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“The Two Types of Anime Otaku”


2ch believes it has successfully divided anime otaku into two distinct types:

Type A:

A person who simply enjoys “anime.”

Is proud of Japan’s anime.

Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.

Hates shallow anime with no real content.

Story emphasis >>>>> Moe anime.

A recent example would Higashi no Eden. Fans of anime like Lain or Ghost in the Shell would probably be this kind.

Type B:

A person who simply enjoys “characters.”

Will watch an anime if it includes cute or beautiful characters.

Doesn’t care if story is awful, as long as the characters are of interest.

Evaluates anime based on which seiyuu are in it and what the characters look like.

Loves moe elements. Doesn’t like complex anime.

The otaku the media picks up on are usually this kind.

Doesn’t know that much about anime and so is often criticised as by Type A otaku.

However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.

Recently there has been a huge increase in anime targeted at Type B otaku.

People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.

In fairness “Type A” seems more a description of anime “fans” than anime “otaku,” as most of the irrational and obsessive characteristics generally associated with otaku seem to be absent; on the other hand, it is in the hearts of “Type B” otaku that the seeds of the moe boom were sown…

Anime lovers will inevitably have to ask “Which type am I?”

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  • AB, I guess. I like cute characters and spend money on anime merchandise when I get the chance, but the plotline of the story had always been the most important part for me, to the point where I won’t care about art style as long as the story is good. Also, I’m getting kind of tired of all the moe girls which modern anime is full of. My bisexsual soul demands more moe males, yet male moe anime gets bashed all the time, so we do not get a lot of this type. Also, I’m a fan of horror genre and I really enjoyed watching “Aku no Hana” which most moe lovers can’t stand, yet I’m a Madoka fan, so… I guess I’m AB after all.

  • Anonymous says:

    c’mon type A! you all lack determination talking big but not much of otaku…if you all (type A) like that, the quality of anime will surely down to the deepest pit of trash hole…

  • 3/4ths B 1/4th A

    i like worthless/pointless anime, Character driven Anime and i do spend a decent amount on Anime Goods

    but i always prefer Story > Moe

    what can i say if i enjoy something it doesn’t hurt anyone else

  • Type A, but characters are important to me as well.
    eg. I really like K-ON’s characters, and even though I agree the plot isn’t ‘great,’ it has its merits (appreciate school kind of thing).

  • Whoever is type B should just go and die…
    Who cares for characters in anime,just go and play VNs or Eroge if you like those characters so much…
    Anime/manga/Novels should still have a story and focus on characters only in the point of development and not to sell merchandise and/or to promote the seiyuu that became another sales-argument nowadays…

    Type B Otaku are not better than those Groupies on Rock-/Pop-concerts that sold their soul to their idol by creating fan-clubs,plastering their rooms with merchandise and posters and buying their creations (like music CDs) and visiting events (autograph sessions,concerts,fangroup-meetings,etc…).

    These people are just disoriented consume-zombies and can never enjoy real anime. They tend to fall into every trap that is laid out by the market like those pseudo-anime( more like animated commercials) like K-ON,Lucky Star,etc. that do not even try to conceal that their only purpose of existence is to sell merchandise…
    The general thing behind that is that more and more people nowadays a just tad stupid and can’t understand complex stories,that’s why they tend to similar entertainment on a level low enough for their brain to understand it.

    That’s why they enjoy characters doing simple tasks more than all characters(be it main- or side characters) contributing on a rather complex storyline with a backgroundstory, cliffhangers,climax,turnarounds and a rather complex ending, based on the classical structure of literature, leading to todays “anime-corruption”.

  • Im a Type A, who just watches/reads (read more tho) the mainstream anime/manga (like One Piece and Initial D). Basically shounen stuff. Also I watch Strawberry Panic because I think the plot was nice (and kinda sad). Also because it was Yuri Lol.

    The only “Type B” manga/anime was ToLoveRu (Darkness too). I started to read it only cuz it was made by the author of Black Cat… and Eve/Yami… 😛

  • My list says I’m a Type A, with B tendencies.

    Blue Gender
    Casshern Sins
    Cowboy Bebop
    Darker than Black
    Elfen Lied
    Eureka 7
    Ghost in the Shell
    Golden Boy
    Gundam Wing
    Kanokon (oh shit, moe)
    Last Exile
    Mai-HiME (kinda moe)
    Onegai Teacher (was this moe?)
    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (I think this might be moe…)
    Solty Rei (sadly, I though this one sucked.)
    Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki (are decently drawn Harem anime’s moe?)
    Toradora! (again, not sure if this is moe, but it was really good)

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a Type A and I’m damn proud of it. All the moe crap that the industry is churning out to sell to the Type B’s is making every season less and less interesting. What have we Type A’s got to look forward to this summer? What have we got to look forward to in the fall, even? Absolutely nothing. More goddamn Kami Nomi, more BakaTest, a CLAMP’d up adaptation of the Blood franchise, a series about a loli demon that drinks semen and a Gundam show that’s alienating Gundam’s key demographic. I’m pretty much done with the industry at this point. The only things left for me are Gundam Unicorn and the conclusion of Hellsing Ultimate.

    Fuck our livelihoods.

  • Can I be both ? Make a Type C or Type AB, I love anime like Higurashi, GITS, Trigun, etc. I also like Lucky Star, K-ON!, Ore No Imouto, etc. Just for some examples. I’ve tried to watch popular and obscure anime too, I want to know which one I would be ! TELL ME !! Anyway, I think I’m borderline otaku, I don’t have anime figues or dakimuras or posters, I do have the K-ON! desktop accessories, I think it’d be cool to have some figures but not to overdo it, I need room for my obsession with Guitars and Amps first, they take more space anyway. I wonder if I could find a anime themed guitar so I could satisfy both my interests at once !

  • Anonymous says:

    This isn’t really an accurate system.
    I fit right into the Type-A category except I do not HATE any anime. I enjoy ecchi/fanserve, moe, action, and other things even without much depth. I’ll always prefer something new and interesting with a great and fresh story over a cliche’d anime, but I still love my mainstream action like Bleach and I enjoy the ecchi anime.
    Also, what about characters as actual characters, their personalities and what not, not their appearances. Is that also in Type-B? A good anime should have a good story and likable characters, good art, acting, sound, etc.
    So, at the end of the day, am I still Type-A? or perhaps a hyrbrid? Or maybe, I’m just a true fan of anime that doesn’t hate on anything. Or I just have so much damn time on my hands that there’s no need to strictly be a Type-A or Type-B.

  • so basically, Type A=noitaminA.

    Personally, while I can say I am open about and willing to explore, even adore, a lot of Type A, my preferences mainly come down to Type B. Besides, it’s not as if anime with cute characters are guaranteed to have a sucky story (as MadoMagi just recently proved)… on the other hand, if I watch an anime with more realistic and/or weirdly stylized characters I was recommended, and the story ultimately ends up being underwhelming, what value would that series have then? At any rate, there’s certainly nothing wrong with liking both Texhnolyze and AIR TV, is there?

  • I must be type AB. i love Eva and Sailor Moon, Queen’s Blade and Noir, Lucky Star and Ghost in the Shell and will watch anything with Hayashima Megumi, Inoue Kikoko, Kotono Mitsuishi or Hisakawa Aya.

