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Oh man this looks great; I really wish I could attend one of these events one day, but for now I’ll be content with just buying all the great figures released. Especially the Hitagi figure, such detail, I can’t wait to see the finished product. And OMG! Is that a Shinobu nendoroid I see in the background?!?! So Kawaii must have it!

All of the Mio figures looks great and are worth buying as well as the Black Rock Shooter ones. And to spare myself from searching for a second and third job I’ll take the Francesca nendoroid and be on my way! :)

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  • Rapper Soulja Boy’s Latest Masterpiece: “Anime”:
    @Ghost Dog I was thinking the same thing, he only lists what was popular on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, he could have flipped through a TV Guide and wrote this song (and I’m using the word “song” VERY loosely) I could never tell if this fucker was real or not, I mean does he even take himself seriously? I just laugh every time I hear him.

  • Strike Witches DS “Skinship Adventure” Yuri Groping Action:
    I need the one that’s in Eila’s mouth!

  • Strike Witches DS “Skinship Adventure” Yuri Groping Action:
    Yeah and it fucking sucks! But if I could just get high quality scans of the phone cards I wouldn’t need to pre-order. Although actually having the cards would be nice. It reminds me of when Izuna 2 came out, they had random reverse artwork. I took one off the shelf and saw it was the reverse art I wanted, but when I took it to the counter to pay for it they pulled a new copy out from behind the counter, wrapped and everything. Now for as long as I’ve been buying games from Gamestop they’ve …

  • Strike Witches DS “Skinship Adventure” Yuri Groping Action:
    Eliailicious… *wipes computer screen*

  • K-ON! Houkago Live!! Extreme Moe Gameplay:
    I think it would be worth making. First off it wouldn’t require as much to make as say a new Rock Band/Guitar Hero. (and that includes cost, time, effort, ect…)On top of that there are people who would buy it, but wouldn’t buy this. My sister hates K-ON! but she loves Guitar Hero and even said herself she would buy a K-ON! Rock Band if one were ever made. There are tons of people who are fans of Japanese/anime music and would love to play a Rock Band with Japanese tracks. Even people who don …


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