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Now they need something like VF-19 custom to act like SOUND FORCE.
That 90th style is very much Macross!!

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  • Shonen Jump Blasts Loli Ban: “Don’t Kill Manga!”:
    Maybe they’re doing it because it makes possible to rape an Corporate personhood… I know it’s impossible but maybe they don’t think like this.

  • Otaku Busted for “Criminally Cute” IdolMaster Credit Card:
    He wouldn’t be arrested if he has used an Bat-credit card. Never leave your cave without it.

  • Outrage at New “MoeMoe” Lupin:
    >This Lupin >moe The only difference i got is the pupils got a little bit shiny. Ithink it’s hard to consider moe only for this. Also, not bad.

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    I heard those were something about internal dispute of administration of 2ch. Maybe related to tax evasion of hiroyuki. Also, Korean govern has the black ball account of 2ch. If it really was by Koreans, it would be an shot to foot because it will…better saying, It’s exposing the Korean agent provocateur working on 2ch.

  • 2ch Hacked:
    Well, 4chan pass have card option too. I will not be surprised if someone hack 4chan to do the same shit. >”pursuing legal action” I think who will be sued is the 2ch for saving credit card data.


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