  • I always thought tha type A were consider as the minority compare to type B (the true otaku, i think) in sankaku community. But i think type A otaku also watch type B anime, its just that the way they view it is a bit different than the type B otaku.

    Eg 1: Railgun and Index Comparison
    Type B
    I remember someone post a comment that “railgun is better than index because it is full of kuroko, flat chest & yuri goodness and a lot of people agree with this.” or “Index are better because of the loli”. or “I dont like the extra fat they put to mikoto and kuroko’s chest”(Index 2nd season).

    Type A
    “Rail gun is better because the story are not that clutter compare to index. Character development also better in railgun since the main character for index is already well develop from the beginning. Though the story for index probably better in the novel.”

    Eg 2: Ore no imouto

    Type B
    Incest, wincest

    Type A
    Finally a good family driven story.

    Eg 3: K-ON
    Type B

    Type A
    I like the way they appreciate music.

    Some type A otaku do like the element of type B like moe stuff, but for them those moe stuff is only secondary factor for a good anime.

  • I watch things for pure entertainment. So often times I appear as a type B. But when I see really bad art, or voice acting or even bad plot and not very lovable characters my Type-A side kicks in. There is a balance between the two.

    If you want moe and stuff then the characters have to be loveable the voice acting has to be damn good. The plot can be and crappy, but other elements need to compensate. I dunno I guess I’m an AB type, the hybrid kind.

  • Is it just me or do the folks on 2ch not seem to know much about either storytelling or entertainment? You can’t really put story and characters on opposite sides of the spectrum as those are both elements that make up good entertainment.

    btw, I know I’m in the minority by saying this, but Ghost in the Shell did not have good artwork. It may have had smooth animation and such, but even ten minutes in, they proved they knew nothing about the fundamental concept of focal points.

    I think what they really meant by these categories is
    type A -> still believes the 90’s were so great
    type B -> has moved on already

  • Gahh! What a load of kay ahr double aye pee! I enjoy mindless fanservice, adorable characters in anime, and visual candy. I also enjoy good plots and well done art.

    Examples, I like K-On! and Siekon no Qwaser. But I also just finished watching The Portrait of La Petite Cossette and am enjoying Planetes.

    It is much like a guy can like looking at a pretty girl and he can enjoy an intense and thoughtful conversation. But usually not with the same individual.

    And even the best art won’t make for lack of either character or plot. Except for art major, that is.

  • does it matter? we all love anime, so why not make more people join our ranks? no need for this kind a thing since we’re all the same breed. this would just make a divide and probably start a crack.

  • I love Higashi no Eden. I want the watch when they finally make it. I think I would fit in the Type A section. Character development is most important to me because after the anime or manga loses it fame and luster the most reminiscent thing I would remember is the characters and who they were, what they did, how they changed, and where they ended up at the end of the series. in a way the anime or manga never really fades because that connection with the characters is strong.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a mix of A and B as well, I enjoy my anime with great stories and art. At the same time an enjoyable anime does not have to contain a pristine art style. I am not that picky about my anime~ as long as it is not completely FUBAR. The musical elements of an anime go a long way for me as well. I can’t consider myself proud though considering I am not “proud” of any media American or Japanese. I just watch and enjoy.

    All work and no play also rings true, I do enjoy some type B anime as well. Moe and/or Sexy as long as the overall story is enjoyable. Most of the moe drivel that they release today is nothing but fan service. One anime I found enjoyable that I feel would fit into type B is Vandread. It was equal parts awesome, sexy and cute. It had a story line that was absolutely goofy and stupid but it worked.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder…
    I haven’t watched a lot of anime (yet. I’m slowly working my way into otakudom), but I can’t say I really fit into either. I really do appreciate a good story, but I’m also a massive Lucky Star fan.
    Thing is, I don’t really care for moe, I just like it because it’s funny. For example, I would still like it if all the characters were male.
    Also, what about sports anime? They’re generally not examples of great stories, but they’re quite far from being moe… I really liked Slam Dunk (when I was a kid, should watch it again) and Hajime no Ippo. Prince of Tennis, on the other hand… *shudder*

  • Anonymous says:

    I think I’m like a mix.
    I like some of the more moe and H-series, like K-On!, Queens Blade and Seikon No Qwaser, but all my favorites are series like Gundam 00, Gurren Lagann, Fullmetal Alchemist, and my all-time favorite Escaflowne.

  • Anonymous says:

    hmm… classify me as type B… first and foremost my first requirement before watching an anime was for it to have a cute character first after all! besides Strike Witches was one of my favorites… =w= but that doesn’t mean I dont look into the stories! besides an anime with no real content is boring… and ofcourse is very proud of Japanese animes… but I mostly fall into type B

  • Anonymous says:

    I begin with type A, but went on the dark side later,
    Reason? ITs all crap type A anime now. Fillers and more. Bleach u can stop after the fight with rukia bro. Time have passes since we have hellsing, berserk, and others. There are some still alright but i dun watch robots. Thus there is hardly any left

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m probably a little of both. I prefer anime with a deep plot and deep characters, but goddammit if I don’t love my moe-blob at times. Though I don’t see myself actually purchasing much anime merchandise.

  • Anonymous says:

    TYPE A
    yes – A person who simply enjoys “anime.”

    yes – Is proud of Japan’s anime.

    yes – Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.

    no – Hates shallow anime with no real content.

    yes – Story emphasis >>>>> Moe anime.

    TYPE B
    yes somehow – A person who simply enjoys “characters.”

    yes – Will watch an anime if it includes cute or beautiful characters.

    yes – Doesn’t care if story is awful, as long as the characters are of interest.

    yes – Evaluates anime based on which seiyuu are in it and what the characters look like.

    not really – Loves moe elements. Doesn’t like complex anime.

    I know MUCH – Doesn’t know that much about anime and so is often criticised as by Type A otaku.

    Somehow – However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.

    yes – Recently there has been a huge increase in anime targeted at Type B otaku.

    i love these animes – People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.

    Where am i belong?

    This classification of otaku FAILS BIG TIME..

  • Anonymous says:

    I taught that the author is type A. a die hard hater of type B. LOL!!!

    Maybe he/she is between 30-40 years old cause he only intend to watch serious animes.

    give a fair judgement on anime lovers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Assuming this does not fall under the fallacy of a false dilemma, I guess I fall more under Type B.


    Why not make it a continuum instead? Since there are a number of people who like to say that they like both worlds… 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    >”People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.”


  • Anonymous says:

    lol, i don’t really care, i watched lain when i was in middle school, i like ghost in the shell, K-on, Railgun and strike witches. i hate naruto, one piece and bleach. and i love hentai, loli’s and AV.

  • I have from both sides of it. I’m very into moe/ecchi and that kind of stuff. but I also like series with a lot of story. I love Full Metal Alchemist, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (okay that one is very moe too), Death Note and others too. At the same time I really like cute girl characters too. Though for me a serie HAS to have a good story for me to give it 10/10. Then the moe is not enough. Though if a serie has BOTH moe/bishoujo AND a good story then it’s even better. So I’m definately a mix of both kinds.

  • Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t know that much about anime and so is often criticised as by Type A otaku.

