and MONEY is always the true answer. Take China for example. In some regions the ratio of government offical is 1 to every 20 people because those has high power just keep hiring their relatives. Now that they have a job, they have to do something to keep it. Something like banning porn or inspecting the internet. One more thing, I’m not a christian but I definately won’t blame christianity for this because their religion didn’t tell them to ban loli. The true problem is people. People murder and rape because they want to. People do what they what to do. God or religion is just one of those reasons they put on it.

  • Let’s not forget the governor of Tokyo, Shintarou Ishihara, the biggest fascist figure in Japan.

    I should say that one of the biggest factors of Japan banning pedophilic materials are conservative bigwigs in Tokyo city hall, which is directly connected to the Diet.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……..It’s bad enough not being able to watch child porn legally, but now this?? Why world?? why??? what did I do to deserve this…

    If this goes through I may have to resort to a suicide bombing…… for the good of lolicon’s everywhere.

  • “On the surface, an artist tries to frame his ideals in an image, to challenge his audience and make his vision immortal. But the parasites say “NO! Your art must serve the cause! Your ideals endanger the people!””
    ―Artist Display

  • however as long as this could be a show off only bill it should be relatively safe well another thing is that as long as there is no legal sanction then so it could be a pointless bill thats only there for show

  • I wonder how is this gonna affect COMIKET conventions…

    I guess business in that single event will be seriously curtailed.

    I mean c’mon… COMIKET is the biggest publication convention in the world! I think the people running COMIKET should start handing out PETETIONS to stop Restriction of the Sale of Unhealthy Literature bill.

    • Well, I rememnber Artefact wrote a very right thing about it. Otaku fandom are too useless people to defend their own rights, or to fight for something they want.

      As a matter of fact I thing they settled for things that other peoples don’t care about. So being part of something where you don’t have to struggle or argue with people that could hunt you and break your face is very appealing for a nice and defendless otaku.

      And I think that’s why a bunch of stupid bitches and Milfs spend their times destroyng this people, they are just the easiest prey. Otaku don’t defend their self or their hobbies, (collecting cards, dressing dolls, watch cartoons, fantasize about having sex with females of their same mental age). So in a world where the stronger eats the weaker, is very understandable that certain groups use them to rise their ranks in the politic’s ground.

  • with the low birth rates in Japan, they should encourage young people to fuck more, not to turn them into asexual robots. Even more, the younger they start fuckig i.e: 16yo, the better. Cause the older they get, the more aware they will be about the stupidity of becoming fathers.

  • Most loli manga/anime are already sold sealed with “adult marks” on. And the other stuff about clothing and voices is just absurd and would impinge on the rights of adults. So, I can’t see how this could pass a constitutional test. These moral maniacs are making themselves increasingly unpopular in Japan. So with any luck, it will get trashed ….

  • Well this is retarded…

    I’m very anti CP, well, I’m technically anti adult porn. lol. But it’s legal and none of my business. (see that retarded governments of the world? It’s not your business.) I especially hate the idea of children being hurt, corrupted, etc etc. But good grief this is ANIME and COMICS! It’s not fucking real!

    Whats wrong with people? Seriously? How bout they just bad CP. Y’know, sex trafficking, kidnapping and raping children – oh wait. That IS illegal. As is MOST violent crime.

    To some of the arguments about going underground: yes, people still will. And live in fear. Never knowing if some government goon is gonna show up at your door to arrest you years later, or a friend is gonna go tattle because you didnt like the loli on your PC showing off her pantsu.

    Yes, yes, yes. Creepy men. Blah blah blah. Men have always been creepy. Want to know how to handle it? Some dude sticks his finger in your kids butt JUST SHOOT THE FUCKER. Someone checks out your kids butt? Whap him upside the head and theaten to shoot him with a smile XD

    Damn feminists. Do women want to be men THAT BADLY? I understand the movement way back when – men were loosers and the women needed to be able to take care of themselves. But good GOD did they go overboard. Maybe so many dudes wouldnt like little girls if the ADULT females were still willing to BE girls. And maybe women would like men if they grew up and acted like men? Doubtfull on that last part. Boys dont like girls (aka shemales) and girls dont like boys. Women dont want husbands, or equals or w/e. They want pets.

    Unless you punch the bitch in the head and cheat on her and do drugs and go to jail and have no job. Then she’ll stay with you forever… But I digress!

