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I’m anon from 22:35 and i agree with above anon but i wasn’t even referring to the above picture, which may or may not be fitting. I’m not a nostalgiafaggot or so you are too: You can’t deny the fact that something is lost since they don’t use cels anymore. EVERYONE says that if they were born before ’85. this has nothing to do with nostalgiafaggotry at all, it’s just that a lot of kids those days can’t or won’t appreciate aome nice handycraft and are happy with their factory-produced anime where too often one chara looks exactly like the other. Of course some anime where mocked to use “stencils” even back then but there just were more diversity than today. Look at Lina Inverse, Gundam, Record of Lodoss War…

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  • Goddess of 2ch: “In Quite The Pinch”:
    slut want love too

  • Pixiv Final Top 10 Anime Valentines Ranking:
    I would really like them to limit teh rankings to a single character per anime/manga/LN. Seriously, seeing a single show with 2-3 characters on teh same list is just fucking annoying. Also, WOW Shimakaze not on this list, how come ?

  • Pixiv Final Top 10 Anime Valentines Ranking:
    If you think about it, all anime characters in every series look the same with hair and ornaments differences taken out. Saber is a great character design, you can’t blame them on milking that. If you think about it Lucky Star characters are all the same face design, same for Naruto and many other shows, every character in every show is following the same basic design. I would like to see you make a completely original cast of 12 characters of the same gender that don’t look the same without …

  • Goddess of 2ch: “In Quite The Pinch”:
    Without sluts, teh world would be much less populated.

  • Mayu Tomita’s Stabber “Then Kill Me!”:
    ahh send to merica he’ll drop soap. i’m sure trump will be happy to rid trash


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