    However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.

    Recently there has been a huge increase in anime targeted at Type B otaku.


    In short, type B are gullible idiots that would buy anything shallow and half-assed animes thrown at them.

    I’m so proud to be type A.

  • Anime lovers will inevitably have to ask, “who fucking cares about this?”

    these categories are pretty garbage if you ask me, and someone who willingly identifies with one of these two..oh boy. I enjoy watching ‘complex and ‘moe’ shows, but more importantly I enjoy not oversimplifying or reducing anything I watch into simple categories and just getting the most I possibly can out of the show.

  • Type “watching-anime-relevant-to-my-interest-or-based-on-what-it-is-and-not-what-it-could-have-been-instead-of-other-people’s-biased-judgement”.

    I wonder what defines a “Type SanCom”…

    To be tied to a particular anime fan type according to none other than 2ch?!
    [b]BLASPHEMY! This is MADNESS![/b]

  • Anonymous said:
    Chris is wrong.

    If you evaluate a anime at all for its story/direction/art you are automatically a type A. It basically means that you are serious about Anime as a art form and require a well thought product in order to enjoy it.

    If you are capable of enjoying any generic crap show like bleach or naruto then you are and will never be a Type A. Because that means you do not really value story/direction/art/sound.

    This does not mean that a part of the show can not compensate for its lacking in a specific category to make it viewable but to think that you can be an objective A and a ignorant B is pretentious, showing that deep down you have problems with inadequacy and need to make yourself feel like the "generalist" in all facets of your life.

    But get real. People can't be everything. There's always something lost.

    That just pure crap your writing here ….

    You cant put anyone in a category like that and ofc you can be a bit of both and even more, for example

    Why shouldnt i understand the deepness of an Anime which im more serious like Monster/Death Note or Lain

    Just because i also like some random bashing like in Naruto/Bleach or to be more extrem mass ecchi like in Kämpfer or Needless?

    I valuate every Anime different, i will watch an Anime if i get interested in something, whether its the complexity of the Story [Monster], the Gore [Gantz], the Style [Toaru Majutsu no Index], the Ecchiness [Ikki Tousen], the Randomness [Lucky Star], the Fighting [Shadow Skill], or just Everything [Code Geass/Neon Genesis Evangelion/Berserk]

    My Interest in Anime is very diversified and i will not just dont watch and Anime because 1 of many Elements is not as good as others…

    Uhhh that Anime seems dumb so i dont watch it … lol
    If i like the characters/art/style i will still watch it and I am amused by the good looking Charakters .)

    If i got nothing which awakes my Interesst then i will not watch it
    for example [Aishiteruze Baby], i didnt like the story, nor the Characters, or the art style, not even the music, i didnt find anything, so I stopped watching it.

    For me I am a true Otaku i watch almost everything xD
    My Interest are very diversified.

  • There really should be a Hybrid Type in the list.

    I love Eva, Gundam, Code Geass, Death Note and Paranoia Angel because those anime really stimulate the mind. But I also love Strike Wicthes and K-ON!

    Hasty generalization, anyone?

  • Aren’t these points similar?..

    A: “Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.”
    B: “Evaluates anime based on which seiyuu are in it and what the characters look like.”

    Both has “voice acting” part, or… Will anybody listen to horrible voice of sexy seiyuu?.. =)

    The classifications seems to be wrong, as there’re too many people who seem to be “mixed”. Good classification wouldn’t allow that. I get the idea they are trying to express, but it’s pretty hard to explain it (esp. if english is not your mothertongue ^^).

    As for me, I enjoy the story of anime. If all it has is stupid harem, pantsu/oppai exposure, it gots deleted. BUT. If good anime has charismatic character, why not enjoy it as well?.. ^^ The main storyline may go down, but there will still be interest in what she/he will do.

    The main criterion for me when choosing new anime to watch is whether my favourite seiyuu acting there or not (no, she’s neither Tsundere Queen, nor Bikini Idol or anything like). Second is composer. IMO, voice acting + original soundtrack = soul of anime. I believe in them! ^_^’

    Obviously, some masterpieces are passed up, but I don’t have much free time anyway, so that’s enough for me.

    By the way, the last 3 years of anime industry were just horrible: almost nothing to watch. Well, this fact allowed me to save some money…^^

  • So what’s the aource of saying this? how big is 2ch? According to which statistics or opinions is this the opinion of the entire community of so called 2ch.

    Picture is good though, kudos on that.
    No trolls intended.

  • Yay for creating stereotypes based on what we watch~~~ (sarcasm in a way)

    There could be otaku who may for example love both Ghost in the Shell & Strike witches for military/action themes.

    Come on~ Each Otaku has their own unique tastes and preferences

  • For the most part, I’m a type A.
    However, if the characters look like finger painting done by kindergarteners while still trying to have a serious atmosphere or any other similar train wreck I’d have to pass.

    And I happen to like Queen’s Blade, thank you very much. Even if it is fanservice, any fanservice is good service. (except for manservice. That is not good service.)

  • i can enjoy both. tho i dont think id rate a b otaku category in the 9 or 10 rating most of the time. (i have done it with shuffle! and maybe some would consider spice and wolf to be in the otaku b category too.) most of my 9 and 10 rated anime have very good story.

    but i think i have rated plenty on the 8 scale.

    i guess im an a otaku since id never really think on buying dolls and pillows and posters with anime faces printed on them.

  • I am
    70% type A
    30% type B
    still prefers anime with complex story and action in it like ghost in the shell, original macross, escaflowne, and of course cowboy beboop, etc anime in 80 and 90s which focus on futuristic space battle or fantasy. Evangelion is too mind-blowing for my taste…

    Type B i like aria, card captor sakura, and well a little hentai are fine 🙂

    Nowdays regular non-h anime is just full of overly frickin cutesy + fan-service…i hope the moe bubble burst soon, and let the good ol anime type revive.

  • I’m mostly a type A as most of the anime I like are of the types like Ghost in the shell and Gundam.
    Though I admit to liking Azumanga.

    Also where would I classify Lupin the III?
    It’s not moe but really has no arc but the episodes and movies often have good stories and lots of action.

  • this is like the endless 4chan debate between “casual” and “hardcore” gamers.

    as if playing team fortress and bitching about xbox on the internet all day makes you hardcore and not just a girlfriendless jackass.

    I guess I’m a casual with a big collection.

  • Well, I like an interesting story. This way, I think that´s stupid including Ghost in the Shell in the first category, as it´s a very lame story, as everything Masamune Shirow produces. He is a good artist, but a terrible writer.

    Good animes with interesting stories, for me, are things like Maison Ikkoku, Kimagure Orange Roach or Touch.

    But, if I like a good story, I won´t deny that beautiful and likable girls are good stuff.

    In short, I want good stories with cute girls.

    “Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha”.

  • type a are often delusional elitists who will watch anything non moe and claim how deep it is, who fail to realize most anime’s “deep plot” is nothing but pretentious cliche and cryptic dialog that pretend to be have a deeper meaning.

  • Ironically, the anime stereotype is quite the opposite of the live action stereotype.

