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Wow, I didn’t know there were so many idiots that think that something must be funny or else it is shit. The show is more interesting rather than funny. You know what’s funny? Your tiny brain, and not only that…

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  • K-ON!! Airs On An Incredible 28 TV Stations:
    Not really, I play a variety of Instruments (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin) and the fact that Yui just suddenly LOL AMAZING AT GUITAR and small things like that annoyed me more than anything. Still, it was a rather good anime.

  • K-ON!! Airs On An Incredible 28 TV Stations:
    04:06 LOL. You may not be a regular sheep but with that name, avatar and attitude its obvious you’re Just a regular old EMO. I’m sure you didn’t like Bakemonogatari because all you emo friends liked it. and liked k-on because your emo friends didn’t. All because you’re so unique lol. GTFO or better yet go cut you self some more then GTFO.

  • K-ON!! Airs On An Incredible 28 TV Stations:
    Bamboo Blade is a “harem show”? O_o I thought people around here had definition issues with slice of life only.

  • K-ON!! Airs On An Incredible 28 TV Stations:
    @Anon 4:57 “There is no conclusion in life” Um…yes there is?

  • K-ON!! Airs On An Incredible 28 TV Stations:
    I normally avoid that smacks of moe like the plague, but really enjoy K-ON!, largely because it is very, very funny. And, honestly, it’s not *that* moe, when all is said and done – certainly no more so than Bamboo Blade, another slice-of-life high-school “harem show” with no “plot” to speak of. And, hell, it’s got as much – if not more – plot than Sayonara, Zestubou Sensei… or a lot of older, classic anime franchises like You’re Under Arrest or Oh My Goddess, to name just two. Taishou …

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  • Yuki-chan no Shoshitsu = “100% Haruhi!”:
    Does she hurt you? Does she make you angry? Does she make you hungry? Does she make you moan with ecstasy? Oh Haruhi, abuse me more!!

  • Hoshijiro Figure:
    at least it show slight areola

  • Unlimited Blade Works “Heart/wrenching!”:
    I don’t understand why you people insists someone must be getting off to Ilya’s death. 1. No one implied someone LIKED writing, watching children’s death, Ilya is a character that has to die, it doesn’t imply Nasu jacked off to killing her as much as he may have jacked off to killing Hercules in this episode. 2. Western medias also have dead kids, namely such as in Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, etc, does that mean Americans also fap to killing kids now? 3. Japan is a country, as in a place …

  • Shokugeki no Soma Sweeter Than Ever:
    Don’t worry, this show will have fan service for both genders and it won’t only be the girls getting sexualized. Just wait for it.

  • Daishuki Hold Parody Onahole:
    Obviously they made to feel not realism.


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