    Feminists and FALSE christians are destroying the world. You cant decide for everyone on the planet whats good and bad by pointing a gun at their heads. History shows that repeatedly. Make laws. And do your best to keep the country moving, and punish dumb assess accordingly.

    I could rant on this crap forever… Somethings are just common sense to be wrong. Trying to micro manage each breath, thought and movement of the citizens in your countries is IMPOSSIBLE and a waste of time. All it does is HELP criminals and hinders the good guys. The Yakuza could just take up the anime business, doubt they mind the extra cash.

    It’s like Obamma’s (or however the hell our presidents name is spelled. Dont really care) retarded gun laws / views. The people out there commiting crimes and all these murders with guns arnt buying the fucking things legally to begin with. Someone wants to go kill a fellow gang banger aint filling out his background check forms – he’s buying it in an ally.

    As is, there are still SOME rules companies have to follow to publish their loli stuff. If it goes illegal does the ruling whatever of japan REAAAAALLY think whomever takes up the industry in the shadows is going to even attempt to adhere to not pissing off the public? AKA “where get a 22 year old to do the voice acting for the loli rape seen! Lets get a 8 year old and record her screaming while we really rape her!”

    …… Morons. Real criminals dont abide by the laws to begin with. They think they are protecting kids? They are painting fucking targets on their backs!

    • “…… Morons. Real criminals dont abide by the laws to begin with. They think they are protecting kids? They are painting fucking targets on their backs!”

      Lolz yeah I agree. Take away lolicon… “What! Potential Pedophile is evolving!?!?… Potential Pedophile has evolved into True Pedophile!!”

      Then again, this probably never would’ve happened if loli was banned or never existed in the first place. I dunno, a have mixed feelings about this…

  • I would be amazed if this got passed and/or survived long enough to get enforced. I mean, not only anime/manga would be affected, but video games, books, etc. Every single publisher would be screaming bloody murder, given anywhere from 30% to 100% of their products would become impossible to sell.

    There is actually one positive aspect to the “save the children” groups, in that they are batshit insane. Instead of proposing things that a normal, reasonable person might agree with and implement, they go completely off the wall, get recognized as loons, and promptly ignored. Except in Australia.

    • Because of save the children more real children will continue to be victimized and suffer in sweat shops.

      Really for what ever it must cost them to bribe a politician into doing this could have saved thousands of real children.

      Do these bozos have any idea how much it costs the state to house non violent people in prison?

      That cost ends up taking away from schools and welfare for children.
      Good job you waste of carbon atoms.

  • This seems equal to an economic harakiri for the publishing industry in Japan, not to mention create a mind-police in that the most restrictive and puritan subjective perceptions can deem pretty much anything to be criminal. Personally I think letter B has always looked obscene. :D|B-<

    Idiots with deranged religious moral values should not be given a monopoly to write laws governing everyone else.
    Japanese are way too tolerant of fanatical Christian talebans and other religious and feminist nutcases.

  • Fictional characters appear all over, including the bible:- Got this from a christian history site

    “Christianity was founded on the life and teachings of a Jew named Jesus Christ. Jesus was born to a devout Jewess named Mary and a carpenter named Joseph. According to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus was conceived by a miracle of the Holy Spirit before the couple had had any sexual relationship.”

    Bluntly put Mary got up the duff by a fictional character “the Holly Spirit” a case of homing Fog and Inexplicable white lights Huh? sounds like censored Anime 🙂

  • Man…things are going to be really screwed when this happens…

    I guess their government wants to see mayhem/crazy happen, eh?

    My friend flipped when he read this, I can’t imagine how everyone else is taking this BS.

    • That means there’d have to have been a First and Second Impact before there could be a Third.

      ….. though, with the way things are going now, we could see Human Instrumentality pretty soon….

      • Anonymous says:

        agreed captain, fuck these assholes, lets start recruiting all the otakus and terraform a planet elsewhere. This is what happens when you let politicions run wild. People need to stand up to these people or nothing will ever change. Make an example of them and i’ll bet you governments world wide would change. But when it comes down to it, nobody will make a change cause its “too much work, or why should i do it, why don’t you do it?”. I want on the first shuttle off this planet when we go lol. *sticks ass against window in shuttle and moons all the people who aren’t leaving*

    • Oh, that’s easy. It’s because the people who actually sit around and do this kind of crap is exactly because of that- they sit around. They can’t actually do any real shit like trying to go out and stop actual rapists and pedophiles, so they stick it to lolicons. They’ll sit up and try to paint the lolicons as the pedos, then once everyone hates the lolicons, they’ll try to press for bans. Then they hit the other types of eroge they consider “wrong” or “perverse” or “sick” or whatever the hell else. All the while, actual children are actually being raped by actual pedophiles.