    I elaborate:
    Type b: Oh hey, I like Pirates of the Caribbean, [x character] is hot. I don’t need all that deep plot stuff and , just everyday romance and funny situations with amusing people keeps me entertained. No elves or space wars or magic or any of that.


    Type a: Oh hey I’m really deep and watch lots of sci-fi shows and I must have things with deep plot instead of all these banal comedies where nothing happens. I watch movies to see some fantastic place that doesn’t exist in real life. Like with elves and other fantasy.

    Geek. Nerd. Dork.

    Or am I mistaken? In fact, is this even truly the case with anime? Look at the actually actually non-otaku anime. Doraemon, Sazae-san, ect. Not very artsy philosophy hard sci-fi fantasy deep plot space elves are they?

    I think at the very least it’s fair to consider the both of them to be otaku. Just different kinds.

  • Here’s my mock-up:

    Type A:

    A person who simply enjoys “anime.”

    Is proud of Japan’s anime.

    Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.

    Story emphasis >>>>> Moe anime.

    A recent example would Higashi no Eden. Fans of anime like Lain or Ghost in the Shell would probably be this kind.


    Type B:
    However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.

    People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.

    Conclusion: I do like complex stuff but it doesn’t always have to be ‘srs bsnz’, series that just throw all logic overboard and throws a pie in their own face like Strike Witches, Queen’s Blade, etc. are cool too.

    I also fucking love figurines.

    2ch is rong

  • Type A…but having quality characters is part of what makes a good anime. I think ‘Type B’ doesn’t simply like characters, they’re the type who obsess over them. In other words, KIMOTAKU.

  • I’m type AB-.

    I enjoy anime and characters.
    Not proud of Japan’s anime because I’m not an animator nor I’m japanese – and I also like animation from other parts of the world.

    I do evaluate anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc… but I don’t really dismiss comedy animes that uses the same old formulae.

    Sometimes I go after animes for it’s characters, though if it’s completely bad or boring I’ll just stop watching. Also can’t bother wasting my time bashing or trolling fans.

    There are times I like complex animes (with content), and times I want to watch something light just for laughs.

    Don’t care that much for seyuu names, as long as they fit the characters.

    I like moe elements. I’m not too much into borderline hentai stuff, but if the story is good I don’t mind that much too.

    I do spend a lot with artbooks and figures… much more than the average anime fan in my country, much more than sane people would.

    I’ll agree that there are more B type anime being made, but I have to disagree with the hysteria around this. Truth is, more serious animes are still being made, and probably more than ever. But since anime is becoming more and more popular these days, the tendency is to have an increase on the stuff that sells. It’s similar to games and movies.

    Watched Higashi no Eden, Lain and Ghost in the Shell – they are all on my top list. But I also watched K-On and Strike Witches, and loved those too.

    • You seem to explain almost all my thoughts about anime 😛
      Except the part of artbooks and figures (although I have some, but more for “representation” than figure madness), I seek anime on the way you described :3

      PS: I thought K-ON would be moe overload (like Ichigo Mashimaro) and would not like it. Wrong. It wasn’t too moe for me, but I enjoyed it a lot.

  • I am of both type

    Sometimes interesting characters trump story and aren’t slice of life anime all about characters?

    Many side characters deserve their spinoffs or rather they should have been the main.

  • sign me up for TYPE A,I hate strike witches and any fan service anime out there its all shallow the other hand anime like darker than black,GITS(ghost in the shell),utawarerumono,gundam,ayashi no ceres ( old stuff),death note,Guyver,etc,those are real anime which focus on the story and character development while not losing its interest or action.these types of anime make you reflect on life and on yourself,fan service anime only makes you live in a fantasy world and corrupt your mind = sleeping while hugging a pillow with a damn anime character on it. I rest my case, but hey we all have our tastes

  • I’m Type A.

    And so true, for me, Good Story >>>> Moe.

    That’s why I never watched something like K-On! ‘_’

    on a separate note, I have a friend who is Type B, and funny enough, he said he don’t watch anime like Gurren Lagann or Needless because he said “It’s too GAR to be watched”

    and I LOL’d

  • Type A, with a bit of B thrown in. It’s more of my general reaction to a good story: I won’t watch some shallow anime crap unless it has either good story, art design, animation, or VAs; but I WILL often get quite attatched to the charactrers.

    The more open the ending of a series, the more depressed I get. The reason? I don’t want any characters’ loose threads flopping around! Did Ryuuji and Taiga ever get married?! Did anything happen between Mion and Keiichi?! What the hell is the romantic connection between Roger and Dorothy?! (Note how all of these are relationship-based. If an interesting and believable relationship forms between characters, I want to see it all!)

  • I have to say, I’m on a close cusp of the two, as I have elements of both type B and A, but more mixed together. Like I’ll watch an anime for it’s story, but I may get bored of it if the characters design sucks (With the exception of Crayon Shin-chan). Also I like Moe but if there’s no story and it’s all just to show off the girls bodies I can’t watch it at all then. I need a story but I need cute anime girls also… it’s so hard to find anime’s like that. Then again I grew up on Magic Knight Rayearth, Tenchi, and so on so I guess that’s why XD.

  • shikakucomplex says:

    >However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.

    That’s right. Fortunately or unfortunately, Type B (Moe otaku) sustain the development of anime industry.

  • I’m a type “B” initially, but I usually give up on moe anime after the first episode or so, but am always more initially interested in these types of anime. The anime that give me the most lasting interest are always “A” type.

  • I wholeheartedly despise Type B anime fans (fangirls*).

    They don’t respect or like the personality of any character in any anime whatsoever. All they ever do is find a character with a design that they like, COMPLETELY disregard their personality, then draw (or fanfic) them as a gay guy with another random person that they like.

    It just bugs me, since I’m a writer.

    *this isn’t to say that every girl who likes anime falls into this category. Just annoying YAOIOMG fangirls that I have to deal with every day.

  • I think I’m a mix of both?
    I’m of the opinion that even if a show has a shit awful story, if the characters are interesting enough it can be at least a little enjoyable. Sort of like How when I read Great Expecations it was just SO BORING but I really liked a couple of the characters so I was able to get through it. (Yes, I know, not an anime or manga, yes, I’m using Dickens in a discussion about anime fan types but it’s the only psuedo-applicable example that comes to mind right now.)

    But at the same time, I dislike shows where the sole purpose is obviously “MOE MOE KAWAII DESU~ buy our character goods.”

    And about type Bs: “The otaku the media picks up on are usually this kind.”
    Well, of course. It’s usually the few really bizarre Bs that will carry around dakimuras and eat birthday cake with their DVD paused on a particular character.

    But I agree that this seems less like “Two types of Otaku” and more like the difference between “otaku” and “fans.”

  • Type A mostly the only type B anime i liked was lucky star and even then i only liked it cause of all the video game/anime references the only characters i even cared for were konata and kagami everyone else was either boring or just plain stupid
    haven’t watched strike witches except episode 8 which i was fapping to the entire time
    samething with queens blade fapped to that as well
    watch the ED of K-ON and then i was done

  • I think im type B i started watching To aru Kagaku no railgun then majutsu no index then evengelion and now elfen lied and K-ON! I think my choice of anime is quite varied really but i seem to be more into the moe charecter ones.

