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my only complaint is that she has boobs there

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    1. Treat girls to things ^check 2. Carry things which are too heavy for her ^chack 3. Make flashy plays in sports in front of girls ^I guess I could do that easily enough 4. Treat your kouhai [subordinates, etc] to things ^check, had i any… it’s what i’m like 5. Sing a ballad at karaoke ^I can’t sing 6. Gaze off distantly ^check 7. Store up miscellaneous knowledge and suddenly disclose it ^check 8. Undo the top two buttons of your shirt ^I undo the top one, because it feels like shit to have …

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    Then the answer is that they have no friends… so move them somewhere that nobody knows they wore skirts until now. Problem solved.

  • 8-Year-Old Transsexual Shocks Japanese School:
    @Kyon Theorist Then he stops taking the drugs and he’ll just be more attractive to girls who like more feminine looking guys until male puberty takes over, when it could go any way really. Taking them during puberty would be the make-or break time.

  • 8-Year-Old Transsexual Shocks Japanese School:
    actually… the earlier they’re diagnosed the more chance they have of looking good as a girl, if they can get hormone replacement drugs before puberty all the better… then gender reallignment sergery eventually they’d be as close to female as is possible without being born it… best traps evar

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    yeah, i don’t understand that either, given the people around here xD


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