      Well, way to go, jhonny boy. You’ve gone and pissed off a small, but sizeable minority of people. Don’t you feel proud of yourself?

  • If this actually happens, Otaku and other freedom-loving people all over Japan and by extension, the whole World over, would be outraged and vent their anger against Christians and women’s rights groups since those ate the people behind this asinine ban.

    I’m a Christian, but I’m somewhat an Otaku, too. And I think ignorant people SHOULDN’T stick their thumbs in other peoples’ pies!

  • Evolution is about to happen in Japan and if it happens it will mean an end to all we know and looked forward too that didn’t represent x-rated items. Not every one looks for or wants to seen hentai. But it will mean an end to all of that.

  • Preparing for faceplam.
    Initialing facepalm.
    Facepalm complete.

    What is wrong with these radical groups? Why can’t they let free speech remain just that? They are basically political terrorists, attacking that which they disagree with force, at least thats how I see it.

  • I believe it’s time to create a new internet. let the nanny-state keep the old one.
    only problem is hardware. unless we can make the new work on the old, with such hefty encryption that not even the servers in-between knows what is being sent.

    “I heard you like the internet, so I put an internet in your internet so you can surf safely while you surf unsafely”.

    of course, there may already exist something like that.

  • I’d rather have the mysterious black void panties, rays of light from nowhere, white-homing-fog with 100% opacity, Darkness from the abyss, and obscure camera angles that focus on the moon or walls than have the various manga/anime removed from broadcast/distribution.

    I think I died a little inside.

  • Just remember, this will also cause all flat chested women to be seen as loli and thus illegal too

    Sukumizu? Illegal

    EGL? Illegal

    Hell, anything frilly, like frilly panties? Jail cell for you

    Girl just wearing casual clothes? That’s just childish, get in the police car

  • I can see where this is going. Ban on loli = no loli = no gravure models = tough time w/o money = prostitution (red light district) = ban skimpy outfits = back to the days of victorian with suits and dress and kimonos. In kimono, sex would be more convenient and the undies, I hope. I just hope when that time comes, i can still get it up.

  • Meh, it’s the same as always. They think that by banning something a certain crime would disminish but actually it’s going to be the other way. Haven’t they heard of the alcohol prohibition in the USA?, banning alcohol brought way MORE crime, violence, killings and much more stuff than what they originally wanted to diminish.
    Right now, I can see further, once the law applies and kids are raped, they won’t be able to blame manga, anime nor anything else so maybe they’ll find any other excuse and blame something else that would undoubtly be tried to be banned.
    And as many of you said, there’s going to be a HUGE recession on financial capital since anime, manga and games are the most commercial values in japan and with this it’ll be affected greatly.

    • The US and Feminist are just jealous that Japan found out and implemented this before they did, thus causing their crime rate to be lower then theirs, and they know the only way to bring it up is by banning what’s stopping or slowing the process down, they want it to get higher then theirs so they can call their shitty country good even though its full of rednecks, fat fucks and whoppers.

    • I just hope they put this in perspective when it was passed. I hope those ignorant politician will feel the ruins of all citizens and and all citizens and politicians will regret what they have done. I hope the person who proposed this bill will be forced into deep regret and go into hiding.

  • I seriously hate the Japanese for not starting any protests. If this goes any further, Anime will be banned as we know it.
    Of course it’s mostly about face-making politicians and hypocritical feminist organizations, but all of them are the minority. If the wishes of the majority are publicly neglected, it’s nothing more nor less than dictation.

  • This is outrageous. If a ban would be put on such said materials, then certainly the changes will not be effective more so than detrimental. This then is not even about the nonsensical effect of such materials. This is merely a false sense of security by forcing a blanket over the real problem.

    The real culprit should be dug out first rather then to bury it under a pile of bills that will only do so much as to make the politicians backing it to feel a sense of accomplishment while the real threat lurks unattended.