  • well I watch Ghost in the shell OAV and Queen’s Blade they are both enjoyable seinen anime although ghost is kinda hard to understand sometimes but it has awesome anime detailed animation unlike Queen’s blade which kinda lame story line but I can understand easily

  • People who are Type A.
    That just means they’re looking for a story above all else, right? So basically, then animes, movies, tv shows, games, everything would be worth the same. So in that case, they’re not an otaku (since anime otaku means you like mainly animes, but it is shown that movies can have a good plot equal or greater than animes). And there does not need to be 2 types of otakus.

    • I see your point, and it’s not entirely wrong. But it’s not entirely true either.

      Though the story is what’s important, but we still prefer anime than movies, cause yeah, like the art style, or characters, or other factors.

      But, we (Type A) aren’t that attached by the moeness factor like Type B.

      I don’t mean any offense toward Type B people, I’d just like to show the difference =)

  • Categorizations are often flawed.

    Mostly because most categorization don’t take into account the various mix types.

    What about people enjoying characters AND story? Or sometimes the characters BEING the point of the story?

  • I’d say I’m a bit of both. I enjoy Lucky Star and K-on! (to some extent) and the main reason I watched Umineko was for awesome BATTORA and BEATORICE. But I don’t mind anime/manga with a bit more content than “AM I KAWAII? UGUU~”.

  • I would say type O is the type of otaku who like stuff which is neither redeeming by its story nor its characters. Pretty much like all the wapanese out there. People who like Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha and the like would fall in here.

  • Story-wise Eden was shit. Enormous amounts of hand-waving and asspullery. And Fridge Logic (Google it if you don’t know).

    I put anime on equal with all other media types, like decent UK comedies (no idea how, but brits are really good at them), hight profile US TV shows, etc.

    It’s all about the story, character development, and special effects/drawing style not being absolutely disgusting helps too.

    Oh, and 95% of everything *is* utter crap. Especially when it comes to anime (lol), TV series (lol reality shows and everything MTV makes) and movies (cheap D grade horrors, there are 10 of them for every AAA movie Hollywood produces).

  • Wow I think I have a complex then.Because I watched Queen’s Blade…and cared about the story <.< .But on a different note,I feel that both Lain and Texnolyze have bettered me as a person;I feel that FLCL put me through high school and the Blue Sub No.6 is one of the most overlooked animes of 1999.

  • That’s what I’ve been worrying about all the time.

    I kept wondering, because I’m an animator myself, and I keep analyzing anime as animation (which is really fair). But this is also a deeper matter for me.

    People keep telling me that story > animation.
    I totally disagree, they’re quite equal. Just look at the Wii games. Nintendo keep rubbing it in, and keep using the excuse “if the gameplay is good, we don’t need graphics”. Trust me, the direction (pace of the animation) also enforces the story.

    Anyway, I keep rambling about something else.
    Back on-topic: I was afraid that type B defined “the” anime. The majority decides what happens, and if everyone think the world is flat, the world indeed is.

    As for what type I am, I don’t care if it’s moe or not. If the story is entertaining (it doesn’t need to be deep per se, that’s just elitism for the sake of being elite) and it is fluently animated, then I like it.

  • What fucking kind of divisive nonsense is this?

    I loved Lain, KareKano, FLCL, SaiKano, Shuffle, GitS, Clannad, FMA and Strike Witches for completelly different reasons, I don’t see the need to classify myself in one category or the other.

  • Both. I like everything with a good story, or cute girls.
    The only kind of anime I don’t like are boring anime, and anime with a hard-to-understand story. If I have to read a review or summary after watching it to understand what happened, that’s bad (Lain was that kind). If the story is unfinished that’s the other big minus.

  • I’m something like type A but I like character-driven shows more than plot-driven. If the characters are boring, you don’t care what happens to them, so the plot becomes dull. Same goes for books, films, series and pretty much everything.

    Uh, Strike witches and Eden of the East are my two of favourite shows from the last two years. That’s kinda explanatory.

  • If I were to place myself one of the types…I’m gonna have to say B…Moe and Cute characters are a big plus.

    However, I take an Anime’s story quite seriously, not to mention the over-all quality.

    So I guess I’m a B type with a sprinkle of A…

  • Sorry but Im type B and I think we need to clarify a few things. I need to speak the uglu truth about A.

    Type A are fat ugly smelly and prefer to stay indoors. If you tell them I was in tokyo last year they get this spaced out look and think you went to next fast food chain down the corner. They think sankaku complex speak the truth and are so surprised if the truth turns out wrong. They keep bugging you about watching that lame show becaus its so good after episode 120. The only goal of type A is to sit in a little continer watching nothing but Anime. They think that type A is more “advanced” than B, reality is that type A is more like a mental disease.

    • I hate extremes from both categories.

      I hate type A extremes that somehow think that their “OMGSERIOUSBZ” stuff is the best when it’s just some pretentious, overblown crap, sometimes with totally cliche story, and sometimes with some pseudophilosophical or technobubble stuff for show. They’re the usually the ones that call the other guys retarded for not getting it (when there’s really not much to get).

      I hate type B extremes that somehow think that their totally silly, fanservice pandering anime with basically no reason of being is the alpha anime of X season, with usually a female character from the anime getting overrated to god. They’re the guys that can’t stand whoever has even some slight criticism towards their favorite series, resorting to well-known namecalling.

      Of course, what I hate most is when these two types come together under an anime, with type A thinking they’re watching high art when it’s basically very good marketing and carefully integrated moe elements, and type B… well, being usual type B extremes, glorifying the shit to no end but also using type A’s accessment of story and grand value to further justify their own positive opinion. When you have this occurence, you have successfully created something that can be milked to death and top the charts, even if you keep rehashing the story with each sequel or push people far beyond the boundaries of reason, to the point of buying the same overpriced thing over and over again and thank god they did.


  • I see myself in the middle-ground. I’m quite fond of ‘Higashi No Eden’ and ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ (As if my username didn’t make that obvious enough…). Although I also enjoyed ‘K-ON!’ and ‘Strike Witches’.
    I tend to prioritize a good story, but Moe elements help as well…

  • A person who simply enjoys “anime.”

    Is proud of Japan’s anime.

    Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.
    Art sure

    Hates shallow anime with no real content.
    If its not boring then no

    Story emphasis >>>>> Moe anime.
    Like moe

    A recent example would Higashi no Eden. Fans of anime like Lain or Ghost in the Shell would probably be this kind.
    I liked both Eden of the East and GitS but i found Lain boring…

    A person who simply enjoys “characters.”

    Will watch an anime if it includes cute or beautiful characters.

    Doesn’t care if story is awful, as long as the characters are of interest.
    Sure as long as its not boring.

    Evaluates anime based on which seiyuu are in it and what the characters look like.
    Don’t care about seiyuu but would like characters to look good.

    Loves moe elements. Doesn’t like complex anime.
    Depends on whats complex. I loved Higurashi and most find that complex.

    Doesn’t know that much about anime and so is often criticised as by Type A otaku.
    No? I know a bit about anime but never criticised.
    If someone criticised me cause of the anime i watch just proves they are an idiot.

    However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.
    I watch my anime online or on TV, i don’t buy much other then a 1 or 2 manga every few months.

