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you have got too fucking kidding me!
there are married woman out whom after breast feeding their child became A cup. Are they children are those 25+ year old woman loli? censorship can go fuck itself first they edit the violence out of anime because apparently ‘children watch it’ now THIS

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    uh, Taylor you are aware that most of these anons that are criticising you dont care about your perspective or views and what not. They’re just taking advantage of their anonymity to piss you off. Still neither MS or Sony stay true their word or give us what we pay for in the end. 360’s ‘RROD” and the PS3’s “Blue light of death” are good examples of quality and Sony’s PS3’s that aren’t backwards compatible and Microsoft ‘incomplete’ old xbox games compatibility list are perfect examples of …

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    can you imagine her going to the police about this “officer I’d like to make a confession,today I fried a man’s genitals after being sexually harassed by him.”


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