    Producers: Violent movie.
    Politic: Violent movie banned.
    Producers: Violent game.
    Politic: Violent game banned.
    Producers: Violent porn.
    Politic: Violent porn banned.
    Producers: Violent vibrating dildo.
    Politic: Violent vibrating dildo not banned. We need that for our wives.
    Producers: Dog stew.
    Politic: Dog stew banned. They’re our friend.
    Politic2: Dog stew not banned. They’re our food.
    Politic3: Dog stew banned. They’re not our veggies.
    Producers: Nude family portrait of their child
    Politic: Cute. Not banned.
    Politic2: Cute. But banned. Why? …because an old guy was found raping a child and in his house, we found the cute photo.
    People: What??? Isn’t he the old guy that was released from prison not too long ago for attempted rape of a child? Didn’t he get raped by his father when he was a child and saw his mother being fucked by strangers in a brothel? And that’s why he’s like that? The photo just happened to be there one way or another. Wasn’t it the governments job to police this man when he got out?
    Police: …no, it was because of the loli photo.
    Politic: …that’s right. it’s the fault of that wallet-sized loli photo. We MUST ban!!!
    Producers: animated loli movie/porn, loli game, loli sex dolls, loli art, …
    Politic. Ban! Ban! Ban–kai!!!
    People: what??? it’s my own creation. my own property. my own money that went into the materials that gave life to this loli drawing…
    Politic: Ban! Ban! Ban–kai!!!
    People: what???
    Politic: Ban! Ban! Ban… because we can’t draw. We like loli too but we can’t draw. So we have to download loli drawing from others but we’ll get caught so if we can’t have it, you guys can’t have it too.
    People: Bestiality-drawn porn.
    Politic: Ban–kai!!!
    People: why???
    Politic: …my child had sex with my dog and my wife’s cat. I found bestial-drawn porn under his bed.
    Child: daddy… it’s the drawing’s fault. I saw our dog having sex and mommy and daddy having sex on the veranda and that made my pee pee hard. So my body just moved on top of your dog and mommy’s cat… i’m sorrly papa, mama.
    Politic: …quiet son. we can’t have the world know.

    Point is, all these bill do is touch the surface and pretend that it actually penetrates what really matters. They should stop wasting money and do something fucking productive like supporting medical bill for working families that can’t afford to even take their child to the clinic because of recurring medical debt. Yes, I speak for myself too.

    • EDIT: Child: daddy… it’s NOT the drawing’s fault. I saw our dog having sex and mommy and daddy having sex on the veranda and that made my pee pee hard. So my body just moved on top of your dog and mommy’s cat… i’m sorrly papa, mama.

  • That legislation seems reasonable: It just forbids selling loli porn to underage people. Doesn’t make much of a diiference. A strict interpretation might see anime and manga such as Queen’s blade out of the reach of under 18s, but that’s not much of a problem.

  • You know, minors should be anywhere near porn to began with, regardless of genre.

    But what exactly is the definition of “sexual activity”

    Does that mean that all anime containing highschool (the average anime character is slightly under 18) fanservice is techinically banned?

  • The age group for a lot of Anime/manga ranges from teens to adults, bluring the line. Therefore, some anime/manga will have to go through a major scrubbing if it is sold in Tokyo.
    I hope something like this doesn’t pass or it may go nationwide and affect how anime is made. The stuff is already censored enough.

    • Selling stuff depicting schoolgirls having sex to schoolboys – NO

      Selling stuff depicting schoolgirls having sex to old geezers – A OK

      lulz :p That does make everyone happy though. Pretentious politicians and parents are content that they are “protecting the children”, yet have access to that material themselves.

      It’s not hypocricy, it’s for the children. Ban sex between minors next time… Oh wait… SHIT!

      • they can’t do it. they’re fucking ignorant. this will only give the a sense of accomplishment while the whole problem still exist widely.

        i’m sure lolicon prefer loli not because they are cute and underage, it’s probably because of their innocence which most aged people will never possess. Since everyone sleeps with everyone nowadays. It’s a given.

        Ask yourself: how many people have you fucked? how many people have fucked you? see… there goes our innocence–not a lot of people have that. at least Christians are doing something good with abstinence until marriage, but how a convert nun can be turned into a virgin again is beyond me.

  • We need a Nod/Otaku Fate squad to “silence” these groups.