    People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.
    I found K-ON boring, Plan on watching QB sometime and also plan on watching Strike Witches.

    Long post short i am a bit of both…

  • I could say every otaku is a mixture of both. I consider myself as an otaku type A. Plot over moe.

    However, who doesn’t enjoy some eyecandy? But nothing’s better than a good plot with lovable characters.

    Hoorray for good animes with a complex yet interesting plot. Hoorray for Touhou and it’s overly cute characters.

    But I pray for the moe boom to end this year. We don’t need more K-ons thank you very much.

  • fact:
    i love all the shows from type A and type B very much (exception: queen’s blade).


    complex isn’t the synonym of good to begin with, duh.
    and moe isn’t the antonym of good either, duh.

    • hypothesis:
      the guys who wrote this are typeA-guys who are jealous looking at other typeA-guys who are actually able to enjoy wider range of animes, thus throwing them down into typeB group to keep themselves as the “most ideal otaku type” people should be looking up to.

        • read again carefully, my good artefact…

          people who are able to enjoy animes from BOTH groups have obviously WIDER range than those from type A or type B.

          my point above was, pure type A people love to throw down people who are able to enjoy both groups, into pure type B group. you see, it is like stating that somebody is a vegetarian just because he eats vegetable, while in truth he actually eats any kind of food he finds delicious. hasty generalization much?

          so, one question! at one season, my personal opinion was higashi no eden in the first place, and followed by k-on! in the second place. which group am i, good sir?

  • Definitely Type A, with a little bit of Type B. I do enjoy good character designs and Seiyuus, and I do like collecting things like Figurines. Even still, I’ll take anything under Type A any day of the week.

  • I was somewhat of a type B during pre-google youtube though I’m mostly a Type A but any anime that can get me Rolfing on the floor in three episodes has me sold
    Being a type A is after I watched Gundam Seed Destiny, so I am really careful on what anime I invest my time in.

  • This seems kind of pointless. I enjoy Lain, GIST and other anime of that nature. Wolf’s Rain is one my favorite animes, but I also really like K-On, Strike Witches, and even Queen’s Blade, so exactly what would that make me? I do mock and dislike those who think they know everything of anime and what are the greatest animes ever to exist, even though they have only seen Naruto and Bleach, but then at the same time I have watched an anime cuz it had a cute character in it even though I heard it wasn’t that good, like people badmouthed Kanokon saying it was awful, but I watched it and thought it was fucking hilarious. Same thing with Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, but I still enjoyed it. So I think its pointless to try and categorize anime fans, mainly cuz not everyone will fall into only type A or type B.

  • i would say this the two types are fairly accurate but it’s somewhat difficult to draw a line between just two categories. most anime otaku posses both characteristics from either Type A or B, liking both deep story driven shows and moe blob material.

    So an honest opinion from most people would probably be Type AB or B a combination of the two.

    to me if you call yourself a pure Type A you just seem like a snobbing asshole.

  • Type A. But not because I’m somehow “superior” to type B but rather that I’m a casual noob watching only a select few anime series over the years and making sure the ones I do watch have atleast good story structure and more than mindless fanservice. Eden of the East is nice in any case. 😛

  • There’s a small blindspot in the descriptions; Type B “Doesn’t care if story is awful, as long as the characters are of interest”, but some shows ARE all about the characters, with little story to speak of and these are not necessarily boring slice-of-life moe shows.

    • “Of interest [to my particular tastes]”
      I think this is intended to point out that the characters, actually “caricatures,” rather than their development or interaction, are what is specifically sought.

      Characters falling out of a favoured role are instantly rejected – see the Nagi-sama fiasco, or imagine what would happen if Mio got a boyfriend and started behaving assertively and independently. She would quickly lose her “moe” status and her popularity, irrespective of how interesting the process of these changes taking place might be.

      • yes, that’s right. that’s exactly what type B otaku does, and that is very stupid. however, the problem is, how come that watching all-about-characters shows with simple slice-of-life type storylines automatically demotes you into a type B otaku? i watched both kannagi and k-on! and didn’t give a fcuk. tbh, i’ll feel very insulted if someone thinks that i, too, overreacted to the issues (like getting disappointed, or rejecting, or even raging like those obsessed otakus) just because i watched and loved those shows.

  • I like stuff like outlaw star, tenchi muyo mostly the ova, stuff like vandread and martian successor nadesico but im also pretty cheap so the only stuff that I buy are stuff that I deemed classic like the ones i listed.
    Also if I wanted shallow stuff ill just look up hentai its as simple as that I do enjoy doujins that are a parody of anime and such more if they match the character’s personality.
    What type would that make me? I think i might be a bit of both leaning more on type A.

  • I’m a bit of both, but I’m more the B type than anything else. Mainly because I judge an Anime on good chraracters 1st, good story 2nd, and voices and art direction 3rd. Moe for me however, doesn’t make or break an Anime, I’m rather indifferent to it. Also, I profer Anime to tell their stories in quick mini-arcs or in an episodic style, like Samurai Champloo, Black Lagoon, Bakemonogatari, Haruhi Suzumiya, and the Anime based off the Key visual novels. Or just as good, to have no real story once so ever and just be slice of life, like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Pani Poni Dash or K-On. I do still enjoy Anime that have one main story through out, like Death Note, Baccano, Hellsing, FLCL, or Negima!? (the 1st season sucked so much, and the Manga is much better than both) but sometimes I profer a series I can just pick up and watch from any point, without feeling I have to watch the whole thing over again.

    Also, does an Anime have to be complex in order to be good or entertaining? Most people love watching kung fu movies, most of which are about as deep as a sidewalk after a drizzle and people (including myself) still flock to them. People love those old and cheezy horror and spy flicks from the 60’s and 70’s and they’re only marginally deeper. Jesus people, just sit down and enjoy it. Yes, it has no real story. Yes, it is a Moe cash cow. No, there is no philosophy of belonging or not belonging or humanity or moral codes to live by or an eternal symbolic struggle of life and death, good and evil. But it is funny. The characters are relatable. And the Music is pretty damn good if you ask me. So stop acting like pricks and complaining about things like K-On, and just sit down, shut up, and watch.

    Man cannot live of Foie Gras and Wagyu beef alone.

    (As far as I know, that statement above does not come from anywhere except me. If it came from someone else and I didn’t give credit, I’m sorry in advance. I didn’t know).

  • Answer to your question: Neither.
    I fall more in the category of “between”, if any.
    I like both light stuff that’s fun even when lacking a well developed plot, and stuff that have really complex plots that live you thinking. There’s nothing wrong if you don’t have one main preference… right?
    On a related note, I still have to finish watching Ghost in the Shell and I have to start on Lain too.

  • a few years back i’m type B, after i knew that certain anime follows certain plots i became type A

    it’s kinda boring seeing different anime but same story, i miss old anime with a lot variety of stories T_T

  • You guys aren’t getting the point of this at all.

    If we had to divide anime fans into strictly TWO types, these would be it.

    Obviously there is going to be a lot of people who don’t fit neatly into either of them, but I think they did a good job – I am exactly type A and have a friend who is exactly type B, I laughed pretty hard when I saw this article.

