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Bleach Ripped Off by American Comic Artist Nick Simmons


Bleach fans have been outraged to learn that the comic has apparently been the subject of shameless plagiarism in the American comic book “Incarnate” by Nick Simmons.

Nick Simmons, whose main claim to fame is being the son of elderly washed up celebrity Gene Simmons, has attempted to launch a career as comic book artist with the release of his undead action comic “Incarnate,” but it seems the whole process was either too difficult or too much work, for readers soon spotted some rather striking similarities between his work and Bleach:





Leaving aside the obvious ethical bankruptcy and legal suicide inherent in such actions, it seems incredible that anyone would think nobody would notice, particularly with a blockbuster manga like Bleach.

The “artist” apparently doesn’t restrict himself to Bleach, with other artists also suffering the same fate:


Simmons is also alleged to be freely helping himself to scenes from Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, NANA, Dogs, and others. He has yet to offer any comment on the matter.

There are currently some entertaining efforts to bring the wrath of Shueisha and VIZ (who hold the US rights to Bleach) down on both author and publisher; it seems his career as comic book writer may be a short lived one indeed.

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