    We need to rally the otakus together. With their dedication, they can form a private army of their own, all they need is weapons and some stealth training..

  • Gee no more loli sex in my anime.

    Where's the fucking downside? I don't care if you lolicons lose all your fucking loli sex, really, I don't.

    I'd be happy to see Dance in the Vampire Bund lose the loli images and stick to anime where the girls aren't naked.

  • if this gets approved almost every manga in thats being serialized will have to be removed, yeah because if a character thats under 18 even kisses its an auto ban for said manga, also, no more highshool based mangas, etc.

  • How exactly do you define the age of a fictional character?
    Where can you see the difference between a fictional 17 year old girl and a fictional 18 year old girl?
    Even a real 18 year old girl may have short posture, small breasts and loli voice, so this ‘proposed law’ is extremely flawed.

    And my main concern is why they are trying to protect fictional lolis? These lolis aren’t real, they are just drawings and don’t have any real conscious, feelings or souls.
    I totally agree to laws protecting real lolis, but laws protecting fictional lolis is more than just stupid.

    • Well, a lot of us have been trying to put forward the points you mentioned. It just appears that politicians are just doing this to cover their asses in case other nations or organisations like Equality Now starts bitching at them. Politicians can be kinda selfish when it comes to saving face. They only care about a few things, their image, the relative image of their country, and saving their job.

    • real lolis i absolutely! have no problem but when they start extending the bill into the realm of artistic endeavour, then this starts to become a huge problem.

      we all condemn real lolis but what does fictional lolis have in this whole matter? if it even protects the right of lolis then why not give them equal rights to vote in favour of or against the bill being passed?

  • Wow, people won’t even be able to cosplay a good handful of characters now. Unless they ban children from conventions ;/

    How many hikikomori do you think will end up committing suicide now? Loli material will be desolate, and they sure as hell can’t move somewhere else. Just when you think humanity can’t become any more disappointing, they start throwing crap like this at us.

    • No, we shouldn’t start a riot, we should start a SLAUGHTER. Instead of just torching cars, we torch cars with the passengers locked inside of them. Instead of smashing the windows of the banks, you smash the tellers’ skulls behind them.

      You know, let’s have a “deadly game of freeze tag–I touch you with a .44 mag and you’re frozen inside a body bag”.

      Natural Born Killaz – Dr. DRE and Ice Cube.

  • Only in Tokyo, but can they really put up with people bringing in these materials from other parts of Japan and causing a black market to form. The studios specialising in these industries may also move to other areas of Japan, causing unemployment to increase in Tokyo.


    • the ban it self will cause unemployment or at least a severe reduction on the incoming of many people…so my guess is that it won’t last long, and my personal advice to japan STOP BEING OTHER COUNTRIES’S BITCH…SAY “SCREW YOU, WE DO WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT AND HOW WE WANT AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE SCREW YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN.” to these groups like equality now and the likes that want to dictate how you should rule your own country.

      • I thought of the unemployment thing with the Australia small tits article. all the women with small tits can’t just shift to other porn they are completely out unless they want and can afford the boob job. If this happens then hopefully the companies can shift to new product or they will lay off tons of people.

    • the ban it self will cause unemployment or at least a severe reduction on the incoming of many people…so my guess is that it won’t last long, and my personal advice to japan STOP BEING OTHER COUNTRIES’S BITCH…SAY “SCREW YOU, WE DO WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT AND HOW WE WANT AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE SCREW YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN.”

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think they give a shit about how many people they force out of employment(if any). This is more than made up so that people don’t become lolicon hikkomoris who just leech.

    • @MasterYuke
      While I disagree with the idea and usefulness of this new law, you can hardly HARDLY say that loli-rape in manga is ‘art’. That argument ended with the law-suit of Max Hardcore. “No, seriously, making a woman throw up bloody vomit through her nose after forcing my cock down her throat is art!” … sure.

      • Yea, good luck with that. The Japanese don’t get off their “lazy asses” for almost anything. Hell, it took me three months to convert my Canadian drivers license and nearly five months to hear back from the post office that the lost package I sent over-seas had in-fact not been shipped and was sitting in the LOCAL post office.