    • if the trend is stretched into one straight line, these two groups are certainly the two edges. but this grouping is certainly made by people from type A. psychologically speaking, there’s no way they would group themselves into the lower group, and therefore they picked the worse (if not the worst) example = type B.

      there are better and more balanced types of otaku out there. the writer himself is also highly aware of this. so if you are still representing all the people out there with an analogy between you and your sad friend, i say it is not yet the time for you to smile and feel so ideal. you are pretty much doing the same thing as the people who wrote this theory, validating yourself as a better being by picking someone obviously worse.

    • You are passing off anecdotal evidence as reality. Just because you and your friend fall into the two categories doesn’t mean the two categories are valid. Unless you are claiming you and your friend represent the spectrum of anime fans in Japan?

      It’s like saying, “Black people like watermelon and friend chicken because my black friend loves them.”

  • hmmm another theory made by elitists. they put themselves in the “protagonists” group, and simply put others into the “antagonists” group.

    type B exists indeed, and being type A is certainly better that type B IMO. BUT! i believe there are many more types of otakus out there. these elitists are only defending themselves by stating that others who aren’t categorized as type A must succumb to be type B otakus.

    there are much better otakus out there besides type A. such otakus exist, with various points of view, more deliberate judgments, wider taste, more tolerance and so on. but of course, due to the absence of these qualities in type A otakus, elitists who categorized themselves as type A threw them down into a “lower” class.

    seriously, most type A otakus i have encountered don’t know much animes, and usually ended up being criticized instead. They usually comment about this and that everywhere but cat always got his tongue every time it turned into a serious objective discussion. looking at this fact, the best defense they can afford is to produce theories such as above.

    • so true, many failed assessments up there.

      enjoying the characters is something good!

      complexity of an anime has nothing to do with its quality!

      there are many many many other factors needed for determining the quality of animes. simply jumps into only war between story vs moeness is an indirect truth bender statement! story is indeed more important than moeness (srsly i think those who want simply and only moeness are somewhat twisted). but what if a moe anime is qualified in many more ways than a non-moe anime with a complex storyline???

      summary, the theory above is strongly implying:
      “if one likes a moe anime, that means he/she is going only after the moe elements and literally doesn’t care about anything else!”

      same fail as usual, faggots! why can’t you stop thinking that “as long as one is free from moe elements, he/she knows perfectly about what quality is”

  • Seems more like they’re just bashing type B and glorifying type A. I will gladly say I’m more of a type B. But just because I like the characters, doesn’t mean that I don’t like a good story too. And yes, I do pay attention to the seiyuu and buy the merchandise.

  • Meh this is silly

    Type A:

    A person who simply enjoys “anime.”

    Is proud of Japan’s anime.
    Not check i sometimes wish the US would make cartoons geared for a older audience that doesn’t make me fill stupid(family guy is a good example)

    Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.
    I think everyone does this, if it sounds bad and looks bad why watch it? so check

    Hates shallow anime with no real content.
    I hate cliches mostly it’s not fun watch a anime and watching another one that starts more or less the same way. I wanna enjoy a unique story like FMA.

    Story emphasis >>>>> Moe anime.
    not gonna lie but whats moe? I just watch what ever keeps my attention.

    A recent example would Higashi no Eden. Fans of anime like Lain or Ghost in the Shell would probably be this kind.
    I liked Lain but couldn’t get into GitS, it seems like it’s just taste which isn’t a fair way to judge a person cause not everyone can fall in one set catagory like numbers. That’s like on ED where they have an otaku checklist, yeah I cosplayed before and watch anime and play games from japan. But I’m not some nut who goes off collecting everything anime(I like to read the mangas and it’s hard “looking” for them online and I rather have them on hand, and dvds to save “space” on a “platter”. 😉 ;0


    Type B:

    A person who simply enjoys “characters.”
    If you mean for the sexy then no, characters make the story also if they aren’t good the story can’t work. Big buff guy who can kill with no issue cries like a baby for to cry like a baby is not good story.
    so check for me if you mean how they are done not for sexy only

    Will watch an anime if it includes cute or beautiful characters.
    …what? no i guess but the anime i end up watching is people could think that so check i guess

    Doesn’t care if story is awful, as long as the characters are of interest.
    I like stupid things, and sometimes seeing what happens to a character is fun, love hina is a good example i love seeing kataro get the s*** beat out of him.

    Evaluates anime based on which seiyuu are in it and what the characters look like.
    from what i’m getting a seiyuu is a voice actor so…
    ~”Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.”~ Wat? check

    Loves moe elements. Doesn’t like complex anime.
    whats moe, and if it’s complex to the point where you have to watch it over and over to fully understand it and enjoy it why bother.

    The otaku the media picks up on are usually this kind.
    I sometimes buy stuff that’s cheap so i ended up with one called Mabaruho not bad the guy has a bad voice though.

    Doesn’t know that much about anime and so is often criticised as by Type A otaku.
    Yeah i don’t i rather read on programming, check

    However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.
    Yeah i buy dvds on the uber cheap so they don’t make money off me besides manga

    Recently there has been a huge increase in anime targeted at Type B otaku.
    Yeah and it makes me weep a little, i want something with a beautiful story like FMA, god i love FMA:B

    People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.
    I watched the intro to strike witches…it worries me

    ~petes dragon

  • This categorization of anime otaku stinks of elitism.

    Does 2ch even have the maturity to realise people cannot be grouped into well-defined “Type A” and “Type B” archetypes? Did they do any research, or simply rattle off a few points on what makes them so elite and high above the unwashed masses?

    Perhaps they have simply watched so much anime their brains have rotted and they can’t help but compartmentalize people into neat boxes: tsundere, kuudere, yandere, etc.

  • type A for sure. i dont own any anime merchandise and i only watch anime because it is an art form, i only watch something with a good story and plot, the latest i just finished was 5 cm per second. very good!!

  • i am type A… Atleast its good to know that not everyone is buying into the whole Moe madness..

    I guess market moving to type B since they are easy to persuade to buy DVD,figures and etc etc..

  • Type A with recessive traits of B. I can’t stand the onslaught of senseless generic moe animes. Although I do enjoy the somewhat decent ones: K-On, Haruhi, Zero no Tsukaima, etc. I really wish they could mix the two. A Last Exile type anime with a few moes shoved in, not Strike Witches.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    There are two types of people in the world: People who stand on the street corner yabbering gibberish while they beat themselves on the head with a foam bat, and people who don’t…

    It’s a form of entertainment, people. I like Japan’s Anime for this reason: I like animation, cartoons, illustration but as an AmeriKKKan those things are stereotyped into a more or less “Juvenile” area, less now than before. Anime and Manga is a medium where it’s respected as a way of communicating an idea, a way of entertainment that’s not boxed into exact and limited strata. Therefore, Anime is helping the attitude change, and not just AmeriKKKa but all over the world. Case in point, more “European” animations than ever before, including a recent “Valerian” adaptation done Anime style. I don’t necessarily want the world to “Go Anime” but the popularity of this pouring into other cultures will create a good acceptance and evolution in using visual styles for entertainment and communication.

    I suppose I might understand the attitudes in type A, for it’s already matured in their own culture. And at the same time risking stagnation and art imitating art imitating itself… However, I still want the medium as broad as possible, for it needs to be absorbed and then what it is becoming the seeds of a more evolved style.

  • I cannot agree to this… I mean, seriously, there are “cutesy” anime that have good story. There are also serious anime that are stupid beyond belief. “Moe” is a personal view of what you find attractive, so in a sense, if you find something that you like in Motoko, wouldn’t that be considered moe too?

    Regardless, I am of both… I admit there are stupid crazy stuff I like (which I guess K-On got in there some how..), but I do enjoy a good story too (Durarara? Bacanno?)

  • Is proud of Japan’s anime

    Some nationalism or otaku-purist there????, well it's came from 2ch…
    I like the animation in general, i don't care if it's from japan, korea, china, USA or others countries, if story is good i will see it…

  • I’m the type of my own, I like both those with good storyline as well as slice of life stuffs; being only into the former one will only stamp myself as a plotwhore while having interest on both types will make us a happy man with a wide range of taste.

  • Im between type A and B though mostly type B because i like the cutesy stuff and i love alot of moe and hentai and lots of art.
    Anything sexy.
    The only serious stuff i remember is neon genesis and inuyasha and a few others.
    Mostly B

  • Before this article, I hadn’t given it much thought. But, after reading it, I looked at my own collection and realized it’s over 90% Type A with a handful of Type B ‘guilty pleasures’.

        • Oh please, you people like to whine and moan about the stupidity of people all the time to the point of making yourselves miserable in the process–That goes far beyond the concept of making a mere “obseration” about the stupidity of people.

        • This is so funny.

          Stupid people can do whatever they like, no need to justify my dear. Just calling a stupid as stupid. Not much precious time was lost on my side, but I can’t say the same for you.

        • Geniuses are miserable because of the amount of stupid people they have to grapple with in their daily lives.

          Smart people buy DVDs too, but not ten copies of each anime and tons of merchandise. If you were less stupid, you will be able to work out why despite the fact that they do, the sales numbered less than moe anime.

        • Fact:

          Most pessimists live shorter, more miserable lives.

          The concept of “intelligence” has less value to humans than “happiness”. Any normal human being would more often than not rather be happier than smarter if given the choice of one or the other.

          A lot of Japanese men nowadays have to deal with extremely difficult jobs and often encounter massive difficulty in finding women/girlfriends due to their extraordinarily high expectations in terms of wealth/fame of their boyfriends/husbands. They need some form of relief from the stressfully complex intellectual/emotional conundrums they have to face everyday. Intelligent, overtly deep, or “thought-provoking” anime is incapable of providing such relief most of the time.

          There is a very thin line between “genius” and “insanity”.

          The fetishy, “dumber” moe-moe enthusiasts that you love to hate contribute the most capital to the anime/manga/gaming industry and to abandon them would mean no capital to create anime titles that “genius” Type-As like, especially in an unstable economy.

          The titles that are percieved to have “artistic” substance have about as much “economic” substance as a piece of dirt to the companies that produce them–If you’ve got a problem with what’s popular, why don’t you support more “intelligent” titles by buying the DVDs and merchandise associated with them instead of just watching the fansubs?

        • No, you “geniuses” are miserable because you lack the logical capacity to make the distinction between stupidity that is relevant and irrelevant to your own lives. Oh sure, the guy buying the 10 DVDs might be stupid and all, but what harm is that guy doing to you that has you taking it so personally? What exactly is the reasoning behind wanting to waste your time and energy worrying about what some other guy does in his personal life? What sort of logical reason do you have to justify wasting precious time and energy preoccuping yourself with something that has absolutely no bearing on your own personal life when you could be doing something more productive for yourself?

          Whatever happened to live and let live? It’s not as if though every anime out there is a moeblob title to begin with. Your misery is about your own outlook on the world rather than that of anyone else’s–Your obsession with the stupidity of others has brought to life your own brand of emo-inducing stupidity.

          So much for the “genius” argument.

  • I am type AB+.I tend to lean towards B anime but I can always be critical of plot,voice acting and directing in anime when I’m watching type A anime.I enjoy both of them equally as much but I can’t help disliking type A otaku for being know-it-all assholes & criticizing my tastes.I believe Eden of the East was the best of 2009 even though I watched all the moe-blob.

  • I’ve always been both. I just appreciate them for what they are. Then, I came from a time when anime was rarer, and you could generally watch everything you found a few times over.

    Now that I’m 28 though, I’m finding it harder and harder to watch moe pandering anime, especially the high school settings, since their relation to me is so distant. I still like characters like from Railgun, or Touhou, but I also like shows I can think about like GITS or Higurashi.

    I’ll read shoujo manga, 4koma, whatever… just make sure it has some redeeming qualities.

  • That’s the problem with trying to categorize people. I think very few people strictly fit into only type A or B. I love deep well-written anime but I also watch the silly stuff too, especially in groups where we just want something to blow of steam and get some good laughs in.

  • I think low plot anime can be for the type A fans, if the characters or the world are compelling. I think it would be better to define the type B as cute fetishists. They don’t even really care about the character. They don’t want him/her to have depth. They want a cute pet. That’s why they’re not allowed to age or change or move forward.

    I’m almost entirely type A. But my favorite anime, Haibane Renmei, has almost no plot. I loved the world and the tone.

  • Characters ARE important.

    A director can nail a storyline but put characters that don’t fit in their roles, or botch their characterization and the story might be interesting…with a different cast of characters.

    • True indeed, it’s like when it comes to picking a girlfriend or soulmate you tend to look on the personality side either s/he suits your taste and able to fancy you or not, rather than wo/men who have history of business success and gain millions for each months..

      Well, of course unless you’re a gold digger..

  • Wow, way to go 2ch. These categories need to be deprived of bias and slightly modified to apply to the western fanbase. I find that most English internet forums become overrun with Type Bs eventually, and the As never are able to take it back. I really feel deprived of places to discuss deep anime without the Bs screaming about how pretentious the shows I like are. Such is life.

  • These two types are insufficient. Or at least I have alot of elements from both

    1. I dislike shallow anime but I do not love Higashi no Eden or GitS, rather I like anime to have good pacing.
    2. I want anime to have a good story
    3. I watch anime for characters, but only if those characters actually apply something to the story.
    4. I like moe, but I see anime with more artistic views and I look down upon those who just think it’s good cause it’s anime.

    Case in point, I managed to show my film teacher (who has only been exposed to moe anime and dislikes it) Denpateki na Kanoujo and she loved it.

  • I am Type S!

    – Otaku of this type is a hybrid of A and B

    – They like a deep storyline and fantastic characters

    – They mostly live outside Japan

    – They are the ones who would do anything to get premium merchandise

    – Any genre is no problem so long as the story is intriguing and interesting for the person

    Yup…. That might be just me though….

  • i liked lucky star…that makes me a tipe b?? hope not, but aniway this categories sucks its like, do you like hot dogs?

    A- yes: then you are a gringo
    B-no : then you are a taliban who wants to kill gringos

  • drunkspiderman667 says:

    im A but i wanna watch strike witches so does that make me a B? i perfer deep anime but i enjoy stuff like railgun.
    i think they need to diversify the distinction a bit maybe have at least 5 or 6 different types.