    • I don’t really like anything loli, so this doesn’t effect me. Having said that, banning it makes no sense. I mean, let’s just humor the argument that all fans of loli are full on pedophiles. Even if that were true, wouldn’t a ban on something such as lolicon oriented porno just be taking away an outlet for such a person? Aren’t there studies that support that? That people are less likely to do something if they have an outlet for a relatable condition or stress?

      • Anonymous says:

        “Even if that were true, wouldn’t a ban on something such as lolicon oriented porno just be taking away an outlet for such a person? Aren’t there studies that support that? That people are less likely to do something if they have an outlet for a relatable condition or stress?”
        …a comment by Japanisok.

        This is not true. And there are no studies supporting that idea. Engagement breeds the desire. After time, images will no longer be enough. Videos will no longer be enough. After that, what’s left? All that is left is committing the act itself. This scenario is evident in many, many studies regarding pedophilia and other psychological conditions. For example, serial killers almost always start with dissecting dead animal, then killing animals, then people.

        But, in this case, with all of the anger and discourse about this potential ban, the real danger is that it sends a strong signal of support to pedophiles that says there is a large community that supports their behaviour. The pro-child sexualization environment, is encouraging to pedophilia and makes the act more desirable and possible. This is the problem.
        The question I keep asking people to ask themselves is “why are you attracted to images of children in sexual situations?”.
        I know you, “Japanisokay” have said you don’t like this stuff, so obviously it is a question not directed at you, but to others. And for them I ask, please seek counseling. Counseling can help you discover why you are attracted to this, and help you out of it.

        • Please, just stop using that ridiculous logic where you just force your own personal morals onto others. Everyone has their own personal tastes and morals. Think about it. People like you, when they get too much power, many people suffer and become persecuted by the law. Look at gay people for instance; many people will not share their views, or will believe that it is immoral, yet do they deserve to be persecuted, and have laws banning them from being how they are? That sort of screwed up logic is one of the root causes for many problems and tragedies in this world. Think Holocaust. The persecution of African Americans. Religious conflicts. There are countless examples. Nothing good comes of it. So why must you insist that people who’ve been born with or developed these tastes for drawings of FICTICIOUS children, more-over anime style, not even realistic(2d and 3d, go google the difference), why should they get themselves brain-washed into rejecting it all? Just what good will possibly come of that? Should we brainwash all gay people as well while we’re at it? And perhaps those atheists, or non-christians in general? Your kind of logic disgusts me. But I cannot force you to think differently. That’s all I have to say.

      • “I don’t really like anything loli, so this doesn’t effect me”

        But it will affect you. See, that’s the problem and I’m pretty sure someone pointed it out. They are trying to ban anyone that looks, sounds, or dresses like someone under 18. Basically. So if, whatever anime\manga you like has anyone that acts young, even if they are older, it will fall into the ban zone.

        Worse, when they get one of these through, they follow it up with swifter, more wide sweeping bans. As retarded as it is, look at Australia and Canada. Australia was going for more bans on stuff, including small breasts that might show a character to be young. What is small enough to count? Canada was aiming to pass a ban on adults talking to kids on the net. If you’re playing an MMO and typing, how do you know how old someone is?

        History shows this. When one ban goes through, much larger, wider reaching ones soon try to follow. So if you enjoy nudity at all, that may be the next thing to be banned completely. Nudity already is a stupid taboo in many places.

        Like loli or not, a ban on it will soon extend to some thing you do like. We live in weird times, before we know it, leaving our homes might be outlawed. As far fetched and ridiculous as that sounds, there are places you can’t leave your home already after a certain time. What fun times we live in…

        • Anonymous says:

          the problem here is that anything under 18 is automatically illegal…anything over 18 but from any specific persons perspective seems to be referencing under 18 material is illegal. so why can they use 2 different rules to ban. shouldn’t it just be under 18 = illegal… OR seems under 18 = illegal….they just change laws for their own convenience…sad isn’t it?

        • Anonymous says:

          17:29 Anon:

          If an anime has even slightly “obscene” fanservice related to characters that _could be_ under-18, they’re banned. The translation might not make that very clear, but that’s the case.

        • > if, whatever anime\manga you like has anyone that acts young, even if they are older, it will fall into the ban zone.

          Only if they are also having sex. Which in most of the anime I watch, is not the case. Although it is also the case for others~

      • By the wording in the proposed change in law it would pretty much ban all anime and manga that has anything sexual in it. That is because almost all anime/manga characters are young and all it takes (by that law) is someone saying they are under 18 to get it banned. This would cover anything from intercorse to sexual innuendo.

      • If you had read the actual article you would know that the ban concerned more than just loli. And no, lolicon is not the same thing as pedophilia and I wouldn’t go so far as humoring it since it’ll only invite people to think that it’s the truth

      • Isent a person more likely to grow into being a pedophile when bombarded with shota raep from young age. with series like konakon and kissxsis being all ages material in japan it makes a pretty good breeding ground for pedos

        Sexual preverence (fetishes) is determined at a young age and usually stays for life, a age rating is more than deserved

        • “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

          Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

          Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

          Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

        • What he says has a point to it. There is a flaw though…has this actually made Japan a pedo breeding ground? Are there more there or is it the same as anywhere else? More so, even if some one is a pedo it only matters if they actively pursue real children. There is also a problem with what they are defining as pedo material. The medical definition is the only one that makes sense. Being attracted to anyone who shows signs of sexual development is healthy.

        • I’m really anoyed when people downvote comments they don’t like instead of their content.
          While I may not agree with anon above, he certanly doesn’t deserve that -1.

          Seriously guys, don’t rate down just because you don’t like something. That’s not any better than censorship.

        • It effects you 100%, Japanisokay. Even if you don’t like lolicon, rape, scat, futanari, or whatever it may be. If you and everyone don’t stand up for it, everything someone doesn’t like will be banned.

          If you don’t protect everything, there will be nothing to protect.

        • Forgive me as I am mostly ignorant to Japan’s current laws. I thought there already was an age restriction on sexual manga in general. If not, obviously there should be one. But it shouldn’t be outright banned.

      • Kinny Riddle says:

        “I don’t really like anything loli, so this doesn’t effect me.”

        Neither do I. But the problem with these moralistic goons is, they’re trying to define anything that’s below 18, whether they’re loli-looking or not, as “loli”.

        • Wow, this anon(14:43) is such a faggot. All he’s doing is copy pasting this same passage and replying to random people.
          And he’s not even coming up with a real argument, he simply says that “it’s wrong” and that anyone into loli is somehow “mentally deranged”. Oh please. Everyone has their own sexual desires, and furthermore these are simply drawings of fictitious characters.
          Based on your logic, you’d be saying all gay people need to go to counseling, that all people with a foot-fetish need to get their heads checked. If you’re going to argue a point, please come up with something to support it instead of just blindly criticizing a certain group of people. And grow a brain while you’re at it.

        • Anonymous says:

          And how would “going underground” address and deal with the real issue? The issue that you are attracted to images of children in sexual situations.
          Why are you attracted to images of children in sexual situations?
          Please ask yourself that question.
          The answer might require counseling. Counseling is a good thing, for everyone.

        • Anonymous says:

          A lot of comments are about loli being harmless. That really evades the concern. Images that sexualize children don’t “create” pedophiles, but those that are attracted to images that place children in sexual situations already have that desire. And it is a problem. It needs to be addressed.
          Counseling is a wonderful thing. Seek it.

          If you disagree with me, then why are you attracted to images of children in sexual situations?
          Please ask yourself that question.

        • I think if it was banned and they went underground, more people would find real CP when they’re just looking for banned manga on the same sites. They’d actually be significantly upping distribution prevalence of real CP.

        • @9:00 –
          the only thing I really agree with is the fact that yes, loli is basically harmless. I hardly doubt the fandom would just “die out” though. If anything, it will live and thrive through the internet, even if it becomes forbiden to possess.

        • If everyone in the world suddenly banned ero loli, the fandom will die out in few years under the watchful eye of the holy inquisition.

          Same as CP – it will just become so much pain in the ass to get that most people wouldn’t bother (or know how) to find it.

          Of course unlike CP, loli/shota ero manga is totally harmless and the only people who would benefit from banning it are the moralists who just have to force their view on everyone else. It’s truly an ugly thing.

      • It certainly would affect wonder fetifal and comiket.BTW its useless to ban something thats considered a harmless culture,people will eventually protest and find a way to circumvent the law.Look at the Prohibition,Peer to Peer downloading,Bittorent,and many others.
        If you lock down your basic human impulse (sexual desires and other vice’s) with rules and faith,you usually will end up as miserable,pethatic hypocrite–>for example look at Saudi Arabia,a land with the HIGHEST rate of sexual herrasments and rapes (most of it unrecorded because of fear of being rediculed) thanks to strick Shari’a laws.
        We dont want japan to walk the same path,do we?

        • If that’s the case then everyting you say is completely irrelavent and you need to take that shit elsewhere. I swear your the dumbest person I’ve had the misfortune of encountering in a long time. EVERYBODY already saw the thing you’ve posted like ten times now. Get over yourself and mind your own god damned buisness. Your just like those old shits who ban any given thing they don’t like. Thanks for being one of those people who has to make the world worse for everyone but themselves. Dick.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are assuming that pedophilia is a “basic human impulse”. It is not. It is a psychological issue to be addressed. Counseling is a good tool.
          The issue is whether it is ok to support the sexualization of children through media.
          You can pick your side, but the real issue is “why are you attracted to media that puts children in sexual situations?”.
          The desire comes first, the act follows.
          I don’t care about the law, or the ban. I care about the answer to that question.
          It can and should be addressed.

    • With the Recession and economic issues in Japan, this is only going to make things worse. We need a group that would be able to combat these extremist groups in situations such as this.
      If this went through, they’d only continue to ban more types of sexual behavior until all we’d be left with is the Missionary Position…
      I may be a huge loli fan, but all fetishes aside, even I can see that this is an unacceptable loss of free speech if it goes through.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not to mention they already wasted the Japanese taxpayer’s money from the previous attempt already, now they’re wasting taxpayer’s money for the same exact thing again. Will it ever stop?

        Furthermore, this could even apply to parents who have nude photos of their own babies/children. So they could even face prison time just for something that innocent.

        • @Anon 14:20
          Think about it this way; when people pore over murder-mystery novels, or read horror stories, does it make them want to go out and kill people themselves? Perhaps there are a few situations where people take ideas from stories they have read and commit it themselves, BUT the main thing is, they’d already be screwed up enough to want to go out and kill someone. It’s not as if reading something like that will make someone with decent morals suddenly decide they’d want to commit a horrible crime.
          So applying this to loli-manga; if there are people out there who read these that are willing to go out and commit sexual crimes, then it will not make a god-damned difference whether these comics are banned or not.

          Practically all men watch porn. Do they all go out and become rapists? Hell no. These loli-manga are just as “dangerous” and “immoral” as any other porn. And let’s face it, porn isn’t gonna disappear anytime soon, it’s a completely normal thing for any man to enjoy. So people should stop wasting their time trying to ban any of it.

        • Anonymous says:

          “a fictional minor” is what they say it is.
          A !!!FICTIONAL!!! MINOR.
          as in DOES NOT EXIST.
          as in DOES NO HARM.

          This was posted above by “MasterYUKE”
          This is a terribly naive statement. Real or fiction, those that fantasize about the act hold within themselves the desire to commit the act.
          You should be asking yourself why you are drawn to images that depict children in sexual situations.

        • Wrong, you can’t RIGHTFULLY criminalize people for just wanting something, but that doesn’t mean you can’t LEGALLY criminalize it. Unfortunate as it is, if you can write it into law, that’s all that’s needed.

        • Great, let’s solve the problem by “banning pedophiles”.

          For one thing,what goes on in people’s heads is the last refuge of the individual – it’s called “freedom of conscience”, and is inviolable under most constitutions in the western world.

          For another, you need to distinguish between wanting something, and actuall taking it. If I walk into a shop and think, wow, that’s a great new console/tv/blu-ray/whatever, I’d really like one of those, does that make me a thief? No, unless I grab hold of it and run. You can’t criminalise people for just wanting something.

        • I’ve got to admit, as much as this anon loves loli, 3D kids are annoying and entirely un-cute. Smart ass no nothing little trolls that they are..>_> No offense meant to anyone here with children. I’m sure they’re all your little angels

          …little trolls.

        • MasterYuke, did you even read anything?

          This particular law is not trying to “protect the children”. This law is attempting to protect the consumer of such products from developing “unhealthy” sexual habits.

        • “a fictional minor” is what they say it is.
          A !!!FICTIONAL!!! MINOR.
          as in DOES NOT EXIST.
          as in DOES NO HARM.

          I am seriously going to fucking kill some Goddamn ignorant people who do not understand the difference between art and actually going